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  1. Voice...That is not how "odds" work. If it were so then CCH. would , by your logic have odds in their favor vs LaSalle. CCH may produce a running clock, but if so, it will be because they are the superior team.
  2. I especially agree with the op concerning getting the best players on the field in key situations. Beechwood had sufficient athletes to cover both the DL and OL. Not so in the defensive backfield. Certain db's were torched all year long. Why would it be different against a really good team like Mayfield? Beechwood could have gotten by with their 2 platoon set-up against the weaker teams in the region and set up a different defensive backfield in key situations and close games. There is no way that players like Stringer and others can be on the bench on obvious passing downs, against good teams. Some of Mayfield's completions were thrown very high and far too soft, yet the coverage was late. The Dixie and Mt Healthy and even the Bellevue games revealed this weakness. Allowing it to continue against Mayfield provided a loss. I thought Beechwood was the better team in all other areas except the kicking game....which is another story for another time.
  3. When I was a HS freshman Jim Briede (NewCath football and basketball star) and I hitchhiked to Lexington to see the East- West All-Star football game. The game featured Paul Hornung for the West and Gordon McGeehee for the East. There was a huge lineman for the West who dominated much of the game. His name was Vince Lococco. As a Holmes graduate, I am proud to say that McGeeHee scored the winning touchdown. He was drafted a few months later and did not get to play college football at UK, where he had committed. The current VL must be a grandson. I hope he is not a great grandson as I feel old enough already.
  4. Beechwood was once blessed with huge linemen who were tough and dedicated. Players like Holderman and Wolley don't come along in bunches the way they once did. Ask National Defense Player of the Year Dennis Johnson how it felt to have Holderman on top of him or the Yeast kid from Harrodsburg who went over to the Beechwood bench before the game and ran his mouth. He lasted all of one play before he got his bell rung and tool a seat. Beechwood has had several really excellent freshman teams and expectations were high. For some reason, the linemen who were as big as there opponents when they were freshmen, grew vey little after that. We all know the cliché about not being able to teach them to grow. The facts do not support an argument that CovCath easily handled even the best Yeagle coaches Beechwood teams. I know that because I was there for several of them. The Beechwood linemen are totally dedicated. They lift religiously and they hang together when not at school. My daughter and another parent have them at their home as a group on a regular basis. Her grocery bill can attest to this. My grandson's father was MVP in the East-West all-star game. He got the award for blocking Frank Jacobs and limiting his effectiveness. He is 6'2" and 275. His son (my grandson) is 5'8 and 190 and plays the line. I am short so you can guess who gets the blame. He is also a straight A student, but I am told I get no credit for that.
  5. I don't remember a single charge being called in the entire game. On one play a Central player drove down the lane and suddenly jumped to his right and ended up on aHolmes player's chest. If that wasn't a charge to start the ot there will never be one. Overall, I gave the refs a "B" and I am sure Central fans can point to several calls they did not like. Correct call or not, I don't recall a single charging call. Hawkins is a fine HS player, but those drives to the basket would get swatted in the SEC.
  6. Grey haired ref missed 2 different blocks in the back by Conner players which occured right in front of him. When Beechwood knocked a Conner runner out of bounds, he ran up to where the ball went out rather than watching the play to conclusion. If roughing had occured, he would have had his back to it. He truly needs a lot of work. The last drive by Conner involved some fine passing and excellent pass blocking.
  7. Lawnboy...the job requirements for coaching and supervising in industry are not dissimilar. If I had a dime for every supervisor I had to participate in the dismissal of, I could buy a funnel cake at Beechwood's opener. I have no knowledge of the depth of Coach M's shortcomings or if there were any. However, if you are hugely unpopular with those you supervise, they will find a way of deep sixing you. Fifty years ago the railroaders told me that the trains don't run on time for a martinet supervisor. When I progressed in Industry I saw technically competant people with good early track records get full of themselves and lose perspective of what got them there. I worked up a lot of severance packages in appreciation of past accomplishments when their boss thought the supervisor's inter-personal relations skills had become difficult for his underlings to tolerate. I just wonder whether Coach M. was talked to about this and failed to see a problem or whether he was "surprised". I stood in front of the door for a lot of employees whose superviors or managers had not worked with the employee to correct a problem.
  8. When I was a freshman at mighty John G. Carlisle we were not credited with a foul shot. The guy next to me told the coach who basically told him to shut up. You guessed it. We were tied at the end of regulation and lost in OT. It was the season final in the freshman tournament. They gave us the "Sportsmanship Award" as a consolation. We did not dare tell the Coach..."I tried to tell you."
