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  1. Springfield, MO; Indianapolis; Fort Wayne. These guesses are between 200-300 miles too far west.
  2. After Disciplinary Officer, Sue Robinson, decides the punishment, The NFL Players Association or the NFL could appeal the decision to Commissioner Roger Goodell, whose decision would then be final. The NFL has recommended an indefinite suspension of at least one year. If this is what occurs, Watson could ask for reinstatement after the season. An indefinite suspension is better for the Browns than a decision to suspend Watson for 17 games. The indefinite suspension means the clock on Watson's contract would not start until 2023, so the Browns would have Watson on contract through the 2027 season. Robinson's decision is expected in a day or two. If Watson is out for the entire season, the Browns will add another QB to the roster. Read the article by Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com
  3. Cute kid, PP1. You are blessed. He also is blessed to have a parent who is on top of it and builds into his life. What, would you say, has been the single best resource for making you aware of autism and how those who are close to someone with autism can be a positive influence? (Sorry I'm late to see this)
  4. You know, this headline kinda scared me for a moment. Glad it was about his birthday. I enjoy reading his posts.
  5. When asked by Dan Patrick for an opinion on what Watson's punishment may be, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk said he heard that the NFL Players Association is bracing for something "unprecedented." Cleveland sports journalists are expecting an announcement by the NFL in the first or second week of July.
  6. Yes. Reporter Terry Pluto of Cleveland.com thinks this is good news for Cleveland in that it removes the worst case scenario from the table. Worst case would have been for the league to place Watson on paid leave for 2022 and await the civil court ruling on the 24 suits. That could have meant that Watson would be out for the entire 2022 season and then face a partial or full suspension in the 2023 season. Pluto thinks the settlement of 20 of the 24 suits will mean that whatever the NFL does now will be held to the 2022 season, unless they slap him with a multi-year suspension which Pluto thinks is unlikely. Pluto believes settling the 20 cases puts some financial parameters on the 4 remaining cases. Pluto, by the way, was vocal about the Browns not trading for Watson when the possible trade was first reported.
  7. 1. Otto Graham: 10 seasons played, 10 championship games, 7 championship games won. Graham had his team in the championship game 100% of the seasons he played and won the championship 70% of seasons played. 2. Tom Brady: 22 seasons, 10 championship games, 7 championships won. 45% and 32%. 3. Joe Montana 4. Johnny Unitas 5. Peyton Manning
  8. I am completely in agreement with all that you say about the sleaze of this and I am very disappointed in my Browns for pursuing DeShaun Watson and landing him. But I don't know where you all are getting your information about the contract being iron-clad. Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com reported June 10: "The Browns do have typical club protection in the five-year deal — and extra protection as first reported in April by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk — that would enable them to void the contract in the event actions take place after it was signed, or actions from beforehand that come to light that would prevent him from fulfilling his duties." See full article at: Watson Contract And here is a bit of the article by Mike Florio of Profootball Talk on Apr 8 cited by Mary Kay Cabot: "If Watson admits to having sexual encounters with any, some, or all of those 18 women, could that get him suspended, regardless of the outcome of the investigation regarding the 22 massage therapists who accuse him of wrongdoing? The Commissioner could decide that Watson should miss games without pay as part of the effort to intervene and to resolve the behaviors that resulted in Watson repeatedly (if the evidence supports that conclusion) using massage sessions as cover for the solicitation of prostitution. If that occurs, and if that specific wrinkle hasn’t been included in the written disclosure mentioned in Watson’s contract, the Browns possibly would be able to void his guarantees and/or to recover a portion of his signing bonus, if it so chooses. Finally, the contract presumes that Watson will be suspended in 2022 or 2023. For any suspension imposed after 2023, the default language would apply, no matter what." Full article here: Mike Florio on Watson Contract And I recall Browns' GM, Andrew Berry, being asked point blank about the nature of the guaranteed contract. He responded that the contract contained the "typical club protections." Florio claimed to have seen the contract and confirmed those protections were there. So, it appears, if surprises develop in the Watson saga, the Browns will not have to fully pay his guaranteed contract, as the contract included protections for such an eventuality.
