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  1. I believe you are correct on this. I guess I was just thinking since they all lived in the county, what a fine team that would have made.
  2. If Grant County could have kept all the players from the county together, they would have a pretty stout team. Mason Guffey , Moore who plays for Owen County, Smithers from Walton and the guard who transferred to Holy Cross last year plus the Hammonds boy who will be a junior this year.
  3. I enjoy listening to your sermons. I attend Mt. Olivet Christian but one Sunday morning i`m going to come over and worship with you. Hope all is going well and I will be praying for your church.
  4. Lawn care is always an option for young men or possibly young women also. They are always looking for someone who can weed eat and will work.
  5. Carl Wenderoth who coached at Grant county and Scott wound up with a record of 500 wins and 499 losses.
  6. Yes, I have enough projects to last me for quite awhile. And I can`t use the basketball game as an excuse anymore (UK). My goose is cooked.
  7. What did those pups set you back?
  8. Belles Smoking Barbecue in Williamstown. You gotta try it sometime.
  9. I picked up some wings for my son at The End Zone . I sampled one on the way home and have to admit, they were great !!!
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