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  1. I will also go with ND 10+. I think ND pressure will be to much for the Conner guards.
  2. I will release my updates to Football123456
  3. Cooper on a little run 34-25.. 2 minutes left in 3rd
  4. 56-44 Ryle - Final Congrats to both teams! Great game and atmosphere! I think Whoever wins Region 9 will represent state Nicely!
  5. Conner will be fouling from here on out! 50-40 Ryle 54 seconds to go-
  6. She’s a McDonald’s All-American for a reason! It’s truly a pleasure to watch! 48-37 2 minutes
  7. First half Ryle was not making shots and Conner was able to slow game down- Ryle making a Run In 3rd being led by Doethit, she has 13. Maddie has been somewhat silent scoring but instrumental in getting everyone involved! 41-30 end 3- Ryle
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