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  1. Contact the ky dept of fish and wildlife. They have dedicated folks for just that service. As a matter of fact, you have a neighbor on Chinns Branch who did that very thing. Of course, all of his family have heavy equipment and that sure spares the bottom line. You can have your pond evaluated and recommendations will be given you, and to my knowledge, that service is free. Or at the most, very minimally expensive. Species and ratio are important with regard to volume of water. Overpopulation is common. Good luck
  2. Everything in the place was blackened. I would like to try it differently.
  3. Alligator. It was so blackened, I couldn't tell it from anything else blackened. Also been to game. Had ground up kangaroo, or so it said on the menu. Couldn't really tell
  4. 6, and it started with this guy. Trust him, he's a Dr.
  5. I've never had it either. I'd love to try it
  6. One more big haul like that and you'll have those eclipse glasses paid for.
  7. Great idea. He could build one and call it Jericho. See if the protesters can march around it 7 times in silence. A true test of wills.
  8. Yep, headed to Clearwater Friday where it's supposed to rain for 4 days.:irked::idunno:
  9. Deuce Jr and Trey, obviously
  10. You'll be married with 4 kids
  11. whats the forecast?
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