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  1. I'd say 90% likely fall sports will be played by August. 4 months is a while. They are already trying to reopen the economy at this point.
  2. Maybe in a month when this whole thing calms down, vaccines are given, the spread is controlled, etc; the tournament may proceed. But from what I can see it's not looking good so far. If the KHSAA really wants to do it they will have to do it in a limited environment.
  3. I'm hearing a lot of talk of the possibility that this tournament will not resume entirely. I really hope that will not be the case. That'd be an incredible missed opportunity for the peaking teams that have had their eyes on the trophy recently.
  4. "Hysteria" is an accurate word to describe it in all honesty. It's something to be cautioned about for sure, but to drop everything were doing across the country because of it is just absurd.
  5. That was a rollarcoaster at the end. Props to Highlands for giving it their all when it seemed over.
  6. Big matchup on Tuesday night as the 28-3 Bluebirds take on the 28-5 Colonels in a championship rivalry bout. Who wins?
  7. Rooting for the Birds. Highlands vs CovCath for the championship sounds like a great venue but I guess we'll see how this one goes.
  8. Newport leads 10-9 after 1. Before the game started CovCath was given a technician foul for "dunking at the free throw line during the warmups"? Not sure exactly what happened but the game started with a 2 point Newport lead.
  9. 26-5 CovCath taking on the 15-14 Newport Wildcats. Please provide updates in this thread.
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