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  1. I will also go with ND 10+. I think ND pressure will be to much for the Conner guards.
  2. I will release my updates to Football123456
  3. Cooper on a little run 34-25.. 2 minutes left in 3rd
  4. 56-44 Ryle - Final Congrats to both teams! Great game and atmosphere! I think Whoever wins Region 9 will represent state Nicely!
  5. Conner will be fouling from here on out! 50-40 Ryle 54 seconds to go-
  6. She’s a McDonald’s All-American for a reason! It’s truly a pleasure to watch! 48-37 2 minutes
  7. First half Ryle was not making shots and Conner was able to slow game down- Ryle making a Run In 3rd being led by Doethit, she has 13. Maddie has been somewhat silent scoring but instrumental in getting everyone involved! 41-30 end 3- Ryle
  8. Ryles big 3 shot 14/24 from deep last time these two played and 5/19 the first time they played. If Ryle shoots like they did in January then it’s a wrap, Conner won’t have a chance! Conners only chance is to Catch Ryle on a cold night and I’m still not sure that would be enough.. Ryle wins by 10 plus!
  9. I agree with NKYCoach859 in regards to Cooper. This is the just the beginning of what should be a special rivalry between Cooper and Ryle for the next 3-4 years. At one point in second quarter there were 4 8th graders and two fresh on floor between two teams. Boone and Conner will have hands full keeping up!
  10. Cooper in 2 or 3 years will be team to beat! They will be absolute handful to deal with next 3-4 years if all the talent stays there! The 8th-10th graders are getting valuable minutes while transitioning from a 8-20 team to a 20 plus win team!
  11. I do think Region 9 has a lot of parity but to me after watching them all a few times I think it’s a 2 team race. Ryle must be THE favorite. Yes they have 10 plus losses, Yes Conner beat Them, Yes Maddie played, Yes she played 90% of the game including every second of OT! Neither of these teams are the same right now. Ryle playing much better and Conner seems to be struggling. NDA Is the second team- to me this is the team nobody should want to play! They play great defense and find a way to make everyone play their style. This gives them an opportunity to win every time on floor! I keep hearing how down region 9 is but i would not be surprised if Region 9 winner makes a lot of noise in STATE!
  12. @The Double Deuce! Has he, yes! Enough, No! He has played very minimal! Very good athlete, scorer, teammate and will be future of Beechwood, would love to see him getting more time!
  13. I agree with Call it Like it is most of the top talent in NKY and throughout the state have reclassed at some point and there is nothing saying this cant be done. Since we are talking 2023 class and Meyer specifically, yes he is older but when looking at some of the top talent in the 2023 class, Reed Sheppard, Ryan Davidson, Ayden Hamilton, Colin Porter, Jack Edelen among others all have reclassed. I would assume that this is pretty common with all classes and not just the 2023. Congrats to Jake and the other Freshmen who are making immediate impacts for their teams!
  14. In response to DukeDog. I agree based off the head to head and St. Henrys overall resume they should be #2, however I do understand why PP1 would have Conner #2. I doubt anyone that didnt see this game would know Conner was without a starter who averages 8points and leads team in rebounding. Not sure if this would've made a difference in this game but I do think it would provided another scoring threat and a extra body to compete against St. Henrys dynamic duo. In addition Conner has only two losses this year when having everyone available (Cov Cath and Harvest Prep). I dont think any team not named Cov Cath would see this as a dream match up come regional if both are fortunate enough to make it that far.
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