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  1. Another Ryle Raider going to NKU....congratulations to Diego Hoenderkamp and his announcement joining his high school teammates in the next level.
  2. Heard today, Josh Line is going to NKU. If true congratulations and NKU is picking up a talented NKY kid.
  3. Alright...what about some of the other NKY guys and others from around the state...don't be holding back information guys. Here are a few names to start the conversation: Josh Line (Ryle) Diego Hoenderkamp (Ryle) Anes Smajlovic (Ryle) Chad Gesenhues (Highlands) Adarsh Khullar (Highlands) Nico Voight (Holy Cross) Tyler Smith (Bishop Brossart) These are just a couple of NKY names that come to mind...I know there are more, but I haven't heard much about plans for some of the players and if they are wanting or have the opportunity to continue to play at the next level.
  4. I saw the other day that Landon Barth is going to NKU next year. That made me wonder where is everyone going next year after they graduate this summer?
  5. St X score in the 1st half and that would be all they needed. Was watching the NFHS feed and Dave Baker stated one time St X had out shot Lafayette like 16 to 3 at one point. St X did miss a couple right in front of the goal but the Lafayette defense prevented about 3-4 from going over the line. Since 1983 this is the 14th state title for St X. They have another 2 back to back in 1972 and 1973 which takes their total to 16.
  6. Josh Line with another goal in the second and Cooper Neace with a goal to finish it in the second half.
  7. Denigan with the hat-trick. I see Ryle winning vs North Laurel and setting up what could be a game vs St. Xavier in the semi-finals.
  8. Ryle scores the only goal of the game off a build up down the left side of the field. Diego Lakkis received the ball and drove towards the end line, then makes a cross in-front of the goal to find the foot of Diego Hoenderkamp to take the 1-0 lead. Ryle would have a couple of other chances but nothing came of them. NCC struggled in the first half getting into the offensive end of the field. The defensive back line for Ryle played well and controlled the ball when being pressured and playing out of the back. Ryle holds the 1-0 lead into half. Second half saw NCC make a few changes and in my opinion the ball stayed in their attacking half more, but they seemed to try to work down the middle instead of the outside of the field. Ryle struggled in the second half connecting the ball to their attackers, but when they did connect nothing really came of it as NCC's defense retreated quickly to get in position. NCC did receive a direct kick from about 35 yards out that Barth had to deflect it over the goal, that was about the only shot in my opinion that really challenged the Ryle keeper. Ryle started to slow the game down and eventually win back to back 9th Region Championships.
  9. Here it is….fresh from the coaches.
  10. As I was watching the teams warm up I thought to myself Highlands looks locked in and ready. With the comeback win Tuesday vs Cov Cath you could see they felt confident in their chance to knock off the reigning regional champs, Ryle Raiders. The game started as both teams looked to build out the back and control the ball. Ryle tested the back line of Highlands a couple of times, but nothing really came from it. I've seen Ryle play too many times this year and I've noted they consistently do this...Denigan starts on the right side to begin the game but about 10 minutes he'll move to the left side. This game was no different. Hoenderkamp received the ball in the middle of the field, drew a lot of attention, passed the ball to the left side and there was Denigan to finish...Ryle 1 Highlands 0. Ryle had a few more chances after that, the best with Hoenderkamp weaving his way through the defense taking the shot and Wilson making a fantastic stop. Highlands seemed to be playing the long ball and couldn't get it past the back line of Ryle. I thought when Highlands worked the ball through the midfield and moved the ball to the outside they had success. Second half saw Ryle continue to press Highlands and have a few more chances at goal again. The game started to get a little chippy as Denigan was fouled (according to the Ryle parents) but the ref said play on. Frustration started to build with the ref talking to both sides. It was almost comical that as the ref was talking to players off dead ball foul calls play would resume and he wasn't even watching the play as he was talking to the players. This happened a few times. Denigan was subbed out (he was on the left side when this occurred). A few minutes later Denigan is subbed back in and is now on the right side, Ryle works the ball up, Denigan gets past the left back starts to attack, Highlands remaining defenders close in on Denigan, Denigan passed the ball in front of the goal where I believe Smajlovic is waiting with no one around him for the easy shot on goal...Ryle 2 Highlands 0. Highlands would move some players around, but it was almost too late at this point as Ryle slowed the game down and ensured any balls being kicked out of bounds made it the baseball field behind the stands. I was a little surprised Highlands didn't generate more opportunities at goal, but Ryle's defense seems to be very solid and then you add Barth in goal makes it very hard for the opponents to score.
  11. #12...on Dixie's attacking end the Colonel player was on the ground and the Thoroughbred player stepped on him is what I was told. This happened in front of the AR on the bench side and wasn't a big argument from the player when showed the red card.
  12. At the half score remains Ryle 1 Highlands 0. Number of chances for Ryle missed or denied by the Highlands keeper.
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