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  1. It looks like KSD is back and playing so you can add them to your rankings. Good to see them back after not playing for 2.5 years!
  2. Good to see KSD back and playing after not fielding a team for 2.5 years. Certainly this school and program had the toughest time dealing with Covid closures with their students being located all over the state. Glad to see them back!
  3. The Cincinnati Dragons will be hosting a wheelchair basketball tournament on Saturday and Sunday at Mt Washington Rec Center (1715 Beacon St in Cincinnati). Come check out an exciting new sport! Our varsity team has a couple of the top high school wheelchair basketball players in America and will be a contender for the national championship this year. I am attaching the schedule below - hope to see some of you there!!
  4. Our Cincinnati Dragons wheelchair basketball team is looking for some new players for upcoming season. We will be hosting an event for new players on 9/24. Please share with any youth with disabilities you may know. Players don’t have to be wheelchair users but must have a lower leg disability which prevents them from playing able-bodied basketball competitively. See attached flyer for more info.
  5. Incomplete pass on 4th down. HC ball with 1:33 left.
  6. HC fumble. Conner ball on own 31 with 3 minutes left.
  7. Conner punt returned by HC to Conner 32. 4:02 left.
  8. Conner QB overthrows open WR. Could have been 90 yard TD.
  9. HC drives to Conner 10 then stalls. Conner ball with 4:30 left trailing by 11.
  10. HC QB Blake Van Horn down with what looks like a knee injury.
  11. HC 25-14 end of Q3. Conner 4th and 8 from own 36.
  12. HC long drive stalls in Conner territory. Conner ball own 33.
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