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  1. Not sure the time made a whole lot of difference this year....though WC had a tough SF later in the day - closer to tip of the finals - GRC had to endure a double overtime game in the first semi-final. As I see it, pretty much a wash this year.
  2. I would say you're right.... even the advent of the monster "one and done" teams hasn't affected the steady march of parity.... We have to remember that there are no "bad" teams in this tournament. But.... The teams expected to carry the SEC banner far into the tournament flamed out, often in spectacular fashion. This was not the showing we all expected. Per Calipari (in a tweet), "every SEC team that won 9 league games should be in the tournament"...."the top four teams in our league went 35-1 at home. Crazy! We're the best league and our teams deserve that respect!" Oops. Maybe not. Kentucky (NET ranking #5) lost to #15 seed St. Peter's (NET ranking #124) in one of the biggest upsets in the history of the tournament (based on seeding and the projected victory margin).... Auburn was blown out by #10 seed Miami, an ACC team that was up-and-down all year and finished with double-digit losses.... Tennessee was handled by an 11-seed, a decent Michigan team that still lost 14 times during the season and barely made the tournament. Losing to double-digit seeds was catching.... #6 Seed LSU lost to #11 seed Iowa State.... #6 seed Alabama lost #11 seed Notre Dame, another team that barely made the tournament (and who had just survived a double-OT game over Rutgers in a play-in game 48 hours earlier) If it wasn't for nine measley points over two games, the SEC might have no teams left. Arkansas beat #13 seed Vermont by just four points and #12 seed New Mexico State by 5. As a league, the SEC is definitely getting better at basketball, and I really don't blame Calipari for stumping for his league prior to Selection Sunday. The regular season was impressive ....but maybe all the crowing should have been reserved till after the league showed its mettle in the actual tournament, instead of before the opening tip.... CM
  3. football kicks off 8/27.... 😂
  4. That's right.....for some reason I was thinking it was his throwing shoulder. It's not a bad surgery at all - it's just that it's very difficult to recover the skills on the repaired shoulder. Good news for him.....my Colts fan son isn't real keep on Mayfield, but I think he would work out pretty well for the Colts. But I also think Garrapolo is a little under-appreciated as well. Probably a coin-flip in my book.
  5. I had a torn labrum 12 years ago....had surgery in 2010 to place three(!) anchors in my right (throwing) shoulder. Ended my days throwing BP to my baseball teams..... In baseball, only two pitchers have ever returned to the MLB after labrum surgery.....it's nothing to sneeze at. The success rate, I think, is a little better for football quarterbacks.....hope Mayfield bounces back....
  6. I'm a little biased, but the 8th Region's better teams face the 5th Region's better teams most years, and the 8th is pretty darn successful. Since the 2016 Sweet 16, the 8th Region is 6-6 in state tournament games....the 5th is 4-6 (and 3 of those wins came during Etown's run to last year's final game). For that matter, I'm not sure but what the top six Region 8 teams - I chose Oldham County, South Oldham, Simon Kenton, Woodford County, and Collins - over the last 6 years haven't been better than Louisville's 6th Region as well....hmmm. You got me thinking....I've always felt the 8th was largely overlooked....but is that right? You mentioned the Fifth .....so I looked up six of the Region 8 teams: Oldham County, Collins, Woodford County, South Oldham, Simon Kenton, and Spencer County.... my logic was that if I'm really trying to compare strength vs. strength - after all, the regions send their best to be measured against other regions' best - I should compare some of the top teams over the period I'm looking at. Six teams is approximately the top third of the region.... Over the last 6 seasons, those Eighth Region teams are a combined 48-12 against Region 5 competition. As the 8th often plays the 6th Region - and I think, fare well against the well-respected 6th Region, which appears in your second tier....I note that those 8th Region teams are 57-31 against Region 6 competition during that time. Oldham County 13-2 vs. Region 5: 5-0 vs. North Hardin, 3-0 vs. Central Hardin, 1-0 vs. LaRue County, 2-0 vs. Taylor County, 1-1 vs. John Hardin, 1-1 vs. Bardstown 13-5 vs. Region 6: 4-1 vs. DeSales, 3-0 vs. North Bullitt, 2-0 vs. Butler, 1-1 vs. PRP, 1-0 vs. Bullitt Central, 1-0 vs. Jeffersontown, 1-0 vs. Moore, 0-1 vs. Valley, 0-2 vs. Doss Collins 3-3 vs. Region 5: 2-0 vs. Marion County, 1-0 vs Adair County, 0-2 vs. Bardstown, and 0-1 vs. John Hardin 9-7 vs. Region 6: 4-0 vs. North Bullitt, 2-3 vs. Bullitt East, 2-3 vs. DeSales, 1-0 vs. Valley, 0-1 vs. Doss South Oldham 6-3 vs. Region 5: 1-0 vs. Marion County, 3-3 vs. Central Hardin, 2-0 vs. LaRue County, 1-0 vs. Bardstown 16-8 vs. Region 6: 5-2 vs. North Bullitt, 5-1 vs. Iroquois, 1-2 vs. DeSales, 3-1 vs. Bullitt East, 1-0 vs. Valley, 1-0 vs. Southern, 0-1 vs. Butler, 0-1 vs. Jeffersontown Simon Kenton - long way for a northern KY team like SK to travel to the Fifth and Sixth regions....not many meetings over six seasons. 