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  1. This year I am not sure the list of teams who can hang within 3 TD's of Trinity inside the state of KY goes beyond Male or X.. FD would (on paper at least) probably be at the top of that next group of teams.
  2. Put your Central Hardin love aside for a minute... we are talking about a team who returns every single offensive play-maker and three major D-1 prospects (and a couple more smaller D-1 prospects) off a team that went 13-1. I don't care if you lost your entire Front 7, that is still a loaded team. The D-Line might be the chink in their armor, but no denying this is a Top 5 6A team to start the year and one of the most talented teams in KY this year.
  3. Great pickup to get a loaded North Hardin team. Disappointed that the Alter game falls through this year, Belfry now needs to fill that 9/11 date. As it stands now Belfry's three non-District games are against teams who combined to go 43-1 last year and hoisted two State Titles.
  4. If they have to change the mascot this 100% should be the way they go... Brigadiers would be awesome. Keep the colors the same but have the helmets reads "BRIGS" instead of "REBELS"
  5. I wouldn't poke that bear if I was a Somerset fan to be honest. HAHA. The Briar Jumper nickname came about in 1916 when Somerset defeated heavily favored Louisville Boys High School 51-6 in Louisville. One of the Louisville sportswriters, Johnny Head, used the story of Uncle Remus to describe the agility that the Somerset ballcarriers displayed in evading the Louisville player's tackles. He christened the Somerset team Briar Jumpers and the nickname stuck. Their home fields are nicknamed The Briar Patch. Just so we are clear, Disney just announced they are completely re-working Splash Mountain. It was based on the Uncle Reamus characters in "Song of the South" including Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch and that movie has basically been wiped clean of the Disney cannon because of the racism in it. I'd probably just keep my nose down on this if I was Somerset and only tell people to look at the cute bunny LOL.
  6. Extremely surprised to see this considering the spike in cases and TN's plans https://www.maxpreps.com/news/w2PgWNXx2UqskZP-H7GfmA/georgia-to-allow-high-school-intra-squad-7-on-7-football-starting-monday.htm
  7. I can assure you Belfry is not taking any talent away from Paintsville haha. Did you mean Johnson Central? That is a heck of a commute if they were trying to go all the way to Belfry every morning for school.
  8. Was just thinking that for as cool as this video is, it is BEGGING for either Owensboro, CovCath, or South Warren to make a rebuttal video simply with Archie Eversole's "We Ready" playing in the background the entire time.
  9. Berea started 6-0 last year and finished with a winning record and return a really, really solid nucleus. They may be able to at least turn over a few trash cans again this year! Happy to see it after not too long ago we were discussing how long their losing streaks were.
  10. The 1991 Championship between GRC and St. X
  11. Personally, I feel this team that went 15-0 and won the Class 2A Title doesn't get the ink and respect they probably deserve for as good as they were. Bardstown laid waste to their schedule that year and a 21-0 win over a solid Glasgow team was the closest anyone ever came to them. They blasted an excellent Prestonsburg team in the State Finals. All told they would outscore their opponents 751-139 on the year with 10 of those games being by a 5 TD margin or more. John Wesley Monin was the QB and they had a pair of stud RB's in Jaime Cotton and Maurice Crowe. Joseph Blackmon was a dynamic two-way player as well. Who I remembers this team? Anything you want to add? Was this one of the great small school teams to ever come through in Kentucky?
  12. My Top 10 storylines: 1. "As the Bluebird Turns". What will the 2020 season do for the drama at Ft. Thomas.. especially if they can't get over the CovCath hump? 2. "Redhound Rotation". After essentially a mutual parting of the ways in Corbin, will the grass be greener for the good ole boy network who didn't want to see Haddix stay? Will Haddix flourish in Boyle County? 3. "Is Freddy D Due ?" This should be the year that Frederick Douglass is the clear cut favorite to get that elusive Lexington Public School monkey off their back. Arguably the most talented roster in the State returns and the favorable 5A loophole shields them from the Big 3. Does getting a ring take their program to the next level or does failing to get a ring create a negative tidal wave? 4. "The Beast That is The East". After a historic season for EKY football in 2019, does the trend continue? Pikeville, Paintsville, Somerset, Bell County, Belfry, and Johnson Central all made pushes to the Finals and collectively brought home 4 trophies. All six teams should be well equipped to make a push again. 5. "Flying Onto the Radar ?" There are a handful of teams outside of the usual suspects who have a loaded Senior Class filled with experience that may try to make a big move. Crittenden County, West Carter, Taylor County, Wayne County, Holmes, Franklin County, North Bullitt, and Meade County all come to mind. 6. "R-P-Sigh". After much debate and a few tweaks, will the RPI improve in 2020? It was very clear that there are noticeable flaws to the formula that resulted in some teams being over valued and other under valued. If for some reason we have to play a shortened season then those flaws may be even more amplified. 7. "The Pinnacle". It is good for KY when the best teams of the State are at their top. Trinity, Male, and X should all three be loaded. Trinity, especially looks to be capable of some National recognition. 8. "Jumpers Over the Hump". Now that Somerset has broke the seal and got the elusive title, very interested to see what they do with two elite players in Sheron and Grundy but having some big holes to fill. Mayfield loses a ton of high end talent but you know they are burning up with how that one slipped away. 9. "Small Town Superheroes." Aside from Sheron and Grundy I just mentioned, there are some absolute superstars in rural football. Isaac MacNamee at Pikeville, Phelps at Paintsville, Isaac Dixon at Belfry, Grant Bingham and Dylan Preston at Johnson Central, Azariah israel at GRC, and Braedon Sloan at Wayne County just to start the list. Could this be the year that a rural star wins Mr. Football like Scotty Russell back in the day? 10. "Districts of Death". 2A District 1, 2A District 4, 3A District 4, 4A District 1, 4A District 5, 4A District 7, 5A District 5, 5A District 8, 6A District 3... just a lot of DEEP and highly competitive Districts.
  13. They also had bumper crops with Kiffin and Butch... In both of those cases I felt Tennessee sold out to letting the "inmates run the asylum" and in the long run the highly ranked players they had on their roster did not translate to the success that you see other schools have. That is the key for Pruitt. A historical program in the SEC with a rampant fanbase, great facilities, and open spots for playing time can be very appealing to bring in a highly ranked recruiting class. What happens with discipline and transfers when too many promises are made or the wins don't come at first is what becomes the watershed. I know this about Pruitt from some VERY credible sources from his time as an assistant at UGA. - He is a first class recruiter. - He is also a first class jerk. - He is a habitual bridge burner. Maybe he has changed since his time on the UGA staff, but from what I have heard from some names I trust above all else, he will either be a glorious success as a Head Coach or a glorious failure.
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