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  1. Lillard of Ludlow can flat out play! Very impressed!
  2. I will go out on limb and take Holy Cross! If they can stay out of foul trouble then they should have a starting 5 that will be compete with most! Good Luck to all!
  3. This is a great question. Would love to hear from a referee on this!
  4. No not really. Cross was missing a starter but end result likely would have still been Conner W.. It was good to see basketball again tonight, wishing both teams the best of success this season!
  5. I Didn’t now that! If they leave NKY .500 It will be a success! Good for Ashland going where they will be challenged! Much respect!
  6. This was a fun game to watch! Ashland started the game slow but made a nice comeback late in second half. I’m not a follower of either team but It looked to me like Highlands was in total control of this game from the coin flip! Highlands was the more complete team and Vinson when wanted to score, scored! Region 9 is deep, Ashland will get another chance soon against Holy Cross, this should be another battle! What a great game to open the basketball season!
  7. I have attended over a dozen VB games and some allowed 3 tickets per participant, but most have been 2! Should add this is region 9.
  8. I Like the list, hard to argue on top 3 or 4..Man 9th is deep! If i had to shake It up I think both Dixie and Conner could be worth keeping a eye on. Both teams bring back almost everyone from last year. I don’t think it will be enough to crack top 3 or 4 but could certainly battle the others!
  9. Not that it matter but Chandler 2023 Bates and Skyler 2021 True Game are not on the same AAU team. Cov Cath with the addition of the two bigs plus Chandler is going to be scary!
  10. I will also go with ND 10+. I think ND pressure will be to much for the Conner guards.
  11. I will release my updates to Football123456
  12. Cooper on a little run 34-25.. 2 minutes left in 3rd
  13. 56-44 Ryle - Final Congrats to both teams! Great game and atmosphere! I think Whoever wins Region 9 will represent state Nicely!
  14. Conner will be fouling from here on out! 50-40 Ryle 54 seconds to go-
  15. She’s a McDonald’s All-American for a reason! It’s truly a pleasure to watch! 48-37 2 minutes
  16. First half Ryle was not making shots and Conner was able to slow game down- Ryle making a Run In 3rd being led by Doethit, she has 13. Maddie has been somewhat silent scoring but instrumental in getting everyone involved! 41-30 end 3- Ryle
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