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  1. Okay lets try this.... St. X and Trinity love the idea of a private class. They immediately contract with the GCL South to play the 4 Cincy teams. They add the Tenn and Cleveland private power teams. And the best private teams in Indy want on the schedule because all of them have trouble filling out the schedule. So Trinity and St.X play a double header at Papa Johns every Friday they can and draw 20,000 every time. Games are on ESPNU. Kids in Louisville area flock to these schools because of all the exposure they would get. In the playoffs Trinity and St. X play for private school Big school championship. Meanwhile the other smaller private schools play each other a couple of games and then against the best smaller school powers in Ohio and Tenn and Indiana. Highlands and Beechwood decide they would like to play the private schools too in the regular season so they join in the rotation and only play the 3 district games they have to play against public schools. Everyone thinks it works out well, good competition, nice attendance and everyone wonders why they did not do it years ago. Danville decides Beechwood has an advantage so they want it the rotation and Boyle County jumps in also. Bowling Green looks at it and decides they would like to play CovCath and St.X and some Ohio and TN private teams as it can only help them in their playoffs. All is well.
  2. They have not taught us anything because every year is different. How many undefeated teams will there be next year? How many one loss teams? How many 2 loss teams that are Conference Champions? No one knows. Next year there could be 1 undefeated team, 1 one loss team and 9 teams with 2 losses and we will say the Committee taught us something new.
  3. Article. Wish him the best. Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer announces retirement after 15 NFL seasons - CBSSports.com
  4. The best conference would be the one that has the team that wins the Championship in it. Nothing else really matters.
  5. Been there done that. Bengals attendance only ahead of Chargers who have half a stadium and 0-16 Cleveland. Can't get much worse than that.
  6. Can't have a Baseball Field on campus unless you also have a Softball Field on campus.
  7. They are actual expenditures that are reported. KENTUCKY HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 2016-2017 T35 ACTUAL EXPENDITURES – PROGRAM COMPARISON CHART Just FYI the combined coaches salaries for Boys and Girls Basketball are the same at $7,900 as for Softball/Baseball at $3600, Boys and Girls Soccer are both at $4,300. Boys and Girls Track at $2,000. Tennis at $1,000. Volleyball (Girls only) at $4,300.
  8. Barstool Sports have several videos of Bills fans going nuts when the Bengals scored the touchdown.
  9. Next up for the NKU Men: NEXT UP NKU will head to Oakland on Friday, Jan. 5, for a nationally-televised game. Tipoff is scheduled for 9 p.m., and the game will be broadcast live on ESPN2.
  10. UPSET ALERT The Northern Kentucky women's basketball team earned a huge victory on Saturday afternoon, as the Norse took down No. 19/20 Green Bay by a final score of 62-54. NKU improves to 3-10 overall and 1-1 in the Horizon League, while Green Bay falls to 11-2 and 1-1 in League play.
  11. That is correct. How that is divided up we do not know as the KHSAA only needs to know the entire amount to compare salaries for Boy and Girl sports purposes.
  12. The last 2 games have shown that OL is a need but not the Titanic it was at the beginning of the season. That one is squarely on the coaching staff. When 3 practice squad/guys that were on a couch can help knock 2 teams out of the playoffs then the changes should have been made long ago. DB is always a need in a WR dominated league. So WR is also a need. As is QB. I think Safety and LB are needs but only if the right player is there.
  13. CovCath beating everyone by the margins they did including a Beechwood team that obviously was very good and was never in the game.
  14. The salary numbers have to be reported to the KHSAA under Title IX and can be viewed on their website. All salary numbers for all sports have to be reported.
  15. See the other thread for what NCC pays coaches and your task becomes very difficult if not impossible.
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