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  1. Arez Henderson - Holmes Help me with a name guys. Big strong guy, played for Holmes, probably graduated around '06 or '07. I think that he played college ball somewhere like Illinois St. Previous to Holmes winning the Sweet 16 in '09, this guy was on a couple of the other Holmes teams that went far in the Sweet 16, but din't win it all. His name just will not come to me. Big guy, great player.
  2. Some others who have come to mind: Deron Blasingame - Highlands Bill Blasingame - Ludlow Antonio Campbell - Holy Cross NIck Simpson - Highlands Scott Bibbins - Holy Cross Brennan Votel - Covington Catholic Marcus Johnson - Conner Todd Jacobs - Covington Catholic
  3. And Jeff's son Jordon Stowers who played for Simon Kenton had a 1000+ career.
  4. Lest we forget Covington Latin's all time leading scorer, 2013 grad Mitchell Blewitt with 1400+ points.
  5. 4 wins in a row for the Rebels, and 5 of the last 7 for a team that started the season with a W/L record of 3-8.
  6. The Highlands Bluebirds hit the century mark as they beat the visiting Camels of Campbell County 100-79 At the end of 1 - Birds 31-16 At the Half - Birds 53-36 At the end of 3 Birds 72-62 Final 100-79 The Camels had a decent 3rd period to cut it to 10, but the Birds kept pace and pulled away. Both Vinson and Muller for the Birds had big nights, Vinson with 24, and Muller more than that, but I didn’t see final stats. The name Beiting for the Camels came up a lot in the broadcast so I’m pretty sure that he had a big game of his own.
  7. Wow he must've hit in the 50's a couple of times because when I saw him hit 50 it was at NewCath.
  8. My school was Covington Catholic, and in 1962 Mike Fessler for the Colonels scored 50 against Dixie Heights. I don’t know if this is NewCath’s record, but around the year 2000 I saw Ronnie Dawn drop 50 one night, but I don’t recall who they were playing.
  9. I don’t know where exactly you would draw the line with this as there’s been so many great players over the years, and some are just a given, while others, though great, might not be exactly what this thread is looking for, so here’s some that haven’t yet been mentioned that come to mind knowing that I’m probably forgetting just as many as I’m listing. I can’t recall names right now, but I know there’s a ton of Covington Catholic players that I’m forgetting to mention just from the last 20 years alone. And while they haven’t graduated yet, I think that it’s safe to say that we can add these two to the list. Scotty Draud Sam Vinson Ronnie Dawn - NewCath Justin Doellman - Ryle Don Turney - Covington Catholic Troy Mckinley - Simon Kenton Brandon Hatton - Dixie Ross Neltner - Highlands Russ Bramlage - Dixie Corey Sorrell - Holy Cross Steve Burdon - Covington Catholic Drew McDonald - NewCath Ben Wyer - NewCath MIchael Brock - Simon Kenton Elijah Pitmann - Holmes Jake Thelan - Covington Catholic Cole VonHandorf - Covington Catholic Andy Listerman - Covington Catholic Ricardo Johnson - Holmes Jake Shulte - NewCath Brennan Hall - NewCath Roger Tieman - Covington Catholic
  10. The Final Four of the All 'A' Classic State Tournament is now set with both games scheduled to be played Friday, March 5th at the McBrayer Arena on the campus of EKU. Clinton County (R4) vs. Evangel Christian (R6) @ 5:00 St. Henry (R9) vs. Lexington Christian Academy (R11) @ 7:30 The finals are scheduled to be played on Saturday, March 6th @ 11:30 a.m.
  11. With LCA’s victory tonight over the Elijah Justice coached Pikeville Panthers, the Final Four of the All ‘A’ Classic is now set. While the Eagles did a good job of keeping Pikeville at bay, the Panthers, minus 2 key players, kept focused with good ball movement and passing to give themselves a fighting chance. The 1st quarter ended close with LCA up only by 1, 13-12 The 2nd quarter got out of hand with the Eagles taking a 14 point lead into halftime with a 12-0 run to end the quarter with the score 34-20. Pikeville not wanting to go away won the 3rd stanza 19-8, cutting the lead to 3 by the end of the quarter with LCA up 42-39 and it was game on, or so we thought. The 4th quarter went again to LCA 9-3 with the final score at 53-42. Though the Panthers kept fighting hard nothing would drop for them, and so now LCA will go on to face St. Henry in the Final Four of the All ‘A’ Classic, Friday March 5th @ 7:30 @ the McBrayer Arena @ EKU. For the Eagles, Tanner Walton led all scorers with 19, Jeffrey Selby had 12, Brayden Mirus had 11, and Tyler Hall had 11. For the Panthers, Alex Rogers had 11, Laithan Hall had 8, Lukas Manns had 6, and Tate Walters had 4.
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