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  1. Honest question...do you believe that Adam Dunn is the 3rd best hitter the Reds history?
  2. I disagree. If you had brought out the new uniforms without saying a word, and without any other pictures from past years to reference...my guess is the majority of people would not have noticed the difference(s) at first glance.
  3. Again, walks and homers. Said it before, and I'll say it again, I concede both. But, every category you listed up there, is impacted heavily on just those two items. But, despite averaging 9 more HR's per year, Dunn only managed one extra RBI per year? Likewise, when you look at runs scored (minus the HR's), Dunn averaged 61 runs a year, just 5 more than Bruce's 56...despite getting on base with an extra 53 walks per year?!? And before you say it, I know...RBI's and runs scored depend sooooo much more on the rest of your team. If there's nobody on, how can you drive them in? And likewise, if you get on, but nobody can drive you in, how can that be your fault? But, what if I told you Dunn's Reds averaged 743 runs per year while he was there, compared to Bruce's 691. So, you take Dunn's averages of RBI's (96) and add Runs Scored (101), then subtract Home Runs (40)((since you've technically counted them twice, with the other two categories)) and you get a get a total of 157 runs he was responsible for, one way or another. Do the same for Bruce...95 RBI's + 87 Runs Scored - 31 HR's = 151. So, Dunn was responsible for 157 of the 743 team runs each year, or 21.13% Bruce's comes out to 151 of 691...which equals 21.85%. Their dang near identical...despite Dunn's massive advantage in walks and a good bump in HR's, and his teams' ability to score more runs per year. I'm really not looking to cause an argument. You can say Dunn is better than Bruce, and that's fine. In certain ways he was. I just feel that Bruce's overall contributions to his teams were just as important as Dunn's were to his. And if Dunn is in the Reds HOF, then I believe Bruce should be too. That's all.
  4. I hope the Ring of Honor doesn't underwhelm me as much as the new uniforms have, based upon the hype.
  5. Well, your comment forced me to take a deep dive into the stats this morning (thanks a lot!) Looking at just the games they played for Cincinnati, and adjusting for a 162 game season, here's what I came up with (if my math is correct). Plate Appearances: Dunn - 680 , Bruce - 665 At Bats: Dunn - 555 , Bruce - 595 Runs: Dunn - 101 , Bruce - 87 Hits: Dunn - 137 , Bruce - 148 Doubles: Dunn - 29 , Bruce - 32 Triples: Dunn - 1 , Bruce - 4 Home Runs: Dunn - 40 , Bruce - 31 RBI's: Dunn - 96 , Bruce 95 Stolen Bases: Dunn - 9 , Bruce - 8 Walks: Dunn - 113 , Bruce - 60 Strikeouts: Dunn - 180 , Bruce - 158 Batting Average: Dunn - .247 , Bruce - .249 OBP: Dunn - .380 , Bruce - .319 Slugging %: Dunn - .520 , Bruce - .470 ***** All- Stars (as a Red): Dunn - 1 , Bruce - 3 Silver Sluggers (as a Red): Dunn - 0 , Bruce - 2 ***** Defensively: (Didn't have the time to figure up each's fielding percentage) Assists: Dunn - 96 (50-OF, 46-1B) , Bruce - 85 (all as an OF) Errors: Dunn - 71 (59-OF, 12-1B) , Bruce - 46 (44-OF, 2-1B) Double Plays (as an outfielder): Dunn - 8 , Bruce - 17 ***** So, "clearly superior" stats for Dunn? Ehhhh. Yeah, he walked a ton more (which affects his OBP) and he averaged 9 more HR's per "year" (which affects his slugging %). But, other than that?
  6. Couple of things that I'd add to my list. Replay on fouled 3rd strikes. No reason to not allow this. And this one, which I believe some minor league is experimenting with...a modified DH rule. DH is in play as long as starting pitcher is still in the game. So nobody pitching well has to get pulled in order to try to generate some offense with a pinch hitter. But, it also brings into play the manager's ability to juggle his lineup/bench once he goes to the pen.
  7. An example of where you can make numbers say anything you want. To me, 2 titles > 2 sweet 16's & 1 elite 8. Villanova has got 2 trophies. I'd much rather have those than a couple extra participation ribbons that Gonzaga's got. But that's just me.
  8. Obviously not the first loss of the year, since they lost on opening day. Wife's been working me too hard on a bathroom remodel for me to think right.
  9. If Dunn is in, so should Bruce. So my guess is yes.
  10. Probably the #1 highlight from the 2010's decade. Always seemed like just a good guy.
  11. He didn't. Reds fall 6-3 with 16-K's. First home loss of the year. Knew this would be a tough one.
  12. Not 100% sure, but wouldn't the runner have had to come back and touch home plate first, before returning to third?
  13. Reds were down to their last out, and mount a rally to tie things up in the 9th, thanks to a single by Winker. Then Stephenson with a pinch hit single in the 10th walks it off for the win.
  14. After seeing the recap this morning, the thing that I liked was the first 5 runs were scored on something other than a home run. This team (especially Suarez) needs to realize you can score by just putting the ball in play and being aggressive on the base paths.
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