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  1. Man, I hope you're right. But if you tell me Burrow's going to have 3 backups on his offensive line, I'm just hoping he gets out of the game healthy, let alone with a win.
  2. Who would've thought when the Eagles tied the Bengals, it would actually help them into first place?
  3. Yeah, unless you see something terribly wrong (only 10 guys out there, etc.), I'm in the mindset of make the offense work for it on the fly. Don't give them a chance to regroup and catch their breath.
  4. Goldie has retired from BGP. Made an announcement about it awhile back, due to her ALS diagnosis.
  5. Oh there is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that he could play the keyboard. None. Like I said, I just find it ironic that his group's most popular song found him on the synthesizer more so than the guitar.
  6. Always found it ironic that Van Halen's biggest hit (commercially) was when they took one of the premiere guitar players out there, in Eddie, and put him....on keyboards. Who'd have thought. RIP Eddie.
  7. Looks like he had this conversation with Bob back in August, so it's not a simple knee-jerk reaction to the playoff losses. It will be interesting to see who they move into that position, because I thought Williams had started to make strides in modernizing the Reds. To scrap all of that could be horrendous.
  8. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that they've already faced him a time or two during the regular season, right? Things change when you've seen a team/pitcher already.
  9. Not sure. I think they're trying to do the same thing with the pitching. And maybe it's not so much the "style" (whether you're in a closed stance, or open stance...throw 3/4, or more overhead)...as much as it is the mental approach and the language used to describe things. Again, I'm not sure. Just repeating what I've read.
  10. I know you won't like it...but, Bell ain't going anywhere. There's absolutely no way Bob is going to cut bait with a guy who got the team to the playoffs in his second year. It'd be different if we had been going to the playoffs and making deeper runs, and then get kicked to the curb early. But, not this way. And, unfortunately, I don't think the hitting coach is going anywhere either. Read an article the other day that basically blamed the Reds hitting woes this year, on LAST year's hitting coach, Turner Ward. The article said the Reds want to have one, uniform hitting approach throughout their system, and the guy hired to do that this year really didn't have a chance to implement anything (due to Covid), so he's likely to be back in 2021.
  11. 1. That's up to ownership. Are they willing to pay market rate? Are they willing to pay for long-term contracts? If so, how sure are you of a guy lasting that long? How much money do you realistically have for payroll? Heck, even just this past year, Anthony Rendon left a team he helped lead to the World Series, because they couldn't afford both him and Strasburg. 2. This is every team. Like it or not, free agency destroyed the "team" concept back in the late 70's. Players move around. Some chase the dollars. Some chase a lifestyle. Some chase championships. But loyalty to a city? Come on, man. 3. This is what every player does. Every. Single. One. 4. A token of appreciation? Really?!? When was the last time you know of someone who turned down a payraise? And however much more he is worth now than when he arrived...is solely due to what HE did. It's not like the Reds were playing stellar defense behind him, and scoring 8 runs a game when he pitched. He dang near needed to pitch a complete game shutout just to have a chance at a W.
  12. Bubble gets burst this week as reality settles back in. Ravens will run all over us. 42-13.
  13. They may not. But, if he's true to his word on just signing one-year deals, there's going to be enough bidders out there that think he's the final piece to pushing them over the edge and onto the next level. It'll be a whole lot easier to pay him $30 million for one year, than be on the hook for $200+ million over the next several years.
  14. I don't even know where to start with this. So much I disagree on. You've got a guy who's worked his butt off to be one of the top pitchers in baseball, and has maybe 5 to 7 years to take advantage of it financially...and you want to blame him for that?!?!?!?
  15. I will completely disagree with you on him being a loose cannon. Everything he has done this year has been done with a purpose. Honestly, I think he's probably one of, if not the, smartest players on the team. As far as him liking it here...it depends. As far as living in the midwest, then sure. As far as how this team has performed, I'm not so sure. I think he loves having Gray (and maybe to a slightly lesser degree, Castillo) on the staff to try and one-up each other. But, after watching his vlog after the series loss to Atlanta, when he mentioned that the team had lost half of the games he started this year...that spoke volumes to me. He's not going to want to pitch lights-out and constantly get saddled with an L or ND because the offense can't score. That doesn't help. I think, honestly, that he's headed for the west coast. I could see him wanting to rejoin with Clevinger in San Diego, or up the coast in LA (where he's from), or even in San Francisco (pretty sure he idolized Tim Lincecum growing up). But, if he sticks to his guns on just signing one year contracts, he could wind up on any large-market team.
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