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  1. I won’t disagree, but people expect it and are looking for it before the game even starts. It’s been this way for years. When I played it was this way. Even folks before me will tell you.
  2. He broke the kids ankles and made him look bad so it HAD to be a foul. Plus you can’t do those things to the NKY favorites.
  3. Newport doesn’t get ignored and hasn’t for years, in any sport. But it’s something Newport folks have learned to expect.
  4. So a T for saying something to the student section? Must have been harsh. Joke of a call as were most of the charges. It was expected though, good day.
  5. I was in perfect position when he got the T, I didn’t see anything said. Could have been under his breath but I couldn’t understand what happened. As for why he sat, a rule was put in place by the school, that if a player received a technical, they must sit the rest of that game. Stupid rule IMO. It is what it is. The Golden Boys won and that’s really all that matters.
  6. Let’s not pretend like Thelen and Mayer weren’t getting chippy either folks. Or pretend like Thelen did get away with what looked like a punch in a scrum in the floor. And yes, Harding sat because a rule had been put in, not sure by who, but if a player received a tech he was to sit the remainder of that game.
  7. People said the same thing in 2010 when Newport played Holmes. A 30 point beat down ensued. I’m not saying that’s what’s gonna happen tonight but things do happen.
  8. They got beat down by Carolina because they lost Zion 34 secs in and couldn’t function properly. They’ll figure out how to play without him. They lose to VT. Duke is not that great without Zion.
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