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  1. Time to end this mini-slump.....one of my staff is located in Cleveland. Can't lose this series.....I've already thrown down the gauntlet.... ðŸĪŠ
  2. First time I've seen the play. OMG I stick to my comments about the "human element" - but OMG what a horrid no-call.
  3. Oldham County with a new/old coach in Tayshaun McBroom. I like the hire; McBroom has the bloodlines of greatness and has been coaching at OC under Mike Fox the last three years. Knows the kids and the school. Will be interesting to see how he tinkers with the schemes.... Oldham a definite contender for Top 10 status.
  4. Lots of questions this early...one team that stands out to me is Bryan Station. I think the Defenders could be legit Top 5, but there are significant holes to fill, notably at QB, where BS had one of the better players in the state last year, IMO. I believe the OL will also have a lot of new faces, but Bryan Station has a lot of other returnees, including great skill players. If they reload at QB and OL, then top 5 is possible...but like others have mentioned already here, I think they fall into the "great unknown" and if the QB and OL replacements aren't up to the task, Station drops quite a bit, in my mind. Well-coached team, though. I would put them in my pre-season Top 10, definitely.
  5. I can't imagine they did - or will. To be honest - right or wrong - what would be the point? It's not the pros, or even college-level. What would be the point in saying "the referees made an error, and we're sorry"?? If the determination was that the officials made a mistake, they aren't going to take the trophy from SHA, and they're not going to go back and replay the final minutes, so.... And if they determine the officials called it right, is that really going to make anyone feel better? Will the SHA players feel more like champions because the KHSAA "sanctified" their victory? The game is a human game. That includes the human elements of coaches, players, and officials. Each element will make human mistakes. (not saying that this was a mistake; I actually haven't seen the play in question). And those human mistakes could happen at any time. I get the concern. And we've all had games we feel might have ended differently had the officials called / not called something differently. But I would never be in favor of changes that detract from the human element of the game. My two cents only....thought I'm told my opinions may only be worth half that.... ðŸĪĢ CM
  6. Now if I can just get my Little League team playing like their namesake.....after an 11-day Spring Break layoff, my middle-school-aged kids laid an 11-1 egg on Opening Day last night. 😞 Meanwhile, the Big Boys are now on pace for 113 wins.... 😆 (Gotta celebrate while I can...it may last, but I'm enjoying an early season run....) Great to see the Reds' pitching staff get a shutout last night. Pre-season concerns about the starting rotation and the bullpen have given ground to some early-season optimism based on their play so far... I really like this bunch. Not sure I have embraced an entire roster like this one since growing up with the Big Red Machine (can still recite the lineup).... CM
  7. MLB doesn't seem to believe that I exist. I mean, everything the folks running MLB right now have done of late seems to be based on the concept that me - and everyone like me - dislikes the game. I love baseball. As it is.
  8. PLEASE, oh please, get rid of the asinine runner on second for extra inning games rule....
  9. It's nice to be an excited Reds fan again....
  10. Hey, we're on pace for 108 wins so far... 🙂
  11. As a baseball coach and an umpire, I sometimes agree. Baseball is the inspiration for Calvinball
  12. We could talk forever about the "unwritten rules of baseball...." 😄
  13. They decide the game in all 32 minutes by HOW they use the whistle. If you're not going to use it at the end, don't use it at all. A foul is a foul is a foul - anytime during the 32 minutes of the game. I have the greatest respect for the officials....but not blowing the whistle "decides the game" just as much as blowing the whistle does....
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