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  1. I agree. Take UK for example. They will have 30,000 students on campus next week. But 100 of them playing football is too much?
  2. Not sure what’s happened in last 3 days for the Big 10 to go from releasing a brand new schedule to canceling the season?
  3. Gatewood still has 3 years of eligibility left. But since he already redshirted he will have 2 years after this season whether he gets a waiver or not.
  4. I want Gatewood to be eligible because he’d be a great backup QB. If there’s ever a year to be concerned about depth this would be the year. Unfortunately there’s not a Lynn Bowden on the roster if Terry gets hurt or sick.
  5. UK gets a commitment from 3-star CB Adrian Huey from Nashville. Other offers include Arkansas, Georgia, Memphis, Miss State, S. Carolina and Tennessee. UK now sitting at 14 commits.
  6. Looks like a good pickup had tons of offers including Notre Dame. So far the 4 highest ranked players in the class are all WRs.
  7. UK lands a commitment from punter Wilson Berry from Australia. Appears he will be on scholarship. Continues the Australian pipeline with Panton and Duffy doing a great job the last 3 years.
  8. They would get 75% of what they would get paid per game but only for the 76 games that are played. So if my math is right they would get 35% of their salary for playing 46% of the games.
  9. One thing is clear. If the police had their body cameras turned on, we would have a much better idea of what actually happened.
  10. Here's a link to the video in question. LEX 18 - VIDEO: Acting police Chief Robert Schroeder says...
  11. UK picks up a commitment from JUCO LB Joko Willis today. Currently unranked but has offers from Arkansas, Kansas State and Mississippi State. Has played last 2 years at Independence CC of Last Chance U fame.
  12. And this is how he acts when there is a group of people watching and videotaping him. Imagine what kind of things happen when no one is watching.
  13. I second what Bugatti said as well. Mt Rushmore is OK but the rest of South Dakota especially the Badlands was the best part of our trip there - very beautiful area and unlike anywhere else!
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