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  1. Same here. A certain kind of smoking would without fail have me reaching for my guitar. Just had to funnel that rush into something creative, or else I’d climb the walls, or bury my face in a big bag of chips. Wrote a ton of songs while the juices would flow, and in my mind for the duration of my jamming I’d be the folk rock star that I had always dreamed to be. This would even translate to me taking my tunes to an open mic here and there. After years of it I rarely now have the urge to light up, and because of that I rarely pick up the guitar. Somehow the mojo just isn’t there unless I do. That sucks because I wish that I could feel that same urge to play guitar without it, and now I barely remember how to play my own tunes. I can’t claim him as an influence because other than hearing his name a lot, I never heard much of his music, but oftentimes people would compare my style to John Prine. I write from a very simplistic place that can at times straddle a quirky folky country thing, so I suppose I can see where they were coming from with their comparisons. And to be completely honest my guitar skills are very basic and self learned. Oftentimes I can’t even tell you what chord I’m playing, and most of my tunes are composed with just a few very basic chords. I was given a license to do so when I heard Bono at a U2 concert on their Joshua Tree Tour in the late 80’s say something to the effect that a few simple chords can change the world. Well I had a lot of fun writing and playing them, but always fell short of taking it to the limit, so to be fair I never did get around much to changing the world.
  2. Perhaps a small consolation, but they'll forever know within this footnote of a season that they did indeed finish it undefeated.
  3. Well... it just happened again. No problem on my phone though, just my chromebook.
  4. On my laptop I'm always logged on, and have it bookmarked. I would click my bookmark and it would happen, I'd close out and start over, then I'd get in alright. I'd say I've had this happen about 5 times since this past Saturday, and it hasn't happened the last few days.
  5. Not lately, but it started If I recall right, this past Saturday and went on for a few days.
  6. O-Cath lost 3 times this season to Owensboro before beating them in the one that counted the most.
  7. I'm excited for the Tomcats, and wish them well. No insinuation intended, just tying in some interesting tidbits.
  8. As of 3/10/20 There is only 1 undefeated team. Region 16 Ashland Blazer 33-0 Ashland will enter the Sweet 16 undefeated. They will face the 5th Region's champs Eliazbethtown in the first round. E-Town was the first team this season to beat the then undefeated John Hardin when they were 20-0. Coincidentally John Hardin entered the Sweet 16 last season as the only undefeated team, but lost in the first round to eventual semifinalists Campbell County by 1.
  9. In reference to your post informing us that the Ivy League has cancelled their conference tournaments, I will provide a link from 247sports entitled "Coronavirus cancels Ive League Conference Tournament" Coronavirus cancels Ivy League Conference Tournament
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. While the final scores in most of those games listed don't tell the whole story, CovCath had amassed a much larger lead during those contests. Sure one could split hairs, but I get what Listerman was saying in that CovCath has dominated the 9th this whole season, which indeed they have.
  11. I see what you're saying, but my fixed rate on my TDA has been 4% the whole time since '08 when I went that route. Not great, but much better than a typical savings account. I had invested for 24 years on the roller coaster before making that move. I still have 4 years before I can begin to reap by receiving a monthly allotment. That will make 16 years at a fixed rate all said and done. I'll make it work, and then one day I'll die. Can't take it with me, but in the mean time I'll still eat.
  12. Can’t say for sure if it was the right move, but in ‘08 I switched to a fixed rate to stop the bleeding. I haven’t crunched the numbers, and doing so would be rather difficult, but I can say that I’ve slept a whole lot better instead of staying on the roller coaster ride. Since then I’ve seen a gain, however small, on every quarterly statement. Sure it’s nice to see huge gains, but to see big drops makes one want to bang their head against a brick wall. I took bigger chances for over 20 years, but after the damage of ‘08 I was done with rolling the dice. With all of the ups and downs, I very possibly could be where I would’ve been anyhow, hard to say.
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