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  1. I see plenty of games. I do not keep up with their recruiting which is why I asked the question about is she bringing in a lot of talent to where she does not need to recruit this player. I was not questioning the good choice bad choice I was asking about the rescinding of the offer from the "new staff." Which really is not the "new staff" when they are going into their 3rd year.
  2. So as bad as they have been under Coach Whitaker....does she have that much talent coming in that she doesnt need her?
  3. Is the Whitaker staff already gone after 2 seasons?
  4. He is talking about #1 pitchers for all 8 teams facing off. How could you possibly misinterpret that.....
  5. I am confused.....if runners are on 2nd and 3rd why would Moeller have attempted a 5-4-3 double play?
  6. Well first it was not a arrogant comment at all. I was lamenting the fact that Highlands will get a chance to play while everybody else is sitting our this horrible rain. It was a mere observation based on the forecasted weather this week and next week. That is all it was. Man you read wayyyyyyy too much into that comment. And JOAT I might be forced to be a closet Highlands fan unless they are playing one of my teams I have a rooting interest in. :jump: But then again...........
  7. Ok found Trevor Booth a senior at Taylor University. He played at Beechwood and is a n infielder and looks and sounds like based on website he plays every infield position for them.
  8. Where is Trevor Booth from Beechwood/ . I think he might be a senior somewhere this year.
  9. Yes while everyone else is sitting.....Highlands is playing.......
  10. Yes Nate Verst. His younger brother, Tanner is also a sophomore and went to Alice Lloyd and is on their current roster.
  11. Thanks......Also who were the 2 boone pitchers from the last couple years who were really good. I thought they both are playing somewhere????
  12. If Ralph Meyer is that is a great and very classy choice........
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