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  1. It’s peculiar when anti-vaxxers hear reports of this, and still remain anti-vaxxers. Lots of folks for various reasons about various things these days absolutely refuse to admit being misguided, and just change the narrative to feel comfortable with their misguided stance. Sometimes the need to not ever admit being misguided can kill you. This pandemic is making this all too clear.
  2. In most situations in life under “normal circumstances” I am truly for people and their rights. Rights for the handicapped, women, rights for people of color, rights for the LGBTQ community. I state these for example because these folks have truly experienced discrimination in their lives even when by law they should have the same rights as anyone. I question in general terms, have white folks, and especially the white male, really ever experienced much in the ways of discrimination? Some might be able to point out a bit of this and that, but In my experience it seems largely limi
  3. I agree @PP1, yes indeed it’s bad. If two people are truly in love, they’d have no desire to go outside of their union. If they do, it’s one of the most hurtful things that someone can do to their loved one as their union is one of the most precious and important secure feelings in life, and to disrupt that security is to chance destroying what could and should be Heaven on earth for a couple. If couples ever begin to lose their conscience, and think it’s alright to play outside of their union, or “spice things up” they’re IMO being selfish, jeopardizing the sanctity of their union, and
  4. I’ve never been desperate to get one. I find the phenomenon interesting over the past 25 years considering that when growing up it might’ve been an occasional Navy guy having an anchor on his shoulder. Personally I have psoriasis, so it’s really probably a bad idea to try having one as it might just turn into a crusty mess as damage to psoriatic skin is a recipe for additional skin irritation and therefore unnecessary avoidable problems.
  5. Considering that I’ve always been attracted to much older than myself, most of my partners have been at least 20 years older than me. My most significant 20 year long term deceased partner was 36 years older than me.
  6. Official video for "Caught in the Middle"
  7. Pangeaux's newest drop "West Coast Luv"
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