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  1. As @mcpapa pointed out, most consistent homerun hitter ever. And, he was the most intelligent. You may not know this, but Hammerin' Hank was a Cleveland Browns fan. He used to sit in the Dawg pound unnoticed by the fans because no one expected to see him there. He would fly from Atlanta to Cleveland to watch the games on Sunday afternoon. I was the proud owner of several of his baseball cards collected when I was a kid in the 70's. The oldest I had was a 1956 Topps. Here he is in an interview by the Cleveland PD's Dan Labbe professing his love for the Browns. Henry Aaron, Brown's Fan
  2. Terry Pluto writes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and is one of my favorite sports writers. He also has a column called Faith and You. He is a Christian and often speaks about his faith at locations around Northeast Ohio. I just came across this article about his friendship with a person from a different race in an era when racial tensions were high. He and his friend were classmates at Cleveland Benedictine High School. This is one of the reasons this article piqued my interest. My high school used to play Benedictine in football. Pluto is about 8 years older than me but my school was playing his school at that time. This isn't a particularly profound article on race relations. But it does illustrate what can happen when two people look beyond their differences and focus on the things that unite them as humans. Sports only played a minor role in their friendship since they played different sports. Music, honors classes, and personality played a far more significant role. They had a friendship. They talked about the stuff that made up their lives as teenagers: school, coaches, and girls. Sometimes they talked about race. Pluto remembers the lessons his friend, Wiley Pugh, taught him 50 years ago. One of those lessons came from the way Pugh still could appreciate a coach who was hard on all his players. The lesson is this... "... look beyond the outside. Shut out some of the noise. Value what a person is down deep." It's a simple, yet profound lesson. We might call that wisdom. Wiley Pugh, may you Rest in Peace. And may your family continue to enjoy the memories you left for them, and the many life lessons that you imparted over your 58 years. Here's the article: Pluto's Tribute to His Friend
  3. Yeah, who would have thought that the game would come down to a 14-yard scramble by Chad Henne for the win? Almost everybody imagined Mahommes putting up 50 points with the Browns out of it before halftime. But this is football. When I first saw the run by Henne, I thought there was a hold by KC #73, but looking at the replay of the run, I guess not even I can see it. A game doesn't get much closer than that. A helmet to helmet call before the half erases 3 pts for KC and probably gives 7 to the Browns. Someone reacting more quickly to the scramble and tackling Henne 5 or 6 yards short and... The defenders probably couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Henne running the ball. lol. Looking at the whole season, the Browns have come a long way. They stuck with the Super Bowl Champs all the way to the end, nearly advancing to the AFC Championship game. Perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of this game are the Buffalo Bills. I am rooting for them, another franchise that is trying to get back to former glory.
  4. I dunno... I can't say that I love the Chiefs. For having no chance to win that game the Browns sure came close. Got a bad break just before the half when the refs missed the penalty on the tackle that caused the ball to roll out the back of the end zone. Seven points there and the score on the first drive of the 2nd half and there is a big momentum change. I know... blah, blah, blah. I am merely pointing out how close this game was. They nearly made it to the AFC Championship. The Browns and Mayfield had a pretty fine season. Neither were given much of a chance going into the season or early on. I think the Browns players believe in themselves. That's fun to watch for a fan.
  5. For everyone who said the Browns had no chance to win... well, there's no such thing as no chance in football. Their path to victory, play the Chiefs close in the first half and knock Mahommes out of the game. Had the Browns got the call on the targeting just before the half they may have gotten seven before half. They lost by five. I couldn't believe Henne made 13.5 yards on 3rd and 14. I would like to see that play again because it looked like a hold that allowed him to get in the open. As bad as I feel after the loss, this was a great season for the Browns.
  6. This win says a lot about the culture Kevin Stefanski has built in Cleveland in a very short time. I don't know who is left to play on the line. smh Mayfield had to introduce himself to one of them at the end of the week. They may need to go out and sign someone for this next game. But this team is playing like a team, for the team.
  7. Browns beat the Steelers in back-to-back games and knock Pittsburgh out of the playoffs! Not even Covid.... Cleveland on to the next one. BTW, thanks, Ben--4 ints. Ju Ju... 😶
  8. It is apparent, Goldie, that those who know you on BGP have great respect for you. May you enjoy your family and those who are close to you at the beginning of 2021. Grace and peace to you.
  9. I think they have. Stefanski has no idea how he got it.
  10. Well... that's out the window. Stefanski, TE coach, DB coach, OL Joel Bitonio, and WR K. Hodge all test positive for Covid. Special Teams Coordinator, Mike Prieffer, will be acting Head Coach. Go Browns!
  11. What does my Christmas present and Rabbit Hash have to do with one another? Well, I knew I couldn't count on Santa Clause this year, with Covid and all, so I acted on my own behalf and bought myself a 2012 Suzuki V-Strom 1000. I've been wanting a new-to-me bike for a few years now and so I decided to make it happen, sold off some stuff from another hobby, and got the cash I needed to make the purchase. I bought the bike on December 11. I've not been able to ride it much since, but today, January 4, 2021, some time off and good weather coincided so I got it out of the garage, geared up, and went for a ride. It was my first ride of the new year. Forty-two degrees Fahrenheit and sunshine made for a very comfortable ride. It is kind of a cliche' around here, but I wound up down at Rabbit Hash. There were a couple of other bikes there... a Honda and a Harley. A couple of locals had stopped by the store and were sitting on the porch drinking beer and shootin' the breeze. I did not partake of the brew but did chew the fat for a bit. Very enjoyable. This is my first vtwin and I'm enjoying the torque. Here's a couple of pics, one of the bike and one at Rabbit Hash.
  12. Thank you, @theguru I appreciate the support over the last several years. I would like to see both teams at full strength for the upcoming playoff game. No Covid and no excuses. The AFC North may be a pretty exciting division for the next couple of years (assuming Burrows gets healthy).
  13. My sons have waited their entire lives for this moment! I can't describe what this means. This team scratched and clawed all season. Almost derailed by Covid, but beat our archrivals to clinch. We may play them next week in Pittsburgh. Mayfield clinched the game with the first down carry. He has grown immensely this season.
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