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  1. Spencer and Cameron Hensley are planning to use the new rule. Spencer will be returning for an additional Senior Season. Cameron will be reclassifying and will now be a Junior once more. Both were starters last season.
  2. Dixon is confirmed and I have heard there may be a couple other starters who will be returning as well. Dixon's return alone takes Belfry from a rebuilding year to being a factor in the State Title picture.
  3. It’s official that Dixon will be returning and reclassifying. Just issued a statement.
  4. Yes they were! Historically they were a solid team, but under Kenny Roark at their prime Middlesboro was a small class powerhouse for about a 15-year stretch including a State Title.
  5. Prestonsburg is perhaps the best example from EKY. Prestonsburg was a Top 10-Top 15 team in their class for decades and had several teams capable of deep runs, now they are the second best team in their county. They have really been affected by the success on US-23 to their North and South along with some coaching instability and the new Floyd Central High School that was built. Fort Campbell and Fort Knox both meet the criteria of the original post as well. With both being on millitary bases it is easier to see why their downfall followed though.
  6. Coach Peach is a solid coach who accomplished very good things at his time at Anderson County. By and large I would say of the candidates available this is a fine to very good hire. With that said.... nothing about Peach's resume is more impressive than what they already had in the Coach they choose to let go. For that reason... I am giving this hire a D-
  7. I think margin of victory on it's own merit is a bad idea... but when it is part of "Quality of Victory" or "Quality of Defeat" it makes too much sense to ignore. Let's say that Beechwood and West Carter played 1A NewCath in non-district games. If Beechwood wins 46-6 on the road in a running clock, and West Carter needs a late turnover to pull out a 22-20 win at home, should those two outcomes be weighed exactly the same? Now on the flipside, if you have a "Quality of Victory component" that gives a minimal yet meaningful bump to Beechwood's performance because A) They had a "convincing" win and B) Because they won on the road. Then this result gets a more realistic weight assigned to it. Even if it is a mere .0200 adder for the quality of victory and a .0100 adder for the Away Game factor, that would make the win at least more rewarding for the team who accomplished more.
  8. 1. "Quality of Victory" and "Quality of Loss" components. A capped margin of victory, a bonus for road and neutral site non-district wins, and a bonus for quality of opponent. If the non-district team you defeat reached the 3rd Round the previous season there is a bonus. If they reached the State Finals there is an added bonus.Conversely, a narrow loss should weigh more than a blowout loss and losing to those same late advancers should have more value than losing to a 2A team who lost in Round 1. 2. The Out of State component is crap. There is no reason every team should essentially be viewed as a .500 team who plays .500 competition from a generic classification. the info is out there thanks to Calpreps and Maxpreps. Properly weighing an out of state opponent's quality should be done. It astounds me that Trinity losing to a top-ranked Ben Davis (IN) by 1 point can be a worse result than Boyd County beating a winless Hannan (WV) tam by 6 points. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to count those teams' win percentage and opponent's win percentage. Furthermore, there is no reason a Kentucky Class Equivalent variable shouldn't be able to be assigned so if you are playing a school with 2000 students it should be factored differently than playing a school with 200 students. 3. A team should never be punished for having to be handicapped by a larger/weaker District. If you are forced to play in a 6 team District where 4 of the six teams have low RPI scores you should not be penalized because a team in a 4 team District can schedule two additional Non-District games. Every team should have three District results count toward their RPI. If you lose District games, those automatically have to be counted. Otherwise you take the highest results from District games. If you play more than three District games, the games you choose to "cull" can either be counted as your RPI result if you win those games, or you can choose to duplicate your lowest Non-District results to replace them. For example: Rockcastle County has to play Five District Games. Ashland has to play Three District Games. All three of Ashland's games count toward their RPI and they have freedom to play whoever they want to complete their schedule. Rockcastle County does not have that luxury, so they would count their three best RPI wins over Bell County, Garrard County, and let's say Estill County. Rockcastle will then choose to either use their wins over McCreary Central and Jackson County toward their RPI Calculation, or they can replace those two results with their two losses in the regular season to Letcher Central or and Lincoln County if those losses actually provide a better RPI result than their weakest District wins. I think if you do those three tweaks, the RPI gets infinitely better immediately.
  9. Lawrence has a veteran team back that had some success last year. They return well over 90% of their production and numerous starters each direction. With that said.... They really needed to upgrade this schedule to give them a better chance of getting over that Belfry roadblock awaiting them.
  10. I want to say Dan Baker was his name maybe?
  11. Meh.. Is it wrong I wanted more? 5A Runner-Up. One of the top QB's in the country. I get the constraints of the District and historic rivalries, but can't help but think maybe a game against one of the Evansville powerhouses would have been a good fit.
  12. AP going to name the 2020 Mr. Football once the 2021 season has started at this rate.
  13. As an outsider to the situation with a reasonable amount of common sense.... Maybe the wrong person got fired is what it sounds like to me.
  14. How can one of the State's true blueblood programs completely fumble this snap so badly?
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