  9. The KHSAA was concerned enough about last week's results to send out a form to coaches inviting comments. That is the good news. The bad news is that the newspaper account stated words to the effect that it would be quite a while before there was a decision acting on the results. One of the things cited was the cost factor. Putting on games results in expenditures which are apparently not being absorbed by fannies in the seat in every instance. If you were a fan of Paris HS, would you have traveled to Beechwood on Friday? Also, not every home team favorite enjoys the fan support of a CCH, yet the CCH crowd was rather poor and the Rowan crowd was a no show. My guess is that many who support the current format do so, but do not go to a game on Friday night. I have been a Beechwood fan since longer than I care to admit, but I did not go Friday night and the three friends I attend a game with each week did not attend a game that night either. We were, however, at the CCH game on Friday supporting Northern Kentucky football. I bring up the money issue because no one else commented on it. We will be at the JC-Highlands game on Friday.
  10. N.K.U. does not enjoy a cadre of well healed Alumni willing to contribute the big bucks necessary to start a program. I would like to see an "Enabling Committee" with Lucas as Chairman , appointed to study the question. Maybe selling naming rights to the staduims (How does Bill Gates Stadium sound) combined with some big donors (I have been wrong before) would be enough to get it started. The post about 20K per year ,per player, in lost revenue does more to prove the poster missed a class when they discussed marginal cost than to shed light. Perhaps they could start with 30 scholarships and the revenue added by walk-ons who want to continue their playing days would help. I just hate to see the idea dismissed without some testing of the negative assumptions.
  11. If this is an up year, I hope we never have a down year. It looks like a pair of easy wins for Indiana again this year.
  12. Apparently,if you are a good family man and a good parent, you get to keep your job without concern for the performance of the team....at least according to some posters. I know nothing of the internal developments or problems at CovCath. I do know 2 long time avid supporters, both in terms of financial support and game attendace at all CovCath sporting events ,who think Listerman is a terrible coach. They also like him personally. As for myself, I believe his teams underachieve. When the game is on the line he screams and yells rather thyan remaining calm and bringing order. If you can't see that much, you need to find another sport...like bowling. I realize that is only a part of the total package a coach brings to the table, but his late game antics, including some untimely technicals give cause to question those who throw the label "great coach" around as though the words have no meaning. Of course, I am one of those old people who have only been watching HS basketball for 60 years. As to the alleged shouting match between players and coach, it strikes me as odd that so many know so much about how a kid should behave without knowing what was said and by whom. A player has to accept criticism and realize that some of it may be unjust, but always offered for his own benefit. On the other hand, if it goes over the top, it would not expect a young man to take everything thrown at him. Maintaining self respect is important to young people too. By the way, the 2 gentlemen I referred to have a combined 105 years watching HS basketball from the first game until the finals of the State Tournamnet. In fairness, I do know that Caoch Shields of NKU supports Listerman and that speaks well as Ken knows basketball.
  13. Coleman played for Wayland....not Wayman. I saw that tournamnet from start to finish at it was one of the very best ones ever played, if not the best. Fred Maggard of Carr Creek had 2 buzzer beaters, but was omitted from the All Tourney team. I think the State Legislature put him on the team. Most of us who went were on short money....an understatement. KU announced an open house for coaches. About 25 of us showed up and Ku looked the other way. Not only did we eat, but we did a little impromtu carry out inside our coats. I think Walgreen's took a little beating also. The following year, they changed the layout so some of the hustlers actually had to pay. I got my tickets by standing around and looking poor. Generous folks would give us unused tickets and we would sell them, saving one for admission. Many of us including me, slept in a car. The next day we would go to the YMCA for our shower (it cost either a dime or a quarter). Small wonder that so many of us are well off today. We learned to be resourceful at an early age. None of us could go to our parents and say...I need 50 bucks to go to the State tournament. The lies I told my mother to get her permission to attend!
  14. The definition of palming did more to confuse than enlighten. What does "more than a handshake" mean? Also, how can you talk about plaming without defining what is permitted and what is not regarding touching the ball on the side. In the past, you had to put your hand under the ball. The definition dels with perpendicular. Obviosly, "more than a handshake gived the dribbler some leeway, but the rest of the defintion would not pass muster in an English composition class.
  15. Thanks Neerfan and yes, Bob played for Holmes. He is long retired and is healthy and living in Florida. I thought about naming Dave Bishop also, as he was a former Holmesman who starred in basketball and football and also in track. He won the decathlon the year before White. He was an end in HS, but became the leading ground gainer in the OVc at Eastern Ky. I nominated White as Bishop was 2 years older than White when he competed. A bunch of Holmes grads get together for lunch at The Greyhound the last Friday of the month. We have had guest appearances from both the Holmes head football and basketball coach. Both programs appear to be in good hands.
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