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  1. I'm not friends with him on Facebook but I can still see the videos since they're public on there. If you set up a Facebook account you would be able to see them without being his friend.
  2. @GOREDDEVILSThe Boone County coach Bryson Warner usually livestreams the games on his Facebook page. Try this link around game time. https://www.facebook.com/bryson.warner.3
  3. Per Jared Peck of Herald Leader, both the Dunbar-Lafayette and Tates Creek-Henry Clay games tonight have been cancelled due to Covid concerns.
  4. Nothing too serious but he is out this week for sure.
  5. Sadly that's not a record as the Cats had 7 INTs against Florida in a game in 1993 but still managed to lose somehow.
  6. FYI that was true freshman Jutahn McClain and not Tisdale. Eddie Gran has said lots of good things about McClain in camp and he had a nice run last night as well.
  7. First career victory for Coach Gay and the Blue Devils snap a 14 game losing streak.
  8. Terry's best game as a Cat for sure. Hopefully he can continue to build on that.
  9. I don't know whether Gatewood will be a good college QB or not. But he lost the job at Auburn to Bo Nix who was the #1 ranked QB in his recruiting class. Quite a few examples of QBs transferring elsewhere due to not starting and finding success somewhere else. I mean Justin Fields couldn't win the starting job at Georgia and I'm pretty sure Ohio State is very happy to have him now.
  10. UK should have punched it in there but still in good shape. Time of possession 21-9 in first half, time to wear Auburn out in the second half.
  11. After today's update Fayette County is not in the red zone but is very close. This could continue to be an issue throughout the season. And I feel very bad for the players involved who have done the right things to be able to play this year and once again future games and their season may be taken away from them.
  12. And also Dunbar-Great Crossing in football and Henry Clay-GRC in girls soccer. May be more that I’m not aware of.
  13. Found this on the KY State Covid website - looks like about 7-8 counties currently in the red zone. Fayette is at 26.3 cases per 100K population just above the threshold of 25 to be classified as red.
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