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  1. Lions like losing games on record breaking FGs (see Tom Dempsey)
  2. Bengals 31-17. The rookie QB still has too much to learn.
  3. Granted, TJ Watt wasn't in the lineup, but it was nice to see the Bengals go a whole game without giving up a sack. If Burrow is upright, the Bengals have a chance.
  4. 2 pick sixes and a KO return for a TD helped. If we are just taking straight offense, these 2 teams were pretty even.
  5. Gamecock defense was better tonight, but they need an offensive overhaul.
  6. For me, the highlight of this game was RGIII. He may be my new favorite college football color analyst.
  7. I'm all for a salary floor. Seeing the Dodgers pay 3 players more than Pittsburgh pays their entire team and have the Pirates wonder why they stink has to stop. Plus it gives incentive and ability to keep your better players instead of selling them off every year in August. A cap would be nice. To keep LA and the NYs from basically buying every decent FA on the market. But that's not really realistic.
  8. I've been out of the loop on HS football for a while. What the heck has happened to Holy Cross? They won a state title (2A?) and then promptly fell off a cliff.
  9. Gamecocks will also be playing without LB Sherrod Greene, who broke an ankle against Georgia.
  10. I just said Doty was the better of the 2. SC hasn't had a consistently reliable QB since Connor Shaw.
  11. The Grad Asst, QB. Noland got his had stepped on against GA, so Luke Doty will likely get the start. He was supposed to be the guy from the start, but he's coming off a foot injury. Doty is, by far, the better of the 2. If he's healthy, he gives the Gamecocks the better chance of winning.
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