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  1. Pikeville most likely is the best team in Kentucky in the three lower classes.
  2. I would be surprised to see Raceland play Pikeville within 3 TD's in the post season.... I would be surprised to see anyone not named Raceland play Pikeville within 5 TD's in the post season.
  3. http://calpreps.com/2022/ratings/Kentucky_division.htm I like this CPU's thinking a lot better... can we swap CPU's?
  4. As a frame of reference more familiar for KY folks, ELCA that they beat previously defeated Brentwood Academy 50-49 to open the season.
  5. Shout out to my nephew’s team here in GA 1A Prince Avenue Christian now 4-0 and ranked #1 in their class after knocking off traditional powerhouse 3A Eagles Landing Christian 30-15. Prince has beat the five time defending SC private school state champion Hammond School, 3A Monroe Area, and rival Athens Academy. Cal preps has them as one of the Top 125 teams in the country and a Top 20 team in GA overall. They still have a monster game coming in October when they travel to Chattanooga to play the current #3 team in TN this year Baylor.
  6. Biggest win in Hart’s history since_____?
  7. 3 and out Belfry if Pikeville scores I will probably be signing off during the second half to focus more on my nephew’s game.
  8. 74 yard TD pass Pikeville 21-7 Pikeville 3:57 in 2nd
  9. 4th and 4 now but this time Pikeville stops them.
  10. Belfry converts 4th and 6 to the Pikeville 29.
  11. Birchfield 8 yard TD run. Late in 1st 14-7 Pikeville
  12. Pikeville facing a 4th and 10 at Belfry 20 and convert with a draw to Birchfield.
  13. 7-7 in 1st Birchfield with a 31 yard TD run and Woolum with a 54 yard TD run for Belfry.
  14. Check out this from Pikeville.... That's how you make a statement and sell your program.
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