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  1. A little tighter than I would have expected......although I know very little about Western.
  2. Some analysts think he is the most valuable player in the ACC. I would say he means more to his team than any other player means to his respective team.
  3. I thought UL was going to lose this game. Glad I was wrong. Is this the death knell for Duke for NCAA tournament?
  4. Dunbar (8-3) hosts Trinity (11-4) tonight. Dunbar is coming off a 2-point loss to Lexington Catholic and Trinity is coming off a 2OT home win over Ballard. I think this has the makings of a very good game......11th region vs. 7th.
  5. I don't know specifically but the Bruins year in and year out have very good talent IMO.
  6. That's what I was thinking....looks like he's about 20. Does he play football too?
  7. Ballard maybe got tired late as they beat a tough Eastern team last night.
  8. Final in 2 OT.........Trinity 102-85. Big win for Trinity. Ballard scored 32 points in 4th quarter to send game to OT.
  9. T shooting 2 FTs plus technical on Ballard player
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