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  1. Over the last year and a half, I’ve read the fifteen book “Wheel of Time” series. Definitely in my top five o favor all time reads.
  2. I loved season one. Matt Smith was phenomenal in every episode - jousting, iconic scenes at the Step Stones and the Crab Feeder, “Say it”, Viserys’ last walk to the throne, etc. I’m also thoroughly impressed with the writing and acting for Aemond. I’m reading that there will need to be at least three more seasons to properly tell the story. Has anyone read the book that this story is part of, “Fire and Blood”? It’s one of my favorites. HBO could create at least three other separate series based on the reigns of other interesting kings.
  3. Thanks. He has always said that a snow blower is more than he needs but this video of the snow shovel seems perfect.
  4. Tell me more about this. My dad lives in Colorado and I’m always worried about him shoveling.
  5. Should get mine this week. It was announced that all KY teachers opting to get their first dose should receive it by February 1st.
  6. Best show I’ve seen in quite a while. I’ve started rewatching it. It’s amazing how the actor playing the adult Beth picked up the mannerisms of the young Beth...or vice versa! I only noticed it the second time through.
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