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  1. McGregor was out with a concussion as well.
  2. 2020 Maddie Scherr with another offer. This time to the University of Indiana! Congrats Maddie.
  3. In addition I believe 2019 Lauren Schwartz and 2020 Maddie Scherr have offers from NKU.
  4. Still have no idea what you are talking about. I saw no bad snap chat story posts. All I could find was an Instagram post by a Ryle girl of her blocking a SK player's shot (on dec.2). I do not believe that should be considered a lesson learned by the whole team. It is unfair to suggest the Ryle team acted rudely and posted specific comments to taunt the SK players.
  5. Would really love to know what you're talking about considering I saw nothing on any of the girls social media accounts.
  6. Ryle with a big win over Murray. Congrats Ryle!
  7. Why do you believe that is a reach? Both already have division 1 offers. Maddie has 4 and she's a freshman. Lauren just recently was offered by nku.
  8. Maddie was in a cast for two weeks and got it off Tuesday evening. She was obviously weak in the right wrist. That being said she didn't start but still contibuted. The refs were challenging from a Ryle perspective but Ryle needs to learn how to use their athleticism better. CC made some key shots in the fourth and Ryle couldn't overcomes the deficit.
  9. I believe she got cleared early by a different doctor.
  10. Who do you think wins this and why? Should be an exciting game!
  11. Looked like the Raiders really could have used Scherr tonight. Struggled to handle the press. Probably had over 30 turn overs
  12. Anyone catch any of the games at Bullitt East today?
  13. I believe Maddie Scherr is the only one on this list to play on the 15u Milby EYBL team. Surprised to see her ranked 7
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