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  1. Ok, so a group of kids go play a baseball game at a local park? No umps, just playing ball. No difference in the activity if we’re just talking about concerns over spreading the virus. Once again, not mad at the decision, just not sure this should be a call made by the KHSSA. Either way I’m happy there is still hope for a season for these kids. Although the 8 week recommendation from the CDC that can’t our today probably won’t help.
  2. The issues were all related around crowds. No different than what’s going on at any grocery store. I’m not saying stopping the KHSAA games was the wrong decision , I’m just saying telling them what to do in their free time is out of bounds IMO. If that’s the case any player who goes to the grocery, a gym, church, or around any other crowd shouldn’t play when they resume by this logic.
  3. Any reason why you feel that way ? I’m not looking to argue, just looking to see if I’m missing something other than the obvious concerns of the virus. But in that case I’m of the side that says take precautions practice hygiene etc but the world hasn’t shut down. I just feel if that’s the only reason, the KHSAA isn’t the ones qualified to be making those decisions outside their games/teams/etc.
  4. I was told KHSAA has sent out a memo stating any players playing “sand lot” games where an umpire is involved and payments being made, those players will not be eligible to return to school ball. Which is in direct response I understand to some venues offering places for kids to come play. Obviously making the venues/ballparks a few bucks I’m sure. While I’m excited to hear they are at hopeful they will resume play this season, I really feel this is over stepping their bounds. If the KHSAA is in a dead period I would think kids should be eligible to do whatever their parents see fit. Thoughts? Am I looking at this wrong?
  5. NewCath will return 3 starters on offense a couple other who played a role. Defense will return 4 starters and the same one or two more who played in certain packages last season. Lost a large senior class of 15-16 players. Cupboard isn’t empty but lack of depth may show a bit more.
  6. Thanks Ken Morgan for the updates! Another great battle on The Hill! Hopefully getting everyone healthy has the Breds ready for district time !
  7. From my understanding NCC hasn’t played a single game this season without at least 2 of their pre season starters and sometimes 3 of their starters missing from the lineup. Mullikin And Jefferson missed up until Christmas or later, Pangallo & Howard have missed a several of games each, & Ile’s is now out with injury.
  8. Take out the Roger Bacon game with Corey Kiner (who no one has stopped) and take out scores given up by the JV in blowouts, the NCC starting defense has only given up 46 points in the other 11 games. The Defense doesn’t get all the credit it deserves, because the offense can be so explosive. On the other side of the ball, NCC has played the last 3+ games without their biggest target Caleb Jefferson, getting him back could be huge! Should be a great game Friday night!
  9. Erlanger over Boone for the Midget Youth Super Bowl.
  10. Bandits Midgets beat UR for Division 1 Super Bowl.
  11. Bandits over Union Raiders in Junior Youth.
  12. UR over Bandits at the 2PM Junior game. Not sure on final score.
  13. Great weekend for teams located in Campbell County!
  14. Sorry you feel that way, but if you ask your Director , Aaron can tell you I personally spent a couple hours on the phone with him this week trying to help find a solution to the issue you guys had. Once again it’s easy to be upset when you don’t care to seek out all the info. My phone is always on. Good luck in the playoffs!
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