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  1. I have little faith that Greene is that guy. I pray I’m wrong.
  2. Come on VOR, surely you have your alert on your phone set to Reds winter meeting free agency updates. 2am you're bright eyed and giving the dog a high five.
  3. It just broke at 2am that they signed Martinez. Not much earlier the other deal with Pagan. Lighten up Frances. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/I'd/39010979/reds-rhp-nick-martinez-agree-26m-deal-sources-say
  4. Wow, do I ever agree. Now that the judicial gag order has been lifted, assuming what I read is reality, this dude needs another shot. I'd be so happy if he was in a Reds uni again.
  5. His last sack he was unblocked. No one there at all. Mcpapa could have gotten the sack there.
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