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  1. In their first 10th region semifinals appearance since ‘07 will Brossart be able to keep pace with the red hot Cardinals? Or will the size and athleticism of the Cardinals prove to be too much for the Mustangs? In this titanic matchup of 10th Region foes, who comes out on top?
  2. While the outcome wasn’t what we were looking for, I’m still never more proud to be a Brossart Mustang. Our guys fought through injures, abysmal officiating, and unfortunate luck. Everyone gave it there all out there but most of all I want to give a shoutout to the guys coming off the bench. More specifically Alec Eilerman. Loved the way he battled all the way to end, and wasn’t afraid to pull from 3 when his team needed it. With Campbell showing us the 10th is wide open last night, I don’t expect my Brossart Mustangs to lose again until they play in a somewhat famous 20,000 seat arena in Lexington.
  3. Great shooting effort by the Panthers. However, was a little disappointed with officiating in this one. Similar calls weren’t being called both ways. Good luck to the Panthers as they move on.
  4. As a Brossart fan, I definitely feel fortunate we got placed in the upper half of the bracket, as the bottom half is absolutely loaded. St. Henry, Somerset, and Hazard are all going to be tough outs.
  5. Great win for the Mustangs! Play had to be stopped late in the game after Blayke Kremer reportedly caught the net on fire.
  6. Another hard-fought victory for the Mustangs. These guys are a nightmare to play in close game situations. On to the next one!
  7. Congrats to Conner! This was a fun one to watch. That Scott kid can flat out play. Lots of good shooters for the Cougars too.
  8. This will be my first post on BGP. Glad to be apart of this growing community of basketball fanatics like myself. With the All “A” rapidly approaching, I’m curious what teams are currently title contenders. I’m familiar with top programs from the 9th and 10th (Brossart, Robertson, St. Henry, NCC etc.), but have no idea when it comes to the rest of the state. Would love to hear your insights.
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