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  1. Body Cam Cincinnati Shooting: Body camera video from responding officers
  2. McGinness 10 carries/159 yards 4 TDs 235 all-purpose yards
  3. So did the parents of the boy who had to go to the hospital complain to the school?
  4. Cardale Jones is on the Chargers practice squad.
  5. I saw Kings last year and physically they can compete with CCH. Good-sized team with nice athletes. Easily their toughest competition thus far. It will be another nice test for the young QB (who has been really good).
  6. Doctors have recommended UCL repair surgery.
  7. College football requires a serious commitment of time - basically your entire Saturday. Add in the expense. Add in that I can sit at home and watch the game on a very nice TV and see other games as well. Why would I devote my entire Saturday ?
  8. Not many years when game 1 is a MUST win but I think this one is for the Bengals. Bengals win by 10.
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