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  1. Maybe it was softball last year, but I they didn't have girls hoops in the recent past.
  2. Just saw this on the KHSSA website, final from Friday night. Checked out the Grove's roster...... 1 - 7th 1 - 8th 5 - frosh 1 - junior Don't think the Grove fielded a team last if memory serves me correctly. Happy for the girls being able to play, but this is another example of a team that should have played a JV schedule only. Thoughts?
  3. :idunno: I never saw a thing.....just the aftermath.
  4. Stangs let this one slip away, but have to give credit to the Birds on a nice comeback. :thumb: Brossart went the first 5 minutes of the final stanza without a point. I'll let @Mustang give his eloquent summary.
  5. Gabbard dribbles down Court gets caught in the corner with no one to pass to and throws up a prayer that wouldn't get answered even if God himself was sitting in front of him, Duffy dribbles down court, goes to the rim, shot gets blocked and thrown back into a Highlands player
  6. Highlands calls TO to avoid a 10 second call :21.8
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