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  1. Great pics! Glad you had a good time. Did you take your own boat(s), or did you charter? (Just wondering how gas prices had affected the charter business.) And I, too, am shocked by the lack of bugs you encountered. As far as I know, the state bird (or at least the UP portion) of Michigan is still the mosquito.
  2. I believe it flows in the complete opposite direction. From YNP, it goes north and east into Montana and eventually runs into the Missouri River in North Dakota.
  3. Just to put it in perspective, they had flooding in 96 and 97 that were both considered "once every 500 years type of floods". The one they're currently experiencing is higher that either one of those.
  4. Have seen just some unbelievable pictures/video of Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area being hit with historic flooding over the past couple of days. Towns like Livingston, Gardiner, Cooke City and Red Lodge all being impacted. We were just out there in 2019. Very surreal to see some of the roads we were on being underwater, or worse, completely washed away and gone. Yellowstone National Park damaged by record flooding, dangerous rockslides: What we know (msn.com)
  5. Yeah, that's been out since the contract info was released. At first, I thought that maybe...just maybe...they were preparing for the legal aspects of the suits to carry over into the season. But now, my cynical mind has fully gone over to the "he was fully expecting to miss the season - BECAUSE HE KNEW HE WAS GUILTY - due to the NFL suspending him. No doubt in my mind. Dude has a problem.
  6. Would have to look the numbers up, but Edwin Moses in the 400-meter hurdles is often overlooked.
  7. Part of the reason why I have been swayed over to the "dark side" of robo-umps behind the plate, is that too many times you see a guy get rewarded for hitting a spot, even if it's outside/inside...or the opposite, being penalized for missing his spot, even though it's a strike. Plus catchers are trying to frame each and every pitch...so, what was a perfect, edge-of-the-zone painted strike, gets called a ball because the ump thinks the catcher did a frame-job on it. Or the ball that's legitimately outside gets called a strike because the ump's reading the catcher's mitt after the framing. It makes it extremely hard for even the good umps, let alone the Angel Hernandez's of the world.
  8. Just came across this, and immediately thought of you.
  9. Just saw on Facebook that they've picked the book that series two will be based off of...it's Bad Luck and Trouble. That's the 11th book in the Reacher series. Looks like Neagley will be the only other returning character from season one (as you'd expect).
  10. I've been to several graduations over the past five years, and just about every one of them is "proud to announce" that xyz number of students is going to continue their education in college. That is always announced before the number of kids going into the military, or before the number of kids going to a vocational school, or before the number of kids who've already got a job lined up. It is bragged upon. It's what a high school hangs its hat on. So, if high schools being "honest" about college/expectations/costs would drop that number by 15%...they would not do it. They'd think it'd reflect badly on them. We, as a society, have accepted the norm for the high school education to be "college prep". And, if you don't do it, then you're often seen/considered a failure. So, that's the route that a majority of kids take (or more likely, are pressured to take). Colleges know this. They know you'll do just about anything to come to them. So, it doesn't matter what the curriculum is, and how many electives/gen ed classes you're forced to take (and pay for), or how much per class hour you've got to pay...you're going to do it. And hey, if you change your mind two years in and want to change your major...they'll be more than glad to let you do it...for a price.
  11. I've got 4 or 5 trees that need to be taken down before they fall down or a part of them is blown down. They're all 50 feet or more tall. If it was just one, I'd have no problem with doing it myself. But with this many, I'd rather leave it to someone else. And with the fact that they could do some damage if felled in the wrong direction, I think I'd rather have some pro do it than some average Joe. Anybody got any recommendations for someone in the NKy area? I'd prefer someone who's insured as there are 2 other houses that could be in the "danger zone".
  12. In the 2022 calendar year... The Bengals are 4-2. The Reds are 3-20. Hey Phil, if you wanna know where people are going to go...just look out of your penthouse office to the west.
  13. Don't be. I should have elaborated more...was only in it for five quarters (four of which I was considered on academic probation). Calculus was the main culprit. And since the physics class was calculus-based...you can see where it could end badly. My country-bumpkin high school education came nowhere near preparing me for that (and I was a good HS student). I was ready to be done after the first year, but my dad talked me into giving it a second try. So, I re-took a calculus class during summer-school at Akron to catch up. But the fall and winter quarter were just more of the same. So, I was done. What was really weird, though, was since I had already paid for the spring quarter, I just took a bunch of electives (knowing that they'd most likely be needed in whatever else I transferred to). Made the freakin' Dean's list. That gave me some perspective on just how hard those engineering classes were.
  14. My wife thinks I need to have a sleep study done. She's never said anything about me stopping breathing, but says I snore like the proverbial freight train. (I've already had a doctor say I've got a deviated septum, but nothing has ever been done about it.) The main thing that's kept me away from doing an in-lab study before was the costs. Our insurance at the time didn't cover it. But, we've got a different provider now, so maybe? Any of you do an at-home study? My understanding is that they're much, much cheaper. Also, any of you sleep on your side? I do for probably 95% of the night, so I'd be worried about something that'd get knocked out of place when I laid on the my side.
  15. Waaay back in the day, when I was in UC's Aerospace Engineering program, I had a physics professor who had a philosophy that I wish other's had shared. When it came time for tests, he always allowed open notes (not necessarily open book, but anything that you had written down). His explanation was so "out of the box" compared to other professors. He said, if you think that NASA is going to expect you to use only your memory to help calculate the (insert whatever) on the space shuttle, and trust your results, it ain't gonna happen. He said it was more important to him (and I guess NASA, lol) that we knew where to find the correct formula to use, then identify what each variable was, and subsequently, where to plug to them in, and then, ultimately, do the calculation. He said too often, teachers want to test/measure something that is usually always available/provided in real-world situations.
  16. Saw an interview once, where the guy said the only thing a bachelor's degree means to him (as someone hiring) is that you've got dedication. That's it. Yeah, there will be some knowledge accumulation over those 4 years...but, for him, it meant that you were willing to show up and do what you were told. He said he would teach you what you really needed to know, specific to his job needs. But, he didn't want to necessarily waste time on someone that was going to quit after two weeks.
  17. Sure, and there are people living with having a hand/arm/foot/leg amputated, and they may have adapted to the point where it shows no signs of it bothering them, either. I'm sorry, you seem very passionate about saying these are "good" and "loving homes". But to me, if you're saying they MUST be declawed in order to come inside...that's not true love. That's a conditional love. If you find an animal outside that you can't afford to bring inside because it'll scratch your furniture up...then maybe you're just better off taking it to a no-kill shelter.
  18. When pretty much anyone was suddenly able to qualify for a student loan, two things happened... One was that there was suddenly an emphasis put on having a college degree. "If you don't have a degree, you won't be able to compete in the job market..." And the second thing was, that schools suddenly saw the ability to line their pockets with all this fresh-found money. So, tuition prices went up, up, up. This was not about supply and demand. This was a strict money grab. Pure, unadulterated greed. Used car salesmen get a bad rap for their tactics. College administrators should be right there next to them. Having either one of those events occur would be bad...having both of them happen has got us where we are today.
  19. Reds lose 7-5 today. Is it just me, or is anyone else expecting to hear that the Reds have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs any day now?
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