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  1. CovCath was beaten by Connor 74-68 McCracken was beaten by Christian County 58-52. There are no undefeated teams in the state of Kentucky.
  2. 9th Region Rankings: Week 7 Conner - (11-5) Covington Catholic - (13-2) Holy Cross -(11-5) Newport - (14-4) Highlands - (14-5) Cooper - (10-6) Lloyd - (7-6) St. Henry - (6-9) Newport Central Catholic - (9-8) Beechwood - (5-11) Ryle - (5-9) Dixie - (3-9) Boone County - (1-11) Ludlow - (11-6) Holmes - (0-13) Heritage Academy - (8-7) Dayton - (6-11) Bellevue - (4-9) Villa Madonna - (5-11) Covington Latin - (0-12)
  3. They are talented, but not sure that they're utilizing that talent effectively. Any team would be happy to have Jeramiah Israel, but I think that Walker is still a project that is deleveloping, but hasn't quite peaked yet. Sebastian is a reliable addition, but not moving mountains. Collins is a reliable 3 point shooter. They have the pieces, but aren't as dominant as some might hope.
  4. Just merely for shameless bragging, just a reminder that in my pre-season review, I had Conner at Number 2, and sang their praises, and said that I was high on the Cougars going into the season. Here as of late they have not disappointed. They’re dynamite shooters.
  5. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. As of 01/09/23 there are 2 undefeated teams. Region 1 - McCracken County - 14-0 Region 9 - Covington Catholic - 12-1
  6. Thanks bro...I appreciate it. Still very weak, but aching to get back into the swing of things. Fighting hard.
  7. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. As of 01/05/23 there are 2 undefeated teams. Region 1 - McCracken County - 12-0 Region 9 - Covington Catholic - 11-1 Warren Central of Region 4 lost to Madison Central 60-43 Pleasure Ridge Park of Region 6 lost to Evangel Christian 70-67 Mason County of Region 10 lost to Oldham Co 65-51
  8. Highlands plays McCracken this week. Dec 27 at South Oldham. Should be a good one. Hopefully Will Herald has recovered fro the flu by then.
  9. 9th Region Review and Rankings (Week 4) Happy Holidays to all, and hope you are staying warm, and your pipes haven't frozen like mine have. ☹️ All games this week are over and done with, and many holiday classics had been cancelled on Friday and Saturday due to the extreme cold weather. I figured that there's no time like the present to get the conversations rolling about what we saw this past week in 9th Region hoops. 1) Covington Catholic (8-0) What can we say about the Colonels that haven't already been said? They're tough, they dominate, they win, and they are presently the only remaining undefeated team in the 9th Region. While Evan Ipsaro is averaging 26.8 ppg, there are many contributors on this Colonel squad that can get it done. This past week the Colonels played a highly contested game with Newport Central Catholic where midway through the 3rd quarter the Colonels were only up by 1 point. Then in their usual fashion they turned up the power and began taking over winning 78-62. Dec. 27-30 the Colonels will travel to Ocala, Fla (as they do every year) to partake in a big time competitive tournament with excellent teams from around the country. I presently can't find the list of teams, but you can bank on it being a lot of very good teams. Go Colonels, and we're pulling for you to represent the 9th Region in classic fashion. 2) Highlands (10-1) This week saw the Bluebirds compete in the Mason County Invitational. They were without the services of their highest score Will Herald who averages 22 ppg who was down with the flu. Right out of the gate they had to confront a very tough Henry Clay from the 11th Region. Things for the first time this season didn't go the Bluebird's way and they lost 69-60, their first loss of the season. From there they went on to dismantle 10th Region's Augusta 91-53, then 16th Region's Fleming County 104-76 taking 5th place in the Tournament. Next up for the Birds is the 8th Region's South Oldham Christmas Tournament Dec 27-29 where they play 1st Region's undefeated McCracken County. 3) Holy Cross (6-2) The Indians beat Boone County this week 93-67, then Roger Bacon 69-36. On Dec27-29 they'll play in the White Greer & Maggard Holiday Classic @ Lexington Catholic where they'll face a tough Lyon County from the 2nd Region headed by prolific scorer Jr. Travis Perry who is on his way to possibly break the all time Kentucky High School scoring record held by King Kelley Coleman from Wayland in the 1950's. He's presently averaging 30.2 ppg. Jacob Meyer from Holy Cross is averaging 34.8 ppg, and Javier Ward is averaing 18.6 ppg. 4) Conner - (5-3) This week saw the Cougars beat the Cincinnati College Prep Academy 90-59, then 8th Region's Shelby County in the Scott Winter Classic 82-44. On Dec 27-28 they'll play in the Gussler Holiday Invitational first facing Dublin Coffman (Dublin, Oh), then on the 28th they'll face St. Charles (Columbus,Oh), Then on Dec 29 they play in the Beacon Orthopaedics/Tri-Health Holiday Hardwo Classic where they'll face Dublin Jerome (Dublin, Oh). As of late the Cougars have been showing us their winning ways with a balanced attack of lots of talent. 