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  1. Oh, where exactly is Cov Caths hardware? Or, BW hardware when Mayfield was in their class????
  2. That may be true this year, but over the last decade, SK has been BY FAR the most consistent winner in NKy and better than Cov Cath most years. Furthermore, BW and Cov Cath both are benefitting from substandard football programs in Boone County. Take that player migration away, and both programs come back to earth!
  3. Leadership extends well beyond the HC to athletics administration, principal and school board. Different school districts (and privates) have different priorities. Academic ratings typically fall into a higher priority than on field athletic achievement. That being said, other than a moral failing, I don't believe there is any good reason to fire a coach. Pay is so low in this state, they are essentially volunteers for a job that is so demanding, that the pay in some states is 100 k plus!
  4. Is there any second guessing from the Ryle faithfull regarding how Chisolm was used in the last two regular season games? I thought that nearly 50 carries against SK might come with a price later on down the road. I can understand Ryle wants to beat SK at all cost, but given they are no longer district rivals, should Chisolm have been used that way, and should he have sat out against Dixie?
  5. Why burden the taxpayers with incarceration and judiciary costs? There is no constitutional protection. There is no applicability of the Geneva convention. If you don't want to send him to Gitmo, give him to the Saudis, they don't have the PC cultural reservations we have in this country.
  6. Absolutely. If they are suspected of either supporting terrorism, or, of not reporting on suspicious activity.
  7. There is no moral necessity for presumed innocence for those that are not citizens!
  8. Pollard and McVeigh did not commit acts of violence to advance an ideology shared by their extended family and mosque members. They do not have extended networks of support (both local and off shore) like Islamists do.
  9. Terror suspect brought 23 relatives into country once he gained visa status. Anybody want to continue to argue against consequences for family members of terrorists? Trump reveals New York suspect brought in 23 relatives
  10. These people are quite sane and care about their families and mosques. Furthermore, muslims do not report on terror planning because they are afraid of the extremist. They need something else to fear for the failure to report extremist planning!
  11. The only you stop this is by implementing consequences for the families and mosques of these people. Deportation as a minimum. Stop thinking of terror as a criminal act. It is an act of war and until we decide to treat this as a war, with our front yards as a battle ground, we relive the status quo over and over again!
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