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  1. Interesting. Had heard that it would "approach" Cole's contract, but was not equal or higher than it. It would also be for a shorter period of time.
  2. Dang, not another one. RIP Hammer. To me, you are, and always will be, the greatest home run hitter of all time.
  3. Yeah, anytime I hear about a new uniform design I feel it's pretty much just a money grab by the owner.
  4. Given the way NFL contracts are, this ultimately could mean not a dang thing. He could push Rudolph for the #2 job, or he could be gone next week. In all honesty, I'm glad the Steelers are looking at this approach as an heir-apparent to Big Ben, rather than being creative and coming up with a way to get Deshaun Watson from Houston. THAT would scare me (as a Bengals fan) way more.
  5. Latest rumor has the Mets inquiring about Sonny Gray and Eugenio Suarez.
  6. Yes, as one person put it, we're going to have to find the number of deaths we're willing to live with (pardon the pun). He said the "if it can save one life" mantra is just not feasible. Because if you were truly willing to do whatever it took just to save one life, then alcohol and tobacco would be illegal, there'd be no fast food restaurants, and the speed limit would be something like 10 mph. All of these things would more than save at least one life. But, none are implemented because we value something else just a little more (whether it be convenience, pleasure, etc.) and are willing to trade that for a few more deaths. Tobacco kills about 480,000 per year. (Obesity around 300,000...alcohol 95,000) Which works out to a little over 9,000 per week. Last week the covid deaths were 22,000. The question is...will the numbers have to get below tobacco to be considered acceptable? Or will we set a new bar that's suddenly okay, as long as we can return to "normal"? Honestly, to me, if they get it down to 10,000 or so (with the vaccine), there'll be a huge push to open everything back up. If it gets under 9,000...you won't see a mask in sight.
  7. Plus the disposal fee...don't forget that.
  8. Unfortunately, I believe there is a bit of truth in that statement. Probably 3/4 of the kids I've seen "dunk" (before the refs come out) can barely get the ball over the rim and end up just trying to pull the rim down for effect. We've all heard it, where the rim snaps back and sends the vibrations throughout the gym. And if a rim or backboard is damaged in warm-ups prior to a high school game, there's probably very few schools that are going to be able to replace it in a timely manner. Plus, you add in the cost of a potentially new backboard...and I can see where there might be a push to reduce this possibility. You can't eliminate it completely, but you can try to reduce the chances of it happening at the worst possible time...all because some 5'-11" kid wanted to try and impress.
  9. @John Anthony Any repercussions from Olave's decision to come back for his senior year? I got to admit, that came out of no where for me. Never even considered he might be back, so I'm wondering if it surprised anyone else. I know OSU plays a lot of receivers, but with Garrett and now, Chris, back along with Jaxon, the competition for getting on the field is going to be fierce among the three freshmen.
  10. Yeah, I saw that. But it's like the whole NL Central is tanking, so the Reds are just the best of the worst. But, if they trade Gray and/or Castillo, there's no way they can still be considered the favorite, right? Anyway, the thing I don't get is, that if everyone else is going to be down, isn't this the year where you'd like to improve your team and take advantage of it? This just seems like a total rebuild. Now I've seen Krall has come out today and say the Castillo rumors are completely false. But, where the heck has he been for the past month? I suppose the Gray, Suarez and Moustakas mentions are all just rumors, too, huh?
  11. Going to be interesting to see the comments on this one, because I know what I did. I've always wondered if it was the smart thing or not. I ended up replacing the element. Was pretty easy to do and wasn't that expensive. The thing that took the bloody most amount of time, was cleaning the bottom of the tank. My dad said, "While you've got it empty..." There was a bunch of sediment on the bottom that I got out. So, I was glad I did it, even though I was cursing myself while doing it. I'm sure there's another, easier way to do it than how I attempted. The only thing I wish/should have done at that time, was to replace the other heating element and the anode rod too.
  12. Have seen several reports that a Luis Castillo to the Yankees trade is definitely serious. I am just getting sick to my stomach watching/waiting on this team getting picked apart. We should have been trying to build upon the success of last year, instead of throwing nearly the whole dang team out the window.
  13. That's cool. One of the names that I thought there might be an outside chance of hearing was that of Marvin Lewis as D-coordinator. Thought there would be several positives to a hire like that.
  14. So how many coaches does he poach off of Ohio State? Honestly the one that I'm most afraid of losing is Larry Johnson.
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