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  1. Wow... been a rough day for Randy. He's 3-7 on the day. The 58er was close but dang. What redemption for him that would have been if he had connected.
  2. While I wanted it to go the Bengal's way, it just seemed too weird for them to cash in on their own turnover.
  3. Yeah, but it's just so untimely when they need to pick up momentum with their weak schedule in the coming weeks. It's time to reap some rewards from what really isn't that bad of team. A few points here and there and they'd have a better record. I've no delusions of post season for these guys, but the growth and winning tradition needs to start happening for them to truly be competitive in the next few years.
  4. The more things change, the more they stay the same. That was what you call Bengal's luck. How are they every gonna shake it?
  5. Pangeaux & Kyle Joseph - No Overlap Freestyle Looks like this video might've been shot up on the hill at NewCath overlooking the Cincy skyline.
  6. New track by Pangeaux - Flower in Disguise feat. Tia
  7. Y’know the word that he used is what the Brits refer to as a “cigarette” in England, so that’s all that he was probably saying. Y’know, that such and such city was one of the “cigarette” capitals of the world. All kidding aside, just reading through the comments here personally gives me a great feeling that we as a culture have progressed, and very much so over the last 10 years or so. All of you are a good reflection of that. I feel honored to be a part of a message board where there is such a high level of intelligence, decency, and respectability.
  8. Gyros on Main in Covington in the Mainstrasse is the bomb! My favorites before ever finding Gryos on Main (which has been open now a little over a half a year) was Chicago Gyros in Clifton near the University of Cincinnati, and Uncle Mo’s downtown Cincy on East 7th. I’ve never had a better gyro in my life than the gyros at Gyros on Main! And I like to add feta to mine as well. And then to top it off you’ll never find a better french fry. The fries alone are worth the visit. Wait til they cool off just a bit, but wow the taste, the crunch is amazing, addictive. And forget about dipping them in ketchup. Just dip those awesome fries in tzatziki sauce. Seriously Gyros on Main is the bomb!
  9. That's awesome, I hadn't even thought about that. 👍
  10. Just want to put this idea out there for any Holy Cross (Covington) faithful that if it gets to the point that you decide to ditch your present mascot name, and considering that you’re a Catholic school, my first instinct would be to name you the Holy Cross Saints. It just has a ring to it for me, and seems to make sense. I imagine that other ideas might be just as good, but for now this is the one that keeps swirling around in my mind.
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