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  1. The two Ken's are in. Kenny Anderson and Kenny Riley will be joining Anthony Munoz and Paul Brown as part of the inaugural class this fall.
  2. Ugh. Super jealous. We always fished for perch and pike. You got your own boat up there, or out on a charter?
  3. Three teams that don't want a 12 team playoff...Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. No surprise there.
  4. Did I just accurately predict something?!?!? 😲 Bizarre light mystifies Yankees, Red Sox during game: 'There was a red light flashing' (msn.com)
  5. I am beginning to believe that MLB is being run by a bunch of morons. Manfred is a joke, and the people around him have to be nothing but a bunch of stooges. Nobody thinks about the repercussions of anything. Idjits.
  6. Love Mackinac Island! We, too, have vacationed in the UP for many, many years over in the Les Cheneaux Islands, just about a half-hour away. (Haven't been up since 2017 though, as we've had other destinations that we wanted to hit with our son before he graduated this year.) Last year was shocking to see the pictures posted on Facebook about the water height on Lake Huron/Michigan. Crazy high! But, according to what I've seen this year, it seems like it's back down to more "normal" levels. That's a freaky amount of water to go up and then come back down.
  7. I'm sure we're all familiar with what Thom Brennaman said nearly a year ago during a Reds broadcast and what Stephen A. Smith said in the past couple of days regarding Shohei Ohtani and then, the Nigerian basketball team. Brennaman issued an apology within minutes, but was still taken off air, and eventually let go. Smith actually doubled-down on his initial take on Ohtani, and claimed that people were misunderstanding his point, before he issued his "heartfelt and sincere" apology several hours later to Ohtani, the Asian-American and Nigerian communities. Yet he still has a job.
  8. There's way too many ways a s'more can go wrong, so RKT with the easy win here.
  9. To the original question...the answer is no. The whole reason we are here is because the athletes have long been subject to different rules than any other student on a scholarship. That's finally changing. If TikTok wants to pay a girl for having 600,000 followers, why in the heck does it matter how her schooling is being paid for? We've never come back and said "Hey, college kid...you schlep pizzas 20 hours a week during the school year...you need to pay back part of the academic scholarship you're on!" have we? Didn't think so.
  10. The only time Coke is over Pepsi, is when it's from McDonald's. That being said...I'll always take a Dr. Pepper over either. 😎
  11. No argument here. However, this year you have to include "when healthy". None of the three are helping the Reds right now, and will have question marks next to them when they do come back.
  12. I am not holding my breath for any sort of impactful move. I am a firm believer they are thinking that if they can just keep within striking distance of first with what they've got now, they'll get a boost (without having to give anything up) when Lorenzen (and now Sims and Antone) return.
  13. It's definitely a possibility. However, I'll be very interested in seeing how the "backups" (the 2nd and 3rd stringers) are going to view/use this. They could go to a Bama or OSU and maybe only sniff the field on special teams the first year or two, or maybe even be asked to red-shirt a year, because of all the players that are there ahead of them (both in experience and maybe talent). Now, if that same player could go to a different team (although perhaps not as much of a blue blood) and have a much more likely chance to start their freshman or sophomore season...which one is going to allo
  14. How did it even get that far? Would've thought that his lawyer would've been waiving that agreement in front of the first judge to begin with.
  15. After only about 3 years in prison, Cosby will be released as a Pennsylvania appeals court has overturned his conviction. Bill Cosby to Be Freed as Court Overturns His Sex Assault Conviction (msn.com) There will be no retrial regarding these particular women.
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