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  1. Solid job as always! The only surprise I see in this weeks list is that Dixie jumps both Highlands and Cooper especially with Cooper holding a head to head win over Dixie on a neutral court.
  2. I personally was not surprised with this outcome. East Central is a very good basketball team! They have played a brutal schedule including Mount Notre Dame which was played very tight until 4th quarter where MND won by 12 or 14. Josie Trabel for East Central has multiple D1 offers. This was a really good schedule pick up for Dixie! I wish more Northern Kentucky teams would look to travel to Indiana to schedule games.
  3. Conner playing without a key senior, 2nd leading score and top rebounder! Entertaining first half! SK has a very talented 7th grader!
  4. This is just a really tough stretch of games on the road for the Birds, staring with Ashland! I wouldn’t be surprised if the Birds win the next 3 or if they drop 1 or 2 of 3! I believe that they drop the Dixie game in a very close game maybe 4-6 point decision but win other 2 comfortably.
  5. I like Highlands in 2 of 3- I also really liked what I watched in the Holy Cross game with “little Sam”
  6. Ludlow vs Holy Cross should be a good one! I think Coach Stamm will have his team ready but I think HC just has to many weapons and will pull a close one out!
  7. Kayla Unkraut can flat out play! Congrats to Panthers and good luck rest of tournament!
  8. Great game between two really good 9th region teams! Meyer was Meyer, I know he had 20 at half, not sure of total! Landen Hamilton for Conner was contained not sure he even reached doubled figures! Conner was led by Alex Castrucci and Ayden Lohr, Ayden started his first game of year after being sidelined with injury first half year! I expect Conner to be even more dangerous now they are full strength!
  9. Nice win for the 9th! HC extremely tough, led by super athlete Meyer, however needs one more piece in my opinion to be relevant! If not they will continue to win meaningless games! Gibson seems to be logical choice, not many teams have a near 7’ that can be used in variety ways! I hope some how they find a way to get him involved! If not him, somebody!
  10. Out of curiosity is anyone else having a terrible connection to this event? The last part of Cov Cath and the entire NO/NL game has been really hard to watch!
  11. Great to hear all games will be streamed! Any information on Science City? Really good event prior to Christmas!
  12. @10thRegionballislife I guess Conner pulls off the upset with a W over CC 70-62 on Thursday. This was a back and forth game through 3 quarters played at high level before Conner pulled away in the 4th! Foul trouble was a issue for both teams, guessing 45-50 fouls called, might be low! CC was led by standout Ayden Hamilton with 26, just 2 shy from 1000!
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