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  1. Too many people are looking at masks similar to a seat belt law. "If I want to drive without a seat belt, I should be allowed to. After all, it's my life I'm risking if I'm in an accident." And they'll quote one of these two types of stories..."I know of a guy who suffered severe internal injuries by his seat belt when he was in an accident. They said he would've been alright, if it hadn't been for that."...or..."I know a guy who was trapped in his vehicle by his seat belt and couldn't get out before it exploded." I'm not going to debate whether or not either type of story is actually possible. But, possibility does not equal probability. In the end, you're probably better off by wearing a seat belt, rather than not. But, this isn't just about you. It's about everybody else you come in contact with on a daily basis. We need to look at this more like the drunk driving law. Because when you drive drunk (ie: don't wear a mask), it is not just you that could be injured/die as a consequence.
  2. Hard to say as far as a breakout DH star. In my opinion, the NL has usually struggled in games involving the DH just because their roster was never made up that way. The DH was always a 4th outfielder or utility player, while the AL tailored their roster for it by specifically targeting a guy. I don't know that the NL will have that much time to adapt. But, anybody that's already stacked depth-wise, will have an advantage. If I were to guess, it wouldn't surprise me if someone reaches 20+ HR's this year. If we were going to miss some months of the season, missing those cold and often rainy days early in the year, were the ones to lose. Balls should be rocketing out of GABP and every other outdoor "northern" park starting day 1. Absolutely someone could hit .400 this year. Even though roster sizes could be expanded (introducing a larger number of pitchers for each team), aren't they limiting who you'll be playing? If I was a Reds hitter, facing the staffs of the Royals, White Sox and Tigers is a lot less imposing than that of the Dodgers, Braves and Nationals. Plus I don't see managers going to the 14th or 15th pitcher that much, unless it's an absolute blowout. You're not going to trust a tight game to a guy who'd normally be in AAA, when you've only got 60 games to play. Every game will matter so much more this year. I like your line for the over/under wins for a pitcher. Winning 8 out of 12 starts isn't going to be easy. How many guys will get pulled in their first couple of starts before they complete 5, just because it's early in the season? So, you throw those 2 starts out, and now you have to win 8 of 10? I think that's going to be hard. Not saying it's impossible, but I can't see multiple people doing it.
  3. And, the contract still continues for another 15 years! 🤯
  4. Team game. Would've taken much longer finding it without the Ru pointing the way.
  5. Once the little submenu drops down, you need to unclick the current option that says to take you to the top of page and select the option that says to take you to the first unread post. Once I did that, it worked like a charm. You don't even have to do the extra step like you did in the "old" format, where you had to open the thread and then select that option. Now, just click on the thread title, and you're automatically taken to the first unread post. Pretty sweet.
  6. Once you are actually in a thread, is there still a way to jump to the first unread post? The new threads usually aren't that bad and I can just scroll down, but the Coronavirus one has 137 pages.
  7. Heck, all the other commissioners are probably doing a happy dance right now.
  8. Here's Trevor Bauer's tweet(s) from yesterday. Hammer, meet nail... "So, Rob, explain to us how you can be 100% sure that there’s going to be baseball but not confident there will be baseball at the same time? hmmm. What changed between those statements? Players told you to set the season, but it’s too early to set the season right now, isn’t it Rob? Because then you’d have to explain why you’re only going to impose 50 games when we could easily play 70+ right now. The tactic is to bluff with “no season” again and delay another 2-3 weeks until you clear the risk of “not negotiating in good faith by trying to play as many games as possible”. The public backlash combined with potential of having to explain yourself in front of an arbitrator isn’t too appealing, is it? Let’s see...the way I have it figured you want to play between 50 and 60 games. Can’t make it 50 cuz that would be too obvious to everyone what you were trying to do. And no one would think that was a “representative season” so you’d risk not getting your precious playoff money. Nope, can’t have that. So gotta make it more than that. But not too many...you’ve gone as high as about 55 games full prorated salary, so you’ll probably settle somewhere around there, potentially a couple games higher than that to throw people off the scent, isn’t that right, Rob? So in that scenario, let’s see, sept 27 end date to protect playoff tv schedules, 60-ish games, going to have to be at least 4 off days in there...so that’s 64 days. Plus about 20 for spring training...84 days. Sept 27-84 days is July 5. Plus about a week to get players to spring training. So tack on another 7, that takes us to June 28. As I have it figured, that’s your deadline. But today Is June 15, so how do you delay another 13 days? I guess we all got that answer today. Threaten to cancel the season. Threaten arbitration. Threaten grievances. All the while, hold the fans for ransom. Hold the future of the game for ransom. No one believes your bluff, bud. You’re holding a losing hand. Unfortunately, it’s a losing hand for everyone involved, not just you. There’s some saying out there about not killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Check it out on the ole google machine. It’s worth knowing." Bam.
  9. Pretty much spot on. To quote Plaschke, the players grooved a fast ball down the middle when they offered to play however many games the league decides. But the owners want the PA to sign off on declining to file an grievances based upon that number. And the reason why, is that the owners agreed to play as many games "as possible" back in March...and are now trying to backtrack on that. Which means, they (the owners) know that the players would have a legitimate case if it went to court. So, now they've got to come up with some way to "stall" for an extra 2 or 3 weeks, so they can get down to the 50 game number.
  10. Players have basically said "tell us when to show up, and we'll play" (at the already agreed upon prorated salaries), putting the onus strictly on the owners to determine the season length. And the owners....do nothing. Un-freakin'-believable. Manfred should be gone. He's got he spine of a jellyfish. There's a good article by Bill Plaschke describing the current situation...but, if you can find the Trevor Bauer twitter response, it's great. I'll see if I can find both of them to post here.
  11. Nothing beats an ice, ice cold glass of sweet tea with lemon.
  12. I guess my use of the term union there at the end was perhaps, not the best choice of words. What I ultimately was trying to point out was that, for the most part, it appears that we are depending on the police to police themselves, which in and of itself lends itself to bad optics. From the outside it could easily appear as "taking care of each other".
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