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  1. UK gets a commitment from 3-star CB Adrian Huey from Nashville. Other offers include Arkansas, Georgia, Memphis, Miss State, S. Carolina and Tennessee. UK now sitting at 14 commits.
  2. Looks like a good pickup had tons of offers including Notre Dame. So far the 4 highest ranked players in the class are all WRs.
  3. UK lands a commitment from punter Wilson Berry from Australia. Appears he will be on scholarship. Continues the Australian pipeline with Panton and Duffy doing a great job the last 3 years.
  4. They would get 75% of what they would get paid per game but only for the 76 games that are played. So if my math is right they would get 35% of their salary for playing 46% of the games.
  5. One thing is clear. If the police had their body cameras turned on, we would have a much better idea of what actually happened.
  6. Here's a link to the video in question. LEX 18 - VIDEO: Acting police Chief Robert Schroeder says...
  7. UK picks up a commitment from JUCO LB Joko Willis today. Currently unranked but has offers from Arkansas, Kansas State and Mississippi State. Has played last 2 years at Independence CC of Last Chance U fame.
  8. And this is how he acts when there is a group of people watching and videotaping him. Imagine what kind of things happen when no one is watching.
  9. I second what Bugatti said as well. Mt Rushmore is OK but the rest of South Dakota especially the Badlands was the best part of our trip there - very beautiful area and unlike anywhere else!
  10. Pretty crazy - not sure I've ever seen a school with 23 commits before summer. Almost filled out their class and still 7 months until signing day.
  11. No problem - I should have been more specific.
  12. Just to be clear I'm talking about currently uncommitted Jordan Dingle from BG not Jack Dingle from Trinity who has committed to UC. Which Dingle are you referring to?
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