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  1. Whoa Nellie...had to do that in honor of the late Keith Jackson. There are exceptions to that rule about replacing one grade. If you qualify under certain parameters you can replace three grades. I have no idea Jay's situation and whether he would qualify under the exceptions or if he even needs to replace 3 grades or not. But I do know there are conditions where you can replace 3 grades if you qualify. You also can prep for the ACT test and with the sliding scale a really high score on the test covers a lot of ground with your GPA. You may know his situation better than I do, but he might be able to replace 3 grades and not just 1.
  2. Aspire did not have a post-graduate team or program this year so this must be a new development for them to add one.
  3. Rivalry like that one is almost always going to be close and Cooper is very good this year as well with Kunkel being outstanding as is CJ. Everyone was saying that the Scott County vs Trinity game was for the State Championship, but the Friday night matchup between CovCath and Fern Creek was the toughest for CovCath on their way. CJ just was the difference in this one as he could not be slowed down like he was in their December game that Fern Creek won by the same margin that CovCath won this week...by 8.
  4. Covington Catholic had a dominating run this year and CJ was the dominating player behind it. No question he has put his team on his back.
  5. That would not be good optics for either. It may be completely within the rules of KHSAA, but it would not pass anyone's look test of transfers made up of a move that is non basketball related.
  6. Covington Cath beat Fern Creek last night, but they each have a win against each other and I do think FC matches up well against CC. The Tigers are not that far back from any of those other 3 being mentioned. Aside for that stretch run in the 2nd Q last night which resulted in a 14 point halftime lead, the rest of the way was a battle (an ugly one, but pretty evenly matched). The difference in their December match-up and Friday night was CJ Frederick. He was outstanding. He is a great player, but he was shooting lights out and without that effort the game could have been much different. It was a good defensive game aside from not being able to stop CJ. Plus the December game the refs let them play and last night the refs were horrible calling way too many touch fouls. They were bad in both directions, but in particular Fern Creek had so many baffling calls against them. I just think that Fern Creek/Covington Catholic are not that far apart as some seem to be making it out. I would bet the staff at Covington Catholic was glad to see the clock ran out without more time left to play.
  7. It has been a bit of a roller coaster season for the Tigers of Fern Creek this season. Fern Creek was the Pre-Season 6th region favorite and as the Christmas tourneys came around it looked like Fern Creek was a force to be reckoned with even beyond the 6th. It was during the prestigious King of the Bluegrass in December that Fern Creek defeated both Covington Catholic and Trinity on back to back nights sending notice around the Bluegrass that they had the talent to compete with anyone. Then came 2018 and in January they lost to Doss during the Louisville Invitational Tournament which was the first time they have been beaten in two seasons by another program in the 6th. After finishing 35-3 and earning their first ever trip to the Sweet Sixteen in 2016/2017, the 2017/2018 version of the Tigers did not share the same dominance. After a loss to St. Xavier on February 6 the Tigers dropped to a 19-6 record. However, they won their last two regular season games before running off 5 in a row in post season. The Tigers now have regained some of their early season form accomplishing a 26-6 record heading into the State Tournament. They have a very impressive 31-1 record against other 6th region programs over the last two seasons. The 6th is very competitive with really good athletes who compete night in and night out. Few 6th region teams have ever had the success over a two year span as the Tigers have these past two seasons. The loss to a very good Doss team is the only blemish on an otherwise perfect run in consecutive seasons. Leading the Tigers the past two seasons have been a great backcourt in PG Anthony Wales and Guard Ahmad Price. There is not much to be said about these two except that together they have started since they arrived at the Fern Creek as freshman and have been part of 98 victories in that span. Wales, a Samford signee, and Price who is reclassifying into the 2019 recruiting class can best be described as winners. They average 15 & 16 PPG respectively and are joined in double figures by power forward, Clint Wickliffe who averages 12 PPG. Wickliffe and Price are the team's leading rebounders. Wales is the leading steals and assist man for the Tigers. Joining these three in the starting lineup is a combination of Tony Rogers, AJ Thomas, and Jalin Howard. All are seniors and another senior, Jordan Coleman, also has been seeing extensive action during the Tigers post-season run. The Tigers play Boyd County in the opening round and the outcome depends on which Tigers team arrives at Rupp. If it is the team that played in the KOB and won that championship it should be a large margin. If it is the Tiger team in January or February it could go either way. A rematch with Covington Catholic likely awaits if Fern Creek advances from the first round. That will be a great game to see if the Tigers can bring back the effort and execution from their earlier game.
  8. Fern Creek becomes the 4th team in a row from the 6th region to go back to back as Regional Champions joining Doss, PRP, and before that Bullitt East. It was not easy beating District rival Jeffersontown for the third time this season. Fern Creek never found their normal flow with Ahmad Price in early foul trouble forcing him to sit as he picked up his third before halftime. Anthony Wales picked up the slack and had a team high 17 for the Tigers. Clint Wickliffe had 12 with 7 rebounds. Price still finished with 6 rebounds and 8 points. Junior Chris Trigg was the only Charger in double figures with 14.
  9. PRP beat Jeffersontown by 19 very early in the year. Jeffersontown played a very tough schedule and just kept getting better even when losing games. They were below .500 in 6th region play and 17-13 overall after tonight. PRP had beaten Butler in round 1 and was surely a favorite.
  10. Great basketball game with 2 very tough teams that played their third game this season after splitting the first two. Ahmad Price was huge tonight with 19 points and 6 or 7 rebounds. Anthony Wales and Cliff Wickliffe had 11 each with Tony Rogers the 4th Tiger in double figures with 10. Stephon Franklin ended an outstanding career at Doss and had a great 2nd half keeping his team close as he finished with 15.
  11. Coach Rich Duncan in his 1st year as Head Coach in Jefferson County beats the legend of the 6th, Coach Dale Mabrey, to get to the final game with a ticket to Rupp waiting to be punched. It will be an all 24th District Championship as they tip it off against Fern Creek who won the District Championship over JTown 54-42 on February 23rd. Major props to Coach Duncan, it looks like a lot of schools have passed on a good one as he had been waiting for his chance for a while.
  12. Very true, the Doss v. Fern Creek winner has a fighter's chance, but that 9th region 2nd round game is a tough one for either. PRP can come out of the 6th too and be very competitive. If Jeffersontown upsets everyone, Coach Duncan will be a hot commodity. He should be one already, great season to be in the regional semi finals.
  13. Was told the undefeated run for Fern Creek's senior class goes back farther. They were also unbeaten during their sophomore season. Last loss was to Waggener their freshmen season. Pretty impressive for a 6th or 7th region program to have multiple consecutive seasons without a home loss. I am sure there are others, I wonder what the longest run is in recent past.
  14. No running clock, but the Fern Creek bench got emptied and everyone had plenty of time. Fern Creek had 10 seniors so it was nice to see all the seniors get to finish out a 2 year run without any home court loss. Price had 22, Wales 21, and Rogers 12 in the win. Doss v Fern Creek on Saturday will be one of the best semi final games in any region joining the Cooper v Cov Cath battle.
  15. Hats off to Fairdale, great coaching job by the 6th region coach of the year. Became a serious contender.
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