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  1. When will this decision be made? The suspense is about to get me!
  2. Any truth that Morris may be heading to a local college that in moving up in their conference?
  3. I was told that they are targeting a big time coach from the Golden Triangle.
  4. Is this another Clay Clevenger deal like he got at Danville? They should look and see what Danville had to do in their search???
  5. Will be lucky to break even next year as not much talent will be back.
  6. Did Leroy Brown change his name to. Chuck Smith?
  7. That job is 80 some miles from his son? That may be a little far. I think jobs will open up around Bowling Green and if he wants I coach he would stay close? What about a Smith vs Smith game in BG?
  8. With his background he can land anywhere he wants to, I would assume he would want to stay close to his family which is in the BG area? He is not that old?
  9. Is he making a comeback? Rumors are swirling that he is about to make a move? Could it be in Western Kentucky area where his son is close by?
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