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  1. I'm curious, why does everyone feel so very invested in this? Very few of these kids are counting on their play to ensure a college education/future. Yes I played (hs - no I wasn't very good) my grandfather and his brother, (dropped out of college to enlist to fight nazis), my uncle (dropped out to fight Vietcong) all played at a collegiate level (Hawkeyes- yeah say what you will). I get the game - What I don't get is the rabid fervor. My boy is pretty damned good - made the coaches all star pick. But it's not all that he or any of the other kids playing the game are and he gets it. It doesn't define them. If a 17 year old kid gets it why can't adults? Why not let the kids and the coaches play the game - learn and teach teamwork and resilience? And why can't we all cheer all of them along the way? From what I understand the kids at highlands respect BW win or lose. Maybe their fathers can learn something from their children.
  2. If they keep their heads in the game (unlike 2nd half of Oldham County) they're good for another shot at CovCath and a far better showing than the last. There are some obvious stand out players - Grady looked remarkably good, Huddy of course, Nick of course, Larry has put in some serious work over the season, d-line has had a hard time with injuries but Nate Davis is a stud - always good for multiple tackles and sacks each game.
  3. There honestly wasn't much to say about the game. Was cold, wet and muddy - very difficult to control the ball or keep footing for either team. The kids all played hard and was impressed by the tenacity and grit of players on both teams. Lots of parents and fans there on both sides to support the kids despite the weather. Highlands would have won this one regardless but if the weather conditions had been better it would be easier for some past their prime adults to second guess coaching decisions and cast thinly veiled dispersions against coaches, kids and fans.
  4. Looks like it might be a cold, wet/muddy game. Wish the best for all - hope everyone stays healthy. Obviously want a win for the birds but ya gotta feel for the kids at Boone... at 1-8 - That's gotta be tough.
  5. Is Boone County grass or turf? Looks like rain for the Highlands game Friday night... should be entertaining.
  6. Birds are set for a first round home playoff game? Against?
  7. Not seeing a Highlands vs Greenwood update thread.. Am I missing it? Also not seeing the game streamed on Nfhs (but have never had much luck there). Anyone know where I can find some info/updates?
  8. Or shows that highlands has the potential to play a solid game? (yeah I know the outcome but will shamefully say I thought it would be worse).
  9. Is sk playing poorly or highlands playing well?
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