  9. 4. Inaugural coach and front office accelerator program. Each team sends two representatives to Atlanta for two days of networking, leadership development, and training in the business aspects of the league. "The program will provide senior women and minority prospects with leadership development sessions as well as networking opportunities. The effort is designed to continue building a diverse hiring pipeline for future head coach and general manager positions throughout the league." In addition, they "engage in candid discussions on how to take the next step in becoming a Head Coach or front office executive." Cleveland's GM, Andrew Berry, has a vision for the Browns to become like "a farm system for the NFL," meaning they hire and develop women and minorities who will probably end up in other organizations as they move up the ladder when opportunities become available. That's a little more than lipstick. You can criticize, complain, and lament the shortage of minorities in meaningful coaching and front office positions, or you can do something to change it. Cleveland, for one, is taking steps to change their own organization and impact the rest of the NFL. Here's a link to the full article on Cleveland.com: Coach Accelerator Program
  10. There are often discussions on this forum about the lack of diversity in the NFL among coaches, owners, QBs, etc. Here's some of what the NFL or NFL teams are doing to address this issue. 1. Bill Willis Coaching Fellowship -- Hall of Famer, Bill Willis, played with the Browns from 1946-53. Willis, along with the Browns' Marion Motley ('46-'55), was among the first African-Americans to re-integrate professional football during the modern era. Israel Woolfork, is the Fellowship recipient for the Browns this year and will be working with QBs. This is a fellowship created by the Browns and given to rising minority coaches on the offensive side of the ball. “We created the Bill Willis Fellowship to help address an issue in our league that we all need to do our part to impact,” head coach Kevin Stefanski said in the press release. “(Executive Vice President of Football Ops and GM) Andrew (Berry) and I have tried to be very intentional about adding diverse perspectives to both the coaching and personnel side of our organization. Historically, there has not been enough diversity on the offensive side of the ball and specifically in the quarterback room. Woolfork, 31, has spent that last 8 years on staff at Miami University (Ohio). 2. Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship is an opportunity each NFL team offers during offseason programs. Woolfork received this fellowship during the 2021 offseason with the Browns. 3. John B. Wooten Award is presented by the Fritz Pollard Alliance. The award honors NFL teams that embody workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion across the hierarchy of the organization. The Browns were the first recipients of this award given out during Super Bowl week 2022. The organization was recognized for inclusion of minorities and women within the organization. John Wooten was a two-time Pro Bowler for the Browns across 9 seasons ('59-'67), opening holes on the OL for Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, and Ernie Green. Wooten also was a longtime executive in the NFL and was the first Chairman of the Alliance and its Executive Director until he retired in 2019. Pollard signed to play for the Akron Pros of the American Professions Football Association in 1920 becoming their coach in 1921. The APFA became the NFL in 1922 making Pollard the first African-American coach in the NFL. These are a few things that the NFL is doing to make a positive impact on diversity within the NFL. A. What other positive steps are being taken to promote diversity by the NFL, its franchises, or organizations associated with the NFL or its players? B. What are your reactions to this?
  11. I've been out of town all week and away from all media. This is the first I heard about it. I did a quick search and found only abbreviated discussions of it. I read an article on SI.com about an anonymous report from a masseuse who is not among the 22 accusers. Key word there is anonymous, but if true, very troubling. All of it is really seedy and disgusting.
  12. It could be that no team trades for him so he sits out of training camp and preseason forcing Cleveland to cut him just before the season begins, then he will have several teams come calling since they won't be on the leash for his 18.8 million dollar guaranteed contract.
  13. The second grand jury refused to indict Watson wo claimed at his introductory press conference in Cleveland that he is innocent of all charges. He never assaulted or disrespected any woman. @theguru It is the highest guaranteed money ever--$230 million. Aaron Rogers is second at $150.8 million. There is no mystery as to why Watson chose Cleveland over the other 3 teams even though he said they were out of the running. 🥴
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