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  1. Had a friend of mine post on Facebook Sunday evening that his wife had suffered what they believe was a heart attack. Said that, at the time, she was "sedated and stable", but that they were still trying to find a hospital that would treat her...after 20 hours. The following day he posted that she had passed. She was in her mid-50's.
  2. MLB has got to be better in getting the best umpires in the brightest spotlight. No more of "he's got seniority" or "it's his turn" blah, blah, blah. Laz Diaz was rated in the bottom 6% in accuracy and the bottom 12% in consistency for the entire year (in calling balls and strikes)...but, instead of watching game 4 of the ALCS from his sofa, he's actually behind the plate! So, it really shouldn't surprise anyone if he missed a crucial game-changing call, right? I know that everyone is human, and even the best umpire is going to miss calls. But, when you have statistical proof that one
  3. Substitutions can be made by the defense pretty much at anytime. So, (to take it to extreme) you can come out in your "heavy" package all you want...but, you're likely not going to be matched up against their dime package every time. Maybe you catch them off guard the first play, in the first series, anticipating your personnel. Maybe. After that, they're going to be ready. Look, I'm not going to say there's never a time or place for that personnel. But, when you come out with it enough, that the color guy notices it, I'm going to assume it's out of your norm. And when the head coac
  4. Not debating whether or not we needed to move on or not on players from the past, and how much credit Taylor deserves for that. Likewise, the same could be said for the players that have come in since then. But yes, Taylor as the play caller, is the one that I'm disappointed in. What's the old adage...the coach's responsibility is to put the players in the best position to excel? Week one, we put the defense in a bad position by failing on fourth down on our end of the field, when we're up 14 and suddenly let the Vikings back into it. Last week, we run the ball three straight times fo
  5. I just don't see how handicapping yourself becomes an advantage.
  6. And did anybody else catch the comment by the sideline reporter after halftime, where she had Taylor's explanation for the Bengals frequent use of 2 tight end formations? I couldn't believe that's what he said, and thought I must have misheard/misunderstood it. But just a minute or so later, Daryl Johnston had the same questioning thought that I had. Basically, it boils down to this... Detroit Defense: We need to try to stop Cincinnati's top 3 receivers Zac Taylor: Hey, I know what you're going to do...so, I'm going to take advantage of this, by not playing my top 3 receiver
  7. The still picture doesn't do justice to the way the defender got thrown away. Ja'Marr tossed him away like yesterday's trash.
  8. Very true. But, I'd say that more people smoked 40 years ago than they do today.
  9. My point (I won't speak for BWF) is...based upon your original question of if it had happened 40 years ago...is that, while the trust in the media/etc. may have been higher at that time (and thus, made it more likely that people would get the vaccine), you would also have to negate any advancement in science and medicine made over the past 4 decades as well. So, yes...your second statement with regards to the change in attitude killing 200,000 may very well true. But who knows, with the early 1980's status...we may have never been able to develop a vaccine, or even just a rapid test, by
  10. You may be right on the number who would have been vaccinated. But, along the same point BWF pointed out with regards to medical care improving over that time, the same could be said for the scientific community as well. Would we have even had a vaccine by now? A lot has happened over 40 years. Some good, some bad.
  11. TP, so I don't have to go back through all 197 pages of the thread...can you tell me what those numbers represent?
  12. Just saw that the Lions starting center is out for the season. Hopefully the Bengals can create some confusion up front for his replacement.
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