5) Newport - (8-2) The Wildcats are turning heads with their plethora of talent. This week they beat Holmes 52-19, they Newport Central Catholic 69-52. Dec 28-30 they'll play in the Grace Health Cumberland Falls Invitational where on Dec 28 they'll play 13th Region's Bell County. On Dec 29 they'll face 13th Region's Corbin, then on Dec 30th TBD. 6) Cooper - (5-5) The Jags seem to have found a way to win without their big guy Caleb Brooks who is out for the season due to an ACL knee injury. This week they went 2-1 in the 13th Region's South Laurel Legacy Nissan Dribble Drive Challenge. They first beat Knox Central 71-31, then Owen County 48-44, finally falling to the hosts South Laurel in the championship game 61-43. In both of their wins Sophomore Yamil Rondon earned the player of the games awards. Dec 28-29 the'll play in the 3rd Region's Independence Bank Classic @ Owenboro Sports Center where on the 28th they'll face 3rd Region's Butler County, then 3rd Region's Brekinrigde County on the 29th. 7). Lloyd - (5-3) This week the Juggs lost to a tough Pulaski County 66-60 from the 12th Region in the Lee's Famous Recipe Holiday Classic. Then in the classic they beat Wellspring Guardians from (Richmond, Ky) 91-33. They they took care of Dixie 56-46. They have no games scheduled until Jan 3rd where they'll face Beechwood. Sound like a good test game to see just where Lloyd and Beechwood are. 8). St. Henry - (3-7) The Cru are a puzzling bunch. I believe that they're a very good team yet however in their 7 straight losses they couldn't quite manage to finish. Coach Dave Faust is chasing the all time Coaches winning record presently held by Coach Kenny Shields at 460. Faust is presently 454 so even with trouble winning, I do believe he'll break the record this season. He needs 7 more wins to break the record with 461. 9). Newport Central Catholic - (6-5) The Breds are a bit up and down, but there's no doubt that they're a spirited bunch who comes to play. The began their week facing Covington Catholic which is a tall task for anyone and they managed to only be down 1 points well into the 3rd quarter before the Colonels do what they do and take over. Final score was a respectible 78-62. They went on to beat Williamstown 84-68 in the Swauger Holiday Classic at Bellevue. They followed that with a loss to Newport 69-52. Players from NewCath are determined to see a different outcome when they face the Wildcats in a district seeding game Jan 19th at NewCath. On Dec 28th they'll play in the Bill Perkins Holiday Classic at 13th Region's Williamsburg where they'll face 14th Region's Lee County. 10) Beechwood - (4-5) After beginning the season at 0-3, the Tigers have won 4 of their last 6 games while showing that they are now gelling. It's to be seen how they'll fair against some of the top teams in the 9th Region, but there's no doubt they have serious talent with Cameron Boyd who is averaging 23.3 ppg, with the great guard play of Cash Harney who is averaging 15 ppg. This week they beat Ryle 66-46 in the Swauger Holiday Classic at Bellevue. Then in the classic they lost to South Oldham 76-55. Dec 27-29 they'll be playing in the 8th Region's South Oldham Christmas Tournament where they'll face Seneca from the 7th Region 11. Boone County - (1-8) 12. Ryle (3-5) 13. Dixie (2-6) 14. Ludlow (8-2) 15. Holmes (0-9) 16. Heritage Academy (8-3) 17. Dayton (1-7) 18. Villa Madonna (3-7) 19. Bellevue (3-7) 20. Covington Latin (0-9)
  10. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. As of 12/23/22 there are 5 undefeated teams. Region 1 - McCracken County - 9-0 Region 4 - Warren Central - 9-0 Region 6 - Pleasure Ridge Park - 8-1 Region 9 - Covington Catholic - 8-0 Region 10 - Mason County - 8-0 Harlan is no longer undefeated as they were beaten by Pikeville 76-63 Pulaski County is no longer undefeated as they were beaten by Madison Southern 81-71
  11. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. As of 12/22/22 there are 7 undefeated teams. Region 1 - McCracken County - 9-0 Region 4 - Warren Central - 9-0 Region 6 - Pleasure Ridge Park - 8-1 Region 9 - Covington Catholic - 8-0 Region 10 - Mason County - 8-0 Region 12 - Pulaski County - 10-0 Region 13- Harlan - 9-0 Collins was beat by Ballard 65-57 so they are no longer undefeated.
  12. Thanks for recognizing this. if there's anymore similar situations out there please let me know. I will update the list.
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