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  1. I have heard the Bullitt Central job is open.
  2. I am under the impression that Bullitt County has pretty strong coaching staffs at all three schools. Wonder if they'll look within the county or try and bring someone in from the outside?
  3. Saw where Bob Blackburn has stepped down. One of the better jobs in the area I would think. Who's hearing what?
  4. Bullitt East gets almost all the talent, but both North Bullitt and Bullitt Central are big schools that should be able to compete to a lesser extent. North Bullitt is intriguing due to their returning talent, which isn't all that bad. Lots of guards that can handle the ball from the two games I watched this past year. Not much size though.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome, I really have no idea on who they may hire, just know that interviews are happening. Is there any good assistants in the area looking to move up? I'm guessing in-county assistants would want it. I'm within 20-30 miles of Bullitt County and I always thought that the country has untapped potential.
  6. I think interviews are being conducted for North Bullitt. No telling the interest level, but this team won 22 games this past year.
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