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  1. Belles Smoking Barbecue in Williamstown. You gotta try it sometime.
  2. I picked up some wings for my son at The End Zone . I sampled one on the way home and have to admit, they were great !!!
  3. I was talking to a friend of mine today who is from Harrison Co. He told me the rumor over there was the original person with the virus worked at the Wal Mart in the deli. If that`s the case, I would think that their numbers could rise.
  4. I found a new friend in Woodford Double Oaked. It`s my go to right now.
  5. I think Bourbon peaked a little early this year. Montgomery and Grc have steadily improved.
  6. Three Granddaughters for me. They sure can become an addiction. They always come over for Sunday dinner.I tell my wife as long as we have Grandkids, I`ll know we`ll at least have one good meal a week.
  7. One of my favorite things to do at the beach is walk along and stop and talk to people. (or as my wife puts it, bug people.) You can almost always find some common connection. I live by the old saying that a friend is just a stranger you haven`t met.
  8. I still can`t believe the Bengals never showed any interest in Luke.
  9. Back in elementary school at Corinth Ky. everything was home made. It was like eating your moms cooking everyday. The chili was my favorite. We had peanut butter and pimento cheese sandwiches with it.
  10. Sleets was the only player I remember that you had to pick up as soon as he stepped off the bus. That dude had some kind of range. Not only was Jon Jones on the Grant County team in 79, so was Steve Simpson.
  11. Very entertaining game to watch. That`s the first game I had made it to this year.It should be another good one when and if they hook up in the district tournament.
  12. I know a little about the Corinth Braves who won the state in 1930. After a second place finish in 1929, they sealed the deal the next year. After the state they went to the national tournament in Chicago. They placed third in it. This was with out a doubt the all time high point for this little farming community. My mom used to tell me about how my Grandpa would ride a mule to town the morning after these games to get the scoop on how the boys done. When the small town schools consolidated to form Grant Co. High in 1954-55 they honored Corinth by choosing the Braves as their school name.
  13. I would like to see Dalton spend one more year with the Bengals. I`ve seen it happen more than once where a rookie quarterback gets thrown into a situation too soon. And if the Bengals management doesn`t address the offensive line, it could be a long year for Joe Burrows. I think he has the tools to be a great one. I just hope it doesn`t turn into a Tim Couch situation.
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