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  1. Some very good academic schools on that list. Impressive. I noticed he had Wake Forest listed. What was the name of another Male grad who went there and became their all-time leading rusher (at that time at least)? Later, I believe he was a coach on Jeff Brohm's staff at WKU and/or Purdue.
  2. Sorry. This should be in the baseball section.
  3. OK. Then who would be in line for the DeSales job?
  4. That is a nice stadium. Whose is it?
  5. I like all of the above except those that may contain coconut. I also like an occasional Zero bar and a Payday bar. ( Do they still make Zero bars?)
  6. Rondale Moore of Trinity/Purdue was drafted 49th by the Arizona Cardinals.
  7. I agree. Variety is the spice of life.
  8. Why don't they hire Gil Thorp and be done with it?
  9. Perhaps Atherton's most acclaimed players were All-American Charlie Tyra (1950's) and Rick Wilson (1980's....I believe), both of whom played at UL. So, it's been a while, yes. Charlie's son is the AD at UL.
  10. JCPS is putting a lot of money in refurbishing the physical plant at Shawnee. It would be great if Shawnee turned into a showpiece in a few years. Maybe it will be one of those "If you build it they will come" type of things and attract good students including athletes.
  11. There have been a few false starts over the years about this. Ballard is probably the best public school job in Jefferson County.
  12. Don't the kids have to sign up for the extra year by May 1? And for public schools, that is only if their local school board allows the extra year option? I'm a little out of the loop on this, so I may be missing something. What is Jefferson County Public Schools' stance on this? As some may know, I am a Trinity supporter but I have no direct pipeline to the school so I don't know what their position is. I will say that having put four children through Catholic high schools, I would certainly think twice - tuition-wise - before I re-upped for an extra year. However, I am confident that Trinity was able to cope with the pandemic well enough such that no students fell very far behind because of it, and, thus, hopefully no need to take the school year over again.
  13. UK was clearly the better team. How well spoken the players are! They are a credit to the university.
  14. You're right..........all it takes is one hot pitcher.
  15. I think he would be a good fit at Virginia. If he went to Xavier, wouldn't he be reunited with his high school competitor, Adam Kunkel? That would be kind of neat.
  16. I saw Iowa play quite a bit on TV this past season. I thought Fredrick was a very good, savvy player on both O and D, including being a good passer. Then he must have gotten hurt half way or 2/3 of the way through the season, and when he came back the coach did not play him nearly as much. (Maybe he wasn't fully recovered---I don't know.) I'd love to see him go to UK. No doubt he can shoot the rock.
  17. Atherton's gym was built in the early to mid-60s. It has withstood the test of time quite well. I suspect any school in Jefferson County would like to have it as its own. It is well integrated into the framework of the school buildings and the beautiful campus.
  18. The Shamrocks go to15-0 with their win yesterday in Clarksville.
  19. The Rocks seem to have the Birds' number, having beaten them 12-0 earlier this season.
  20. Here is my recall and someone pease correct me if I wrong. Fairdale has two gyms , side by side in the same building. ...Valley has one and it is much bigger than either of Fairdale's. Valley has elevated walkways on one end, maybe on both. No seats at the ends of the floor. There is some room to stand on the walkways but there are no seats and I don't think standing is really permitted---maybe for SRO events. Not sure of Valley's seating capacity but I think I remember it was 3,000 +/-.
  21. Congratulations to both players. Let me be the first to ask: Why does it take 4 months after the championship games to name Mr.Football?
  22. I went there on my honeymoon but the French still owned it, so I won't be of much help, I'm afraid. Seriously, we did eat at a restaurant called (I think) Pasqual Minale's . I've butchered the name, I'm sure. It was out of downtown toward Tulane as I recall. They were known for their barbecued shrimp.
  23. I am no expert on these employment contracts but it seems to me from afar that UC will have a tough time proving "for cause." I say this because IMO most for cause terminations seem to be for NCAA violations, financial dishonesty, acts of moral turpitude, sexual dalliances, etc. I don't know either the specifics of his contract or specifically how he is alleged to have violated it but I have not read or heard any compelling evidence or even innuendo that would connect Bannen to the types of violations mentioned above. If I were a betting man, I would say that UC will have to pay the man.
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