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  1. I am totally with you on Jeopardy. I would love it but I would surely lose.
  2. I moved all of the posts for the David McAtee shooting to a thread focusing on that.
  3. I would see the opposite. Some people are rioting/looting, a lot of people are protesting peacefully.
  4. Nope. Especially since the charging document says that one of the officers checked Mr. Floyd’s pulse, reported that he couldn’t find one and then the other officer REMAINED ON HIS NECK for nearly two minutes.
  5. Yesterday I saw the first video, which is a front view, and was horrified. Then this morning I saw a second video, taken from behind. What you don’t see in the first video are the two other cops that are physically on top of Floyd. They are hidden by the vehicle in the first video. Floyd was not going anywhere or doing anything even if the cop on his neck got up. There is NO WAY that a continuous knee to the neck was anything less than a power play with 100% disregard for human life.
  6. The issue here is what the coaches did, not what the students did. If the coaches were aware of underage drinking happening while they were on a retreat or if hazing of any form was happening, those likely go against their contract’s code of ethics and firing was the correct thing to do. And...of course college kids think it was no big deal.
  7. Several people keep speculating that this stems from a disgruntled mom whose daughter didn't make the squad. First, I don't see any evidence to support that. Secondly, there are as many male cheerleaders on the squad as there are female, so why a daughter and not a son?
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