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  1. These kids are now free to go wherever they want and I'm hearing 3 of them have already found schools in the 14th region
  2. First of all, I love how my simple question turned into a 6 page debate. My followup questions would have to be... If Cordia is not the only team in the state that has transfers, is the only reason they catch heat from other fan bases is because of the number of them (10 out of 13 players I believe are tranfers) or is it where they come from or what??? If Cordia were 0-24, would anyoone care??? How many transfers does a school have to get before some people say, "Hey! If you're going to do that, turn into a prep school!"?
  3. As I said in another thread, Cordia better not try very hard and win this thing. If so, the wealthy city schools will have the basketball program shut down. Wait and see. That being said, Cordia by 9.
  4. That all goes back to the KHSAA, IMO. The KHSAA needs to have the DECENCY to decline Cordia an invitation..
  5. Cordia better not try very hard and win this thing. If so, the wealthy city schools will have the basketball program shut down. Wait and see.
  6. Perry was up 50-35 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Perry was up 4 with 4 minutes left in the game. Shaker trailed by 18 at one point. Esa Ahmad had 38 points for Shaker. WKU signee, Justin Johnson, had 25 & 16 for Perry.
  7. I'm guessing it is a 'W' for Western Kentucky University since that is were he will be taking his talents.
  8. Cordia does have dorms that some of the students stay in. I know one kid who plays baseball and lives in the dorms throughout the week and is home on the weekends. I'm not sure if any basketball players are staying in those dorms. I'm sure they are though. The last 3 times I have been to the Hazard Walmart, I have seen 4 or 5 of the Cordia players there shopping for groceries which leads me to believe they are shopping for themselves and their dorm lives and not their parents homes.
  9. Cordia is in Knott County. Knott County Central High School and Cordia are the 2 high schools in that county & both play in the 14th region. The two schools have the same Athletic Director. That AD helps coach baseball at Knott Central. Rumors are, that gentleman is the reason for the holdup on the paperwork as I believe he is the one that is required to submit it.
  10. The time passed where I could edit my post so I did it this way, underlining what was edited.
  11. Of course I can see the reasons that some of these kids would come to a place like Cordia and play basketball. Like you have mentioned, to better their home life, get a job, to just be in a "better" social environment, etc. BUT, my question is, did their families decide to relocate for these reasons, which is highly doubtful seeing as there are not many jobs in Lotts Creek or Perry County for that matter, or did Rhodes illegally get these kids in here by recruiting them? Bylaw 16, Section 2a states, "Recruiting is defined as an act, on behalf of or for the benefit of, a school, which attempts to influence a student to tranfer to a member school for the purpose of participating in athletics." I'm not sure how he is doing, It's not my job to decide that. It the KHSAA's job and I'm waiting on them to decide as the games are set to begin in less than 2 months.
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