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  1. If you are a JFK assassination conspiracy guy, you can go to Lafayette Square on the Corner of Camp and Lafayette Streets. It's a federal court building now, I believe. But that was where Guy Bannister's office was, where apparently Oswald hung out and the plot to assasinate JFK started.
  2. I'd go to 4 10 minute quarters, just like the women play. Other than that, college basketball is just fine.
  3. Cafe Du Monde, Louis Armstrong Park, Preservation Hall
  4. Henry County and Mason County Fieldhouse are the 2 best I've been in.
  5. Not sure this would qualify as a "cover" because it is a VERY traditional song, but they play it at break-neck speed Sailor's Hornpipe - Mike Oldfield
  6. So there is a job opening for "the school's customer relationship management tool" maintenance person at the University of Kentucky (If that's even a real school?)
  7. I've only been to Northern CA. Carmel by the Sea is really pretty. I was there when the mayor was some guy named Eastwood. Area is gorgeous and you are close to San Francisco and the Napa Valley area. Big Sur is also not too far away.
  8. Joe Musgrove tosses the first No-Hitter in San Diego history. Only took 52 years.
  9. I think Memphis has 5, but no one seems to be raising a big stink about Penny. But then I'm not in the Memphis area.
  10. 99 years is a long, full life. Rest in Peace, sir.
  11. The other 2 should be Ken Anderson and Isaac Curtis or Ken Riley.
  12. I would think, at this point, Brannen is just waiting to be paid to go away. Clearly the brass at UC don''t seem to want him. If he quits he gets nothing, but I don't know why you'd want to be at a school that doesn't want you.
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