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  1. Feel free to post any pictures that you may have as well. I thought it would be cool to see how many pictures of state rings we could come up with from all of our sports statewide. I took the liberty of running a search here on BGP so I could post any pictures people had posted in various other threads in the past, so if you see a picture you submitted elsewhere posted below, I apologize for any "ripping off"...I just wanted to make sure your ring got its deserved credit. Also, I know in the past there have also been some schools/programs that awarded things to their coaches and players like pendants/patches rather than rings, so if you have a picture of one of those, feel free to post.
  2. Many expected these two to end up in the finals. Can CCH contain Weyer without having much size to throw at him? Can NCC win without Weyer having 25?
  3. The outlook for this annual game certainly seems to have taken a big twist over the past few weeks. After Beechwood was run over by Dixie Heights the week after Covington Catholic had soundly beaten Dixie, the game comparison game said Beechwood was in in big trouble when they faced Covington Catholic in their annual neighborhood rivalry game. Since then Beechwood has put a running clock on the #4 ranked team in 5A and has gone undefeated. Meanwhile, Covington Catholic has gone 1-2 with their one win an uninspiring one over a struggling Henderson County team. Now, those two Covington Catholic losses were against two of the top rated teams in the entire nation and two of Beechwood's wins were versus lowly ranked teams in non-competitive games. However, the lopsided loss by CCH to Highlands has Beechwood fans wondering if they might be able to pull off the big upset against the Colonels. Recent history says the Colonels are big favorites. In some ways, the status of this rivalry is similar to CCH's with Highlands with a role reversal for CCH. CCH has played a few close games with the Bluebirds in the past 6 or 7 years but there have been quite a few lopsided wins for the Birds like we saw on Friday. Against Beechwood, CCH has been the team in control with a couple close wins and several lopsided wins. Is Beechwood entering this game like CCH did the Highlands contest - thinking this is our year? Are the Tigers in for a rude awakening as the Colonels take out their anger from the Highlands loss on them? There are many thoughts and angles to consider as we build toward this Saturday afternoon game at the Covington Catholic campus, 1:00 pm game time. Here are the team's records coming into this one: Beechwood (3-2) ... Ranked #4 in 2A Mt. Healthy, OH 40 BW 34 Dixie Heights 48 BW 21 BW 58 Holy Cross (Covington) 0 BW 42 Franklin County 13 BW 49 Holmes 7 Covington Catholic (3-2) ... Ranked #2 in 4A CCH 39 Boone County 6 (Called at half-time due to heat) CCH 41 Dixie Heights 7 Archbishop Moeller, OH 39 CCH 0 CCH 49 Henderson County 28 Highlands 42 CCH 7 Recent history of the rivalry: 2013 ... at BW ... CCH 28 BW 7 2012 ... at BW ... CCH 41 BW 6 2011 ... at CCH .. CCH 40 BW 28 2010 ... at BW ... CCH 24 BW 21 2009 ... at CCH .. CCH 43 BW 14 2008 ... at BW ... BW 35 CCH 21 2007 ... at CCH .. CCH 14 BW 7 2006 ... at BW ... CCH 34 BW 0 2005 ... at CCH .. CCH 28 BW 14 2004 ... at BW ... CCH 26 BW 25 2003 ... at CCH .. BW 26 CCH 7
  4. I have talked with former Beechwood football players about this and they say yes, the Saturday afternoon games at Cov Cath are horrible. They don't like the time of day - Saturday afternoon. They don't like the heat that usually goes along with playing at that time. They don't like the change in routine to the weekly schedule. Do you agree? Does CCH have the biggest home field advantage in KY? If not, who does and why?
  5. Just saw on the CovCath web site that Jake Erpenbeck was named KTCCCA 2AA Athlete of the year. Jake broke both the CovCath 100 & 200m record set in 1976. He won the State 100m and lost the 200m by 0.01sec
  6. Basketball season for 2014/2015 should provide another exciting year. What should we expect from Covington Catholic Remember, please be constructive.
  7. Roger Bacon? By accident? Informant? Enemy? Someone with an agenda? Something else?
  8. Nowak had 12. 16 players saw action for CCH. CCH is now 20-0.
  9. I know some members hate this and some absolutely love it... but at least it's not week 5. Ladies and gentlemen, the regular season is over and what is the rumor mill saying about coaching openings? Spill it.
  10. I've been hearing a chirp here or there about the situation in Park Hills. Anyone have any details on when they plan to break ground and how long they thinking it is going to be before they put the lights up in PH? Anything helps. The new stadium will be nice considering the Colonels have a FEW nice games next year, from what I hear lol !
  11. Final from somebody there. CCH improves to 3-0. I think Campbell is 2-1.
  12. 5A Conner has obviously had its struggles this season, coming into the last game of the regular season with a 3-6 record. 2014 has been a tough year on the Cougars. It's also been a tough year on the 4A Covington Catholic Colonels as well. Riddled by injuries, Cov Cath has struggled its way through the regular season to come into the last week with a 5-4 record, with many key starters still questionable for return even with the playoffs looming. Who wins it this week in Hebron? Conner Average Points Scored: 23.444 Average Points Allowed: 32.111 Covington Catholic Average Points Scored: 28.555 Average Points Allowed: 19.000
  13. Congratulation to the following five young men for being named as finalists for the 2015 That’s My Boy Awards. These players are among the best the sport has seen. Leaders in the game of life, not just football. Branden Johnson- Dixie Heights Beau Hoge- Highlands Sam Murrer- Cov. Cath Joe Studer- Beechwood Ryan Woolf- Ryle
  14. 27 years old. They're listing him as one of their 30 people under 30 years old in the manufacturing industry to keep an eye one. Dude deserves some congratulations. 2015 - 30 Under 30: Manufacturing Alex Frommeyer, 27 Cofounder, Beam Forbes' full list can be found HERE.
  15. On WLWT tonight at 11:15 pm...... Congrats to Patrick and his family.......Good people, although the Mom gets a little bit loud at games.
  16. I understand both these guys are already in the weight room working hard and are hungrier than ever for next season. Speaking of next season do they have a qb?
  17. Covcath I Radio has been "on the air" since November of 2005 and Mark Wehry has been the voice. The voice you never heard yet if you listened regularly you felt like was part of the broadcast team was that of "Brother Bill." Bill Wehry died yesterday after a battle with cancer. Class of 1972 at CCH. Having had the chance to do some games on air with Mark Wehry I always considered "Brother Bill" to be the CCH SID. Dude had a memory like no other. He could recall games from the 70s with so much detail you'd think it just happened yesterday. He also enjoyed talking about the game afterwards. Mark and I did a game in "Johnsonville" and Bill called on the way home to offer his critique. If you didn't cut him off he would talk to you the entire 3 hour ride home. CCH broadcasts will never be the same. CCH lost a great Colonel.
  18. Next Wednesday (March 18th) from Rupp Arena at 6:30 PM Covington Catholic (29-5) averaging 65.1 points per game while allowing 50.3 points per game Campbell County (25-9) averaging 70.5 points per game while allowing 56.7 points per game Covington Catholic defeated Campbell County 65-46 earlier in the year, can they repeat the victory or will the Camels upend the defending state champs?
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