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  1. A few additional comments before I bow out: Johnson Central is in a bad situation. I shrug a bit thinking they deserve a lot of the second guessing people are doing who are only finding out about this school for the first time themselves. Let's not forget, that as far as JC is concerned, Bishop Sycamore is real. They played them last year and actually had a competitive challenge. With the level of raw athleticism, size, and speed that Sycamore brings.. just simply put.. in terms of competition there probably isn't a better option on the table who would actually play them. With all t
  2. A few thoughts after finally getting a chance to watch this one: BELFRY - Belfry is probably going to finish 4-6 and have a very competitive game with Lawrence County and Pike Central in two of those wins. That schedule is stupid. With that said, they still have a chance of reaching the Semi's again. Somehow. - Lots of Belfry fans gnashing their teeth about Dixon as QB where you limit his number of carries. I dont agree. With that said, Belfry has to find more wrinkles if they want to do anything special. Just not a lot of firepower besides Dixon right now. I want to see a littl
  3. @gchs_uk9 Here's what I will say about Bishop Sycamore in retrospect and in light of current times. Someone affiliated with this school is one top rate sales person! Despite the fact that Ohio doesn't recognize them as a program or school with any affiliation, despite the fact these guys have burnt multiple bridges INCLUDING another ESPN showcase in Georgia where they got kicked out in the last minute, despite the fact they blatantly and openly lie about the level of talent/recruits they have on their roster, and despite the fact these guys will literally travel hundreds
  4. I actually dont take issue with ESPN there... basically every other IMG game usually ends up on one of their channels anyway. This was never about Bishop Sycamore... it was always about IMG. Where I take major issue with ESPN is trying to cover up a blowout by blaming it on this as if it is some surprise, especially when IMG played them and romped them in similar fashion last year that was only a simple google search away from knowing about.
  5. "Pound for pound" (excluding the 6A monsters) the only schedule in KY I would compare to LCA is Belfry's this year. Aside from playing each other and sharing a common foe in Pikeville... Belfry draws 4A monster Johnson Central, 4A powerhouse Central, 5A titan Covington Catholic, and throw in 5A traditionally solid Pulaski County for good measure. I'll give LCA the edge for sure though thanks to their District being better than Belfry's as well as LCA going on the road 5 times for non-district tilts!
  6. Belfry Strength- Mr. Football caliber RB returning along with a couple strong linemen on both sides of the ball. Legendary Head Coach. Weakness- Overall lack of experience and depth. Big questions at LB, FB, QB, and the secondary. Playing a borderline lunatic schedule.
  7. Belfry has two titles in 2A and the rest in 3A. Bardstown (1A & 2A), Ashland (2A & 3A), Bell County (3A & 4A), Louisville Central (3A & 4A), Franklin-Simpson (3A & 4A), South Warren (4A & 5A). These are the ones who stand out to me... may be more in the smaller classes especially.
  8. I am throwing an asterisk at this. 2020 Trinity may have ended up my #1, but all those COVID cancellations and inability to play out of state, it forces me not to ding them... but I have to give more credit to other teams. Wish I could have seen if that 2020 defense could have shut down other OOS powers since Moeller wasn't exactly a powerhouse. 1. 2017 Trinity 2. 2020 Trinity** 3. 2016 Trinity 4. 2018 Male 5. 2019 Trinity
  9. 1. 2019 Pikeville 2. 2017 Beechwood 3. 2016 Beechwood 4. 2018 Beechwood 5. 2020 Paintsville
  10. This one is really tough. Three great teams. That resume for 2019 Covington Catholic is hard to pass up. 2018 South Warren was special too. That Bowling Green team.... I like the CCH win over Lasalle.. I am walking the line with a tie for second. 1. 2019 CovCath t2. 2018 South Warren t2. 2016 Bowling Green 4. 2017 CovCath 5. 2020 Bowling Green
  11. 2019 Johnson Central was a special team. Probably the best team to ever come through the mountains for my money. They also beat the best Boyle County team we have seen since the peak of their dynasty. 1. 2019 Johnson Central 2. 2020 Boyle County 3. 2016 Johnson Central 4. 2018 Franklin-Simpson 5. 2017 Franklin-Simpson
  12. Have to go with 2017 Danville. They went undefeated, knocked off Boyle County, played up and beat some good teams, and also survived the District of death. 1. 2017 Danville 2. 2018 CAL 3. 2020 Beechwood 4. 2016 CAL 5. 2019 Somerset
  13. 2015 & 2016 Belfry was two of the best small school teams to come through Kentucky in a while. Though I think 2015 Belfry was the better of the two, I would still take the 2016 version in the scope of this list. 1. 2016 Belfry 2. 2017 Boyle County 3. 2018 Central 4. 2020 Ashland 5. 2019 Belfry
  14. That 2019 Pikeville team was a buzzsaw. Undefeated, ran roughshod, beat 3A Champ Belfry... I like them over 2017 Beechwood, who was also a very strong team.
  15. This will be a big/critical year for Shelby Valley... They should be loaded with experience and have the most talented QB and maybe even individual football player on their roster in their Sophomore QB who will most likely be playing on Saturday's down the road.
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