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  1. I should also mention Preston forced two of the three Belfry fumbles tonight.
  2. Final JC 35 Belfry 14 Belfry is best 5-3 team in state. Lost to #1 in 4A, #1 in 1A, #2 in 6A and were in every game. Turnovers did them in tonight. Belfry had 3 and JC scored 21 points off them. JC is still a monster and will be tough for anyone to beat with Preston running behind Bingham and that o-line. Preston should get serious votes for Mr. Football, he is best player in mountains, exceptional on both sides of ball. Complete player.
  3. TD Dylan Preston; 7 yard run. 3rd of night for Preston! Around 175 on ground. 35-14 JC 4:23 4Q.
  4. JC goes 3 and out - punts. Belfry fumbles quick pitch, JC recovers.
  5. End of 3rd. JC 28-14. JC driving deep in own territory.
  6. TD JC. 2 plays. 2 yard TD run Grant Rice. JC 28-14 6:45 3Q
  7. TD Belfry. 1 play 64 yard TD run Dixson. 21-14 JC 7:28 3Q
  8. Per Josh Ball twitter: "At the half, Johnson Central 14, Belfry 7. JC’s Dillon Preston has 122 yards on 15 carries and a TD. Belfry has 64 total yards in the half. Isaac Dixon has 40 of those yards."
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