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  1. I too have been for 16 teams, but I'll take this as well. Quite simply, for me, the more teams you have in it, the more it's decided on the field. Which is how it should be. Scrap the polls and computer models and everything else that's used to "predict" who the better team(s) is/are, and let's play some ball. Will there be some blowouts? Sure. Will we have brackets go by chalk some years? Maybe so. But will we also have a #5 team make it to the finals and maybe win it all? I think that's possible as well...which could not happen now under the current set up. The same way a #4 seed could never win it when they only took the top 2. This is a step forward.
  2. So, if top 4 get byes, we'd end up with... Ohio State vs. Washington Alabama vs. Utah Tennessee vs. Kansas State Penn State vs. Clemson I'd gladly take that. Granted, it would be better if Hooker wasn't out, but still. On a side note, I've not heard how they're going to do the second round. Would it be a predetermined bracket, based upon the higher seed from the first round? So, OSU/Washington would play USC regardless. Or would they do the complicated thing the NFL does, where it's based upon who the highest seed is that's remaining after the first round. So, if Washington happened to beat OSU in the first round, they'd play Georgia instead?
  3. Well, I don't know if it's the equivalent to telling them to pound sand, but I believe they drew a line in the sand and said if you don't make a decision by this date/time...you're out. It's amazing what deadlines can do when people know there are serious consequences to missing them.
  4. I don't see Campbell being interested in it...seems like more of a lateral move for him. Candle, on the other hand, I could definitely see the interest being there, from both sides.
  5. Good to see the community bond together to give these kids one more chance to play under the lights. Bellevue police helping high school football team put on one last game after season cut short (msn.com) A tip of the cap to Chief John McClain for thinking outside the box!
  6. No it will not. Never said it would. Did you see the post I quoted?
  7. Immediately thought of your post after reading this... Marlins pitcher Richard Bleier getting called for 3 balks in one at-bat is so ridiculously funny (msn.com) 3 balks in one at-bat?!? Come on, man. Seriously? I looked up the pitcher's stats...he's been in 305 games! And never had a balk called on him before. I'm not saying the guy's infallible, but nobody just forgets how to pitch during an at-bat. After the second balk was called and reacted to, I'd almost guarantee you the third one was called just out of spite.
  8. Wow. This place has got to feel huge compared to what it was back then.
  9. I like the use of stain (or lackthereof), instead of paint to differentiate some of the areas on the court. It allows the wood to play a role in the look, instead of a paint color. Which, in turn, allows for the areas that ARE painted, to stand out even more. JD, you mentioned that it used to have a drop ceiling in it. So, for instance, in your first picture...were those windows not visible before?
  10. I worked a part-time job back in the mid-90's where a co-worker played. Was the first time I was introduced to the sport. Another co-worker was just bashing him on how easy it was, that a child could post a good score, it didn't take any skill, etc. the way regular golf did, blah, blah, blah. One day this guy had enough and he challenged the other one to a competition. He said we'll play 2 rounds...one regular golf, and then another one, with disc golf...then combine the scores. This other guy jumped at the deal, since he played golf regularly. And yes, he beat this guy when they used the clubs. But, he got absolutely destroyed with the discs. Talk about eating some crow the next week!
  11. I thought I saw Bengals - 6.5 on a ticker yesterday. But, just caught it for a split second...and was too busy to wait for that game to come back around to catch it a second time.
  12. It seems like every day my feed has included someone getting rung up by a bad pitch...and often ejected over it. MLB needs to fast-track this automated system and get it in play next year. No more highlights of somebody getting tossed over an (often blatantly) missed call. That's not good for the game. People come to see these guys play the actual game...not get ejected. One other rule that I would add in with this change, is that the home plate umpire can no longer make a call on whether a batter swung or not. EVERY decision on that is automatically referred to the baseline umps. The Nolan Arenado situation the other night was pitiful. The home plate ump should have zero input on balls/strikes. Balks, HBP, catcher's interference, plays at the plate and judging fair/foul balls prior to the bases would be their main focus.
  13. This. Same way it was where the Reds used to play. It was always Riverfront Stadium...not Cinergy Field. The lone saving grace, in my opinion, of where the Reds play now, is the fact that the "name" is basically just two adjectives that sound like you're describing a ball park. If they would've forced "Insurance" into it...it would have lost that.
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