1-0 vs. Region 5: 1-0 vs. Bardstown 1-3 vs. Region 6: 1-0 vs. Evangel, 0-1 vs. PRP, 0-1 vs. DeSales, 0-1 vs. Bullitt East Woodford County 3-0 vs. Region 5: 1-0 vs. Central Hardin, 1-0 vs Bardstown, and 1-0 vs. TayIor County 1-1 vs. Region 6: 1-0 vs. PRP; 0-1 vs. Evangel Spencer County - tucked into the farthest southern reaches of Region 8, Spencer plays a lot of games against Region 5 and Region 6 competition. And they have been very successful against both. 22-4 vs. Region 5: 5-0 vs. Nelson Co., 1-0 vs. LaRue County, 5-0 vs. Bethlehem, 1-1 vs Taylor County, 1-0 vs. Elizabethtown, 2-1 vs. Bardstown, 4-0 vs.Thomas Nelson, and 1-1 vs. North Hardin, 0-1 vs. Campbellsville, 2-0 vs. Washington County 17-7 vs. Region 6: 1-0 vs. DeSales, 3-0 vs. Jeffersontown, 2-0 vs. Iroquois, 5-1 vs. Bullitt Central, 1-1 vs. PRP, 2-4 vs. Bullitt East, 3-0 vs. North Bullitt, 0-1 vs. Western ************* Region 8 vs. Region 5 - So....if the top third of the 8th did so well against all of the Fifth Region, how did the top third of the Fifth fare against all of the 8th? I compared the Region 8 six to the following from Region 5: North Hardin, Central Hardin, Elizabethtown, John Hardin, Bardstown, and LaRue County. I personally would have picked Adair over North Hardin, but Adair only played one game against the 8th over the last six years, losing to Collins, and North Hardin was suggested in the post, above... Only JH has a winning record against 8th Region teams over the last six years. All told, the six are a combined 18-34 against 8th Region competition over the last six seasons. North Hardin 1-8 vs. Region 8: 0-5 vs. Oldham County, 0-2 vs. North Oldham, 1-1 vs. Spencer County Central Hardin 6-10 vs. Region 8: 1-0 vs. Gallatin County, 1-1 vs Shelby County, 3-3 vs. South Oldham, 1-0 vs. Carroll County, 0-2 vs. Anderson County, 0-3 vs. Oldham County, 0-1 vs. Woodford County Etown 0-2 vs Region 8: 0-1 vs. Spencer County, 0-1 vs. North Oldham (Last year, Elizabethtown was scheduled to play Oldham County....too bad COVID cancelled the game....both teams won their regions and Etown went all the way to the state finals....would have been a GREAT game) Bardstown 7-8 vs. Region 8: 2-2 vs. North Oldham, 1-1 vs. Oldham County, 2-0 vs. Collins, 1-0 vs. Shelby County, 1-2 vs. Spencer County, 0-1 vs South Oldham, 0-1 vs. Simon Kenton, 0-1 vs. Woodford County LaRue County 0-4 vs. Region 8: 0-2 vs South Oldham, 0-1 vs. Oldham County, 0-1 vs Spencer County John Hardin 4-2 vs Region 8: 1-1 vs Oldham County, 1-0 vs. Grant County, 1-0 vs. Shelby County, 1-0 vs Collins, 0-1 vs. North Oldham CONCLUSION: Best vs. the Best, I have to conclude that, over the last six seasons, the 8th Region should be ranked a tier above the Fifth. Even if you compare just the games played between the top 6 of both regions, the 8th has a significant 26-10 advantage. ******** What about the Sixth? The conventional wisdom would rank the Sixth Region ahead of the 8th in any overall comparison. The Sixth is, indeed, a talented region and full of competitive basketball. But, what would a similar comparison show? I chose the following teams to compare from the Sixth: Fern Creek, PRP, Bullitt East, Jeffersontown, DeSales, and Doss. Left out some teams that have had some pretty good seasons in the last six years, such as Butler and Western. (but then again, I left out North Oldham, Walton-Verona, and Gallatin County out of the Region 8 mix, so....) The Sixth Region compares favorably against the 8th....five of the six teams reviewed have winning records against the 8th, and overall, the six teams are 35-26 against 8th Region foes. Bullitt East 9-7 vs. 8th Region: 3-2 vs. Collins, 4-2 vs. Spencer County, 1-3 vs. South Oldham, 1-0 vs. Simon Kenton PRP 4-3 vs. 8th Region: 1-0 vs. Simon Kenton, 1-0 vs. North Oldham, 1-1 vs Oldham County, 1-1 vs. Spencer County, 0-1 vs. Woodford County Fern Creek 3-0 vs. 8th Region: 1-0 vs. South Oldham, 1-0 vs. Simon Kenton, 1-0 vs. North Oldham Jeffersontown - the one team among the six 6th Region teams reviewed with a losing record 3-5 vs. 8th Region: 1-0 vs. Shelby County, 1-1 vs. North Oldham, 1-0 vs. South Oldham, 0-1 vs. Oldham County, 0-3 vs. Spencer County DeSales - a "frequent flyer" vs. 8th Region schools 12-11 vs. 8th Region: 1-0 vs. Simon Kenton, 3-2 vs Collins, 3-0 vs. Shelby County, 2-1 vs. South Oldham, 2-3 vs North Oldham, 1-4 vs Oldham County, 0-1 vs Spencer County Doss 4-0 vs 8th Region: 2-0 vs Oldham County, 1-0 vs Walton-Verona, and 1-0 vs Collins Conclusion: Comparing the best vs the best is somewhat of a wash when comparing the top third of the 8th Region over the last 6 years vs the top third of the 6th Region over the last 6 years. Both groups of six have been successful against the other region. (The Region 8 teams were a combined 57-31 against the entirety of the Sixth.....the Region 6 teams were a combined 35-26 against the entirety of the 8th Region...) Comparing the records of the top six of each region against ONLY the top six of the other region over the last six years results in a near dead-heat; the Sixth Region holds a slight 26-23 advantage there. Final Thoughts: Based on the last six years, I would have the 8th Region in a tier above the Fifth Region, and in the same tier as the 6th Region (that was actually very fun - and interesting....) CM
  7. Just Arkansas and Auburn left now for the SEC - and Arkansas is tied at 33 with New Mexico State the last I saw - which certainly isn't how most expected the SEC to fare the first weekend. Many thought the SEC had at least two - maybe 3 - legitimate title contenders. The SEC's two best hopes are gone, though. ACC probably outdoing expectations, with four teams left, and some quality early wins. North Carolina knocked off #1 seed - and defending champs - Baylor. Notre Dame knocked off Alabama. Miami and Duke still left as well. Miami's run probably ends against Auburn, but who knows in this tournament??? Big Ten with 6 teams left....doing pretty well, I have to admit. Maybe better than expected, really.
  8. Fair point....but....that was ages ago. Retired in 1955. That's even before my time... Since they started wearing helmets with facemasks.....LOL.....the Browns have had some difficulty getting a consistent, productive QB. Bernie Kosar was a notable exception..... the problem has been most noticeable since the Browns resumed operations in 1999.... Some promising individuals since '99, but nobody has managed to stick..... I'm sure Mayfield will get another opportunity.... far lesser QBs have merited second chances, and I really don't think he's a bad QB...may not be a superstar, but definitely a serviceable QB for someone.... I'm honestly surprised the Browns are giving up on him. I didn't think he was their problem...
  9. Coy Zerhusen stepping down after 9 incredible seasons, 8 district titles, 2 regional titles, and one state final four finish. Winningest coach in the 8th Region over those 9 seasons. Coach Z stepping down to take care of his family, which I respect a great deal. Expecting his fourth child soon! Good luck, Coach! Good luck Colonels, in your coaching search. There have only been five coaches at Oldham County HS since the 1976-7 season..... (Dave Hart, Jr., Bob Hoggard, Gary Forrest, Jason Holland, and Coy Zerhusen)... Two of those were Hall of Fame coaches.... All five won at least one regional title during their tenure in Buckner. Hoggard, Holland, and Zerhusen all took the Colonels to the Sweet 16 semi-finals. CM
  10. I do remember from my time in BG (I went to WKU in the early, early 1980s....)
  11. ....IF he spends more time on the field than in court/jail.....
  12. Where do all old Browns QBs go .... ?? (Philosophers are still addressing this age-old question) Seriously, the Colts have to be interested. I think he might be able to resurrect his career there, but Indy probably needs to improve that pass protection.
  13. DF - I have to tip the hat to WC....I wasn't a believer in the Fourth this year. Warren Central made a believer out of me. Impressive tournament. 👍
  14. I really enjoyed this tournament. I said before the tournament began that I thought this tourney just might have the potential for a lot of really good games....(at least, in terms of excitement), and I really think it delivered. Only one real blowout in the bunch and a couple of others won by pretty good margins.... It's really cool when it really IS the greatest show in hoops.... CM
  15. Great year for Murray, KY. And the university is still rollin'.... CM
  16. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=space+jam+bill+murray+timeout&docid=608041449532227909&mid=9DBB30ACCC2AC764F4BB9DBB30ACCC2AC764F4BB&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  17. LOL Kicking back and enjoying what is a great championship game. At this point, analysis is irrelevant..... Willpower and poise - and who's got the most left in the tank - matter most now.
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