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  1. Castillo going to have to go the distance in this one, for the Reds to have a chance.
  2. It's Manfred...so I'm thinking dizzy bat race.
  3. They're going to have to find a way to get those missed games played. No way you can allow a team to miss 8 games in a 60 game season, and benefit from it. They'll have to go by total number of wins to determine who advances, and not just winning percentage. Right? Of course, I just remembered Rob Manfred is the commissioner...so, who the heck knows what he'll dream up.
  4. When the schedule was announced, I figured they needed to win 16 of the 23 games against the Tigers, Indians, Royals, White Sox and Pirates. Then, if they could just find a way to go .500 in the other 37 games against the Cubs, Cards, Brewers and Twins, that'd get them to 34-35 wins. That'd put them in the range of 92 wins over 162, and give them a legit shot at playoffs. Got to beat the teams you're supposed to beat. Losing those 2 to the Tigers in the opening series hurt. Let's hope we don't see a replay of that against KC and Pittsburgh.
  5. If a steak is prepared correctly, there's never a need for steak sauce. So the easy choice is A1.
  6. Those darn wascally wabbits. 😄 But, lima beans?!?!? 🤢🤮
  7. Anybody starting to harvest anything yet? Our tomatoes are just now starting to turn. We lost some time due to a couple of issues. One, was the amount of sunlight that actually hit our deck. Instead of getting full sun for a good 6-8 hours, it was probably more like solid sunlight for 4, and then "filtered" light for another 4-6. Was great for the plant starting out and blossoming...not so much for fruit ripening. Ended up moving them off the deck and down into the yard a couple weeks ago. Not an easy chore with an 18 gallon bucket filled with soil and tomato plants that are over 5 feet tall. The other thing that hurt, was blossom end rot. We went through a spell where we hadn't had any rain for awhile, so we were relying on the sub-irrigation watering. I had told my son to water one evening, and he got involved in something else, so I ended up doing it. I filled up the 2 or 2-1/2 gallons in the bottom of each container and put the hose up for the night. The next day, (while I was at work), my son got up and realized he had forgotten to water the night before...so, he did it then. Only difference was, he watered from the top. So now we've got a saturated container WITH a reserve sitting below it. We probably would've been alright...if it hadn't rained for the next 3 straight days. Had to eventually cut off 6-8 tomatoes that had the blossom end rot too severely. The peppers, on the other hand, are flourishing...sort of. I've got nice tall plants, but I'm kicking myself for not putting them into individual buckets. They just don't have the spacing between them that I think they need. We've picked 2 poblano peppers so far, and have ended up picking a yellow and a red bell pepper (when they were still green), to allow for some additional room for others on those plants. But we've got a bunch of golf ball sized (or bigger) fruit on all 6 plants, so hopefully that's good news. Trying to think if I want to start anything now for a fall harvest. Anybody else planting anything now?
  8. If this is how the first week of MLB is going to be, how in the world can we not expect the NFL to be even worse (when guys are actively up in each other's face)?
  9. Can you bite off someone's ear, using dentures? Asking for a friend.
  10. You're the first person that I actually know (somewhat) who also does the Amazon Smile. Everybody else I've ever asked about that, always look at me like I've got a third eye. Been doing it myself for the past couple of years or so, supporting the Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation.
  11. Not necessarily. We are talking about GABP on a hot, humid July day. Oh, and Tigers pitching. Can't forget that. 😁
  12. Give me the paper. I'm okay with shorter, news-type of stories. But for anything else, I want that tactile touch of the paper. And this might sound weird, but I feel like there's a smell from turning the pages too.
  13. I wonder if there could still be a possibility that she started having the cough in the first place due to the Lisinopril. I know you said the doctor cut the dosage in half, but I'd see about changing it altogether. I say that, because that's what I took, and had the same dang cough. It wasn't productive, just an annoyance. Doctor went ahead and switched me to Losartin and I've been fine (cough-wise) ever since. As to the pneumonia, I'm not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. But, I wonder about the fact that so many people have just been lying around for the past 4 months or so, that we're doing much more shallow breathing and not fully evacuating our lungs the way we might normally do. So, maybe some things (bacteria, fungi, etc.) that might normally get expelled, are now able to settle in easier? Either way, hope she recovers quickly.
  14. Not normally a fan of his, but Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" has become an earworm for me.
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