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  1. This does not surprise me at all. Probably the same situation in Louisville, too.
  2. Maybe.....maybe not. I would hope so but you never know.
  3. As a Trinity fan I have long been intrigued by Belfry and their successful style of play. I would like to see this match up.
  4. I think you are right. I have a close family member who is an infectious disease MD at a large local hospital. He is right in the midst of it. Whenever we can see him, we do not grill him (as he is worn out) but as I understand it, his treatment of any particular patient is specifically tailored to the needs and responses of that patient, regardless if on a "macro" level that treatment is or is not supposed to be effective. For instance, he has used the chlorine treatment and the plasma treatment with good results. You have to depend on and have confidence in your treating physician to do what is most effective for you.
  5. If your local public school system was to ban football, what are the chances that the transfer application of a student who wants to transfer to a private school solely to improve his chances to get a football scholarship will be approved? Is this a circumstance /exception that the KHSAA would look into?
  6. With the heat we've been having, whatever happened to the theory that heat will kill the virus or at least render it less harmful?
  7. That seems to be the step that most states are taking.
  8. MaxPreps has Trinity ranked no. 22 in the nation in their preseason rankings. The Shamrocks are the only team from Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee to be ranked in the top 25. I hope Trinity can live up to the preseason billing. Reference: go to "maxpreps.com."
  9. At trial it may be the longest voir dire in history as they try to find jurors who have an open mind and no preconceived notions, given all the press the homicide has received.
  10. Happy Birthday and thanks for all you do.
  11. Yes, but guidelines have been known to change.
  12. I believe the boyfriend said he heard knocking...........don't know that he said he heard the police identify themselves. If he heard one you'd think heard the other. I'm interested to see how this plays out. Tom Wine is as honest and honorable a public servant you can get.
  13. Correct. Evidently, the warrant allowed for a no-knock but the officers knocked anyway.
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