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  1. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. Bowling Green beat Warren Central 49-42. As of 1/18/22 there are 4 undefeated teams. Region 1 McCracken County - (12-1) Region 9 Covington Catholic - (15-2) Region 10 George Rogers Clark - (15-1) Region 12 Pulaski County - (18-0)
  2. While I’m smack dab in the middle of the 9th Region, there are 4 teams (25% of the 10th) from the 10th Region who are from my neck of the woods who regularly play teams from the 9th Region, so much that they sorta feel like one of ours (and they used to be), and ever since those 4 teams have been in the 10th Region I can only count the one time they held their 10th Region tourney nearby, and that was when it was at the BB&T arena in 2009. Literally the entire 37th District is from Northern Kentucky, and while Holmes is a team in the 9th, they have a very large facility capable of hav
  3. My god this thread is exhausting, and with that said I'm a happy as a pig in mud that the 10th is being held at Holmes this year because it's litterally a block from my pad, and I'll get to see a team like George Rogers Clack when otherwise I'd have to drive the miles to see.
  4. Another game that factored into my thinking was that Cooper beat Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 66-63 in overtime, and Highlands beat the next night the very same Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 91-56.
  5. I hear what you’re saying, and I thought about that. With Dixie beating Highlands, that was a big statement win. Cooper did indeed beat Dixie by 2 points on a neutral court. Cooper is scheduled to play Highlands, and Dixie back to back in mid February so right before tourney time we will really get a good idea of how they match up with each other when it really starts to matter most. Both Cooper and Dixie, and even Highlands for that matter are pretty close, and maybe even too close to call. I try to look at their whole body of work, and how they are presently playing. To avo
  6. I saw this video, and it looked like it went in, but I think you're right, it rolled around the rim, and came out. Differnt tweets that I read said that it had gone in including this tweet, so with that I just assumed that it had considering is sorta looked like it did, plus when viewing it I didn't watch in full screen. Blowing it up it looks like it rolled out. https://twitter.com/859Insider/status/1481080875643293697?s=20
  7. Billy Wogenstahl earned "Player of the Game" in Dixie's 77-72 over the Highlands Bluebirds.
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