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  1. I just updated my daughter's bank info. They ask for SSN, DOB, 2019 AGI, 2019 refund/payment amount, address and bank info. She is now set up for direct deposit
  2. The Greendevils completed the sweep of the Tigers last night at Dayton. I have watched the Tigers play in both of these contests, and have seen Dayton a few more times this season. The reason I wanted to post this thread is to discuss the job Ron Kinmon and Jim Hicks are doing with these kids. Ron Kinmon has been able to get his kids to work together, share the ball, and play some very competitive minutes. They do not have the talent, size, or depth to play with the better teams in the area, but they are entertaining to watch and it has been great to watch their team improve. Jim Hicks is getting the absolute most out of his kids. An extremely young and smallish team with very little depth would best describe the Tigers. Jim puts them in a position to have the most success possible. They create open looks for each other by executing the sets that Coach Hicks has taught them. They are a fun little group to watch. Congrats to both coaches on doing a wonderful job with your teams.
  3. Buten was out with hamstring injury. Should be ready to go next week I’m going with great effort tonight by the Birds.
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