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  1. That's exactly what I was driving at, and the reason behind the research. Knowing that none of the teams had the summer programs they usually have - and knowing how much that means to their shooting - I wanted to see how the three point shooting percentages were looking three weeks into the season. The results were exactly what I expected. All relatively low - 11 of 18 teams shooting below the "benchmark" of 33% from beyond the arc. As for Cayden Brown of South, he currently has made the most threes for the Dragons, and I suspect he will finish the year as the top long-range threat for South, in terms of made threes. He looked good against Henry County Saturday, with four makes.
  2. I haven't done the full comparison with last season, but it appears that the three point shooting - at least here in the hectic, crazy early weeks of the 2021 season - is down in the 8th Region, at least, in terms of accuracy. Considering that this is a little surprising, given the proficiency of the young shooters in the 8th last year, I have to think that the "COVID Chaos" has a big hand in the decreased proficiency. A look at the leaders...ranked by average made threes per game: South Oldham 11 made threes / game (#1) 43.1% (#3 accuracy) Some things never change. South continues to lead the region in long-range bombing, having made at least 9 threes in each of their first 4 games. South holds the top 3 state records for most made threes in a season, including last season's 349 made threes, which is #3 in the state record books. (South's 2016 and 2017 seasons rank #1 and #2 in the state.) In four games, senior Cayden Brown has the most makes (10 of 21), but it's freshman Christian Veirs that's turning heads, having made 7 of 9 threes (78%) while coming off the bench. Walton-Verona 9.8 made threes 44.4% (#2 accuracy) Sophomore Carter Krohman leads the Bearcats with 26 makes in 40 attempts for a whopping 65%. North Oldham 7.7 made threes 35.4% (#5 accuracy) Sophomore Dallas Roberts (8 of 16, 50%) and junior "Rico" Carr-Cole (10 of 23, 43.5%) have made 18 of North's 23 made threes in three games. Both are showing exceptional accuracy, and Roberts' range is scary. He hit two 25-27 footers against Oldham County last week. Simon Kenton 7.5 made threes 36.9% (#4 accuracy) Junior Isaac Miller has made the most (11), but freshman Travis Krohman is 10 of 20 to start the year for a sizzling 50%. Williamstown 6.9 made threes 28.1% Gunner Feagan has 19 makes on the season, while hitting 32.2% Woodford County 6.7 made threes 49.7% (#1 accuracy) Woodford is hitting the best percentage from beyond the arc, and Brian White leads the way, having hit 24 of 37 threes (64.9%!!). He's hit 13 of 17 in the last 5 games (76.5%) Spencer County 6.7 made threes 26.4% Spencer is making more threes than most, but only Collins and Anderson County shoot the trey worse. Gallatin County 6.1 made threes 34.6% Drake Skidmore is 12 of 30 for 40% from beyond the arc for the Wildcats. Anderson County 6.0 made threes 26.1% Jacob Spencer (10 of 26, 38.5%) leads the way for the Bearcats, but the team overall isn't hitting the long ball well. Shelby County 5.5 made threes 32.8% Oldham County 5.0 made threes 30% Oldham's only played 3 games, so statistics aren't real credible yet, but junior reserve forward Sam Powell's early productivity is impressive; he's hit 5 of 8 for 62.%. Henry County 4.9 made threes 31% Grant County 4.8 made threes 30.9% Owen County 4.6 made threes 30.6% Carroll County 4.0 made threes 34.8% Collins 3.7 made threes 24.4% Trimble County 3.6 made threes 27.8% Eminence 1.0 made three 27.8% Interestingly, there's several young underclassmen setting the pace.....Sophomores like Dallas Roberts (North Oldham) and Carter Krohman (Walton-Verona) and freshmen like Christian Veirs (South Oldham) and Travis Krohman (SK) are really off to hot starts. District making the most threes / game: District 29 South Oldham and North Oldham both rank in the top three in terms of productivity beyond the arc, and both rank in the top 5 in accuracy. Oldham is further down the list, but still hits a respectable five per game. District making the fewest threes: District 31 - Only Gallatin (6.1 made threes / game) is averaging more than 5 makes a game. Best Three Point Shooting District: Essentially a tie between the 29th and 32nd. The 32nd has two teams shooting in the top 4, percentage-wise (W-V and SK) while the 29th has two in the top 5, percentage-wise (South Oldham and North Oldham). The 32nd's Grant County (30.9%) and the 29th's Oldham County (30%) are a wash....the 32nd has one extra team, Williamstown, which is below average at 28.1%. Worst three point shooting district: Right now, it's the 30th. Three of five teams (Spencer, Anderson, and Collins) are the three worst-shooting three point teams in the region, in terms of percentages at 26.4%, 26.1%, and 24.4%, respectively. Shelby sits near "average" at 32.8%. Woodford is the bright spot, sporting the region's top percentage beyond the arc at 49.7%. I think this region has a lot of great shooters....I'm going to be interested to see how dramatic the improvement is in terms of three point shooting as the season moves along. I think the improvement could be considerable. CM
  3. Kudos to Spencer County senior Sam Conley; it is my understanding that tonight he became Spencer County's all-time leading scorer!
  4. Mercy evens its mark at 4-4 on the season; North falls to 1-4. Both teams playing brutal schedules early.
  5. After missing four straight games due to COVID restrictions, the Shelby County Rockets finally got back on the hardwood and recorded a win over Evangel, 67-62. The Rockets improve to 2-3 on the season; the Evangel Eagles fall to 3-5.
  6. Game cancelled / postponed due to COVID restrictions.
  7. To put it in perspective....that's an awfully good St. X team that DeSales manhandled tonight....
  8. Oldham County wins its home opener after going 1-3 to start the season with a four game road trip. Oldham improves to 2-3 on the season; Pres falls to 1-3 with their third consecutive loss. Oldham County plays at Covington Holy Cross on Saturday (7:30 pm) while Presentation goes on the road to Collins on Friday (6 pm start)
  9. Owen County's Lady Rebels, who have reigned supreme in the 31st district for a while, with a big win over the 31st District newcomers, the Trimble County Lady Raiders. Owen is now 7-2 on the season and has won six in a row. Owen, which has had some legendary coaches - Delmas Castle, the late Bob Osborne - who have committed many, many years to the program, continues to win now under Amy Wesselman. The Lady Rebs only losses this season were to #1-ranked Anderson County - by a respectable 12 points - and to Walton-Verona by 3. Trimble County - one of the historical 8th Region powers, with multiple region titles to their credit - falls to 3-6 after losing for the second time this season to Owen County. CM
  10. Eminence channeling memories of the Chrissy Roberts years, is now 7-1 after a convincing victory over Collins tonight. The Lady Warriors are 5-1 against 8th Region opponents; their only loss on the season came to perennial region power Walton-Verona in the All-A Region tournament by 14.... Collins falls to 1-7 on the season after their fourth straight loss.
  11. I don't vote in the BGP poll, but I'll reiterate my support for the Colts in the Top 20.
  12. Spencer County wins their fourth consecutive game and improves to 7-3. Washington County falls to 7-3.
  13. All three boys' teams in Oldham County are sidelined at the moment due to COVID restrictions, but this girls' game is still ON. There will be a JV game at 6 pm and the varsity girls' teams will play at 7:30 pm. Free live video coverage starts at 7 pm ET on www.pegasussportsky.com
  14. Anderson County hands down #1 right now.... I'll be the poll of one.... LOL
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