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  1. One thing I can say for sure is Trinity did their due diligence and should not be doubted based on what success they have shown across multiple sports.
  2. Hmmm..... Not exactly how I expected this to play out.
  3. On the subject of the HC being the AD. Can't speak for everywhere, but your most successful Head Coaches in Georgia SELDOMLY double as the AD. At the smallest public school Districts you may see this a little more, but even then, your small private schools and any larger schools it is very uncommon to see someone trying to fill a double roll. The big difference is the level of pay in GA. It is not uncommon whatsoever for your top tier coaches to be close to a six figure salary and also have key coordinators who make a very comfortable paycheck from coaching alone. Here is an article from 2019 talking about six figure salary coaches. Entering the 2019 season there were 44 coaches making six figure salaries. Seeing how many of those coaches changed jobs that Summer alone, I am sure this number is well into the 50's. How many KY coaches would be at this level? https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/local/georgia/big-business-number-of-georgia-high-school-football-coaches-making-six-figure-salaries-has-doubled-in-five-years/77-99d3cec6-0852-4d81-a563-117fd68b7c93 I know if I were a big booster of a tradition rich program the last thing I would want is my HC having to serve as the AD.
  4. Great info! An interesting study within the study is overlapping dynasties. When two dynasties are converging in the same time frame for teams in the same classification. For Example: Belfry (Haywood) and Central (Scroggins) Trinity (Beatty) & Male (Glaser) Seeing two teams who co-exist with their own level of dominance within the same class is kind of a rarity. That Belfry/Central pinnacle was wild. In a 10-year window where those two programs were basically intertwined with the same coaches, you are talking about nine Class 3A Titles won by one or the other. Of those nine, six times they came together in the State Finals. Trinity and St. Xavier from 2000-2007 produced only one year where their class was not won by one or the other team, including a run of six straight seasons of either one or the other winning it all. Three times those teams met in the Finals and it probably would have been more if not for the playoff alignment in other years.
  5. Top job in terms of prestige, resources, support, and a tradition/pride built into players at the youngest of ages. With that said, the framework of modern football has not been kind to Highlands, especially with restriction they have put on themselves in terms of moving into the District. This will really bother people, but football is quickly trending the direction of basketball. The ability to make sure the talent pool will fill your cup and people want to be a part of your program is becoming more and more of a real thing and Highlands' exclusivity is not exactly designed to make this a smooth transition. Throw in the fact that CovCath has kind of lapped them as their primary rival in more ways than the scoreboard, and I think it becomes paramount Highlands finds the person with the right vision to look at the Highlands program through the windshield and not the rear view mirror. That's just one man's opinion with no skin in the game.
  6. Live video of Coach James' time as Highlands Head Coach
  7. What could he have possibly have done in the span of three days to make a lot of enemies? This sounds to me that either this is a Highlands problem or this is something that came up from a HR or employability aspect which we will never know the real truth about. Let's be clear here.. I find it very unlikely he just got cold feet.... something has precipitated the cancellation of this move.
  8. Due to age I don't think Chuck Smith would be a legitimate option.... ... but there is another Smith who would have decades of success there with similar DNA and might be able to elevate Trinity above even where it is now on a National level.
  9. This is a solid job. This is a prime example of a job left better than it was found. The feeder program is blossoming, good recent success, good talent pool.
  10. He was one of the more underrated and under the radar players in KY. CHC wasn't a very good team but McClendon was solid in every aspect.
  11. Has to be a National Search, right?
  12. Ya'll know I am a Belfry guy... Ya'll know Belfry has a true legend of a HC... one of the best in America. With that said... Happy trails to the GOAT in KY HS Football!
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