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  1. I think Highlands went to their executive buses they brought from Ft Thomas at half time. Not being a football guy, I thought Highlands had some big plays. #14 was a tough cover for Conner all night, I think I would have thrown the ball to him all game. Conner had some big plays, some big penalties, and some good option runs. Hicks started the game with a turnover and ended it with an interception, he lead the Cougars. Good luck to my Cougars next week.
  2. Final per twitter...GRC 38 Conner 34. GRC scores with 2 seconds left.
  3. If I’m reading the right twitter update, 34-31 Conner. Not sure how much time is left.
  4. Colin Noble with the hat trick and Logan Drew with the opening goal. Very physical game with multiple yellow cards on both sides. Conner scores on a free kick, nice ball in front of the goal and Logan Drew put it in the back of the net. A player for Ryle shortly after the opening Conner goal received his second yellow card for running into the Conner goalie. Second half was all Colin Noble, scores 3 goals and is named 33rd District Tournament MVP. Great win for Conner to win the district on their home field. Nice student section there for the Cougars.
  5. Play the games at Boone County Pee-Wee field. Central location, no home field advantage. If it rains Sunday they won’t play I bet.
  6. 91 grad of Conner Michelle Gambrel is the new Conner women’s coach. Announced on Twitter.
  7. Former 8th grade coach from Conner Middle is interested. He was also a former Raider.
  8. This class of 2019 didn’t have the big names like some of the other classes had before and the younger classes coming up. This class did have a bunch of kids who had good fundamentals and played good basketball. Here is a look back 3 years ago of the all tournament team. It will be interesting to see which of these young men get named to the all tournament team tonight at NKU. Baugh Becker Coldiron Fleek Ginn Houston Karim Macke Miles Ollier Pardee Schilling Smith I apologize for any names left off, these are the names I found on the thread from 3 years ago. If someone is missing please add them.
  9. Congratulations to Newport, they shot very well. White had a nice game, Harding had a monster game, and Miller with a very quite 21. I’d like to see Newport get past Cov Cath and get the chance to go to Rupp. Their seniors have worked hard. Nice game by senior Brenden Ginn, the young man has been a class act and true leader of the Cougars. Looking for big things from Spencer Couzins and Jalen Scott next year.
  10. Both are good players, the “big 3” is not a disparaging remark...Newport is a good team, but to have 3 players averaging over 14 points a game is a “big” plus. Almost game time, really doesn’t matter what us adults/parents think...the young men playing will determine the outcome of this game in a little more than 2hrs.
  11. After watching the Beechwood/Dixie game it will be interesting to see if Conner can spread the floor like Beechwood did. Conner has 4 shooters who can hit 3’s, S. Couzins, Scott, Ginn, and Osterbur. There is a seldom used sophomore (not sure why the kid can play) Saffell who can shoot from deep also. If Hicks gets 6-7 assist tonight I like Cougars chances of winning. Hicks has really been stepping up the last 3 weeks of the season. This game might be decided by who is hitting from behind the 3 point line, as the 1st matchup was a battle in the paint.
  12. Coopers seniors step up and get the win. 55-46 Cooper. It will be interesting to see who Sullivan puts on Sisson, is it Spencer or Houston?
  13. I like this matchup for Conner. I look for the big 3 of Newport to get frustrated and get away from Coach Snapp’s game plan and try to do too much 1 v 1. Conner by 6...61-55.
  14. I should have been clearer in my statement. I was alluding to which teams would have the advantage if the game is allowed to be played at a more physical level. If Cooper and Beechwood play each other in round 2 and the refs allow hand checking, bumping in the lane, and battles for rebounding Cooper could see in my opinion a 2-3 point advantage. I agree that in the Cooper/Highlands game both teams can’t have the advantage, same with Beechwood/Dixie. Conner vs Newport if the game is called tight like the 1st game between the two it could favor Conner. As to the the question of Conner, Beechwood, and Dixie not being physical, in my opinion they are not as physical as the others I mentioned. Having watched Conner all year they don’t have that 6’4 or 6’5 kid that controls the boards. Highlands, Cov Cath, And Newport have that kid for sure.
  15. Any word on which region will be officiating the tournament? Depending who it is it could be a 2-3 point swing for a team. If they let physical play go Cooper, Cov Cath, St Henry, Newport, and Highlands might have the advantage. If they call bumps and hand checks then Beechwood, Conner, and Dixie might get some points they normally wouldn’t.
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