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  1. The next thing you're going to say is, "Wait 'til next year!"
  2. Mayfield played lights out after his terrible start. He had to to win this game. I was going to be very angry if they lost. The series where I was about to explode was when the Brown's DB missed an easy interception with the ball in his hands. That allowed the Bengals to get a first down. Then the Browns DBs failed to tackle AJ Green and let him get extra yards. Then they failed to tackle the receiver who scored the TD. The Browns defense is just horrible. I knew it before the season started and every week it is the same story. The Browns offense has to score 35-40 points every week to win. Everyone trashes Mayfield but he isn't the worst part of this team. Today, you saw a Mayfield who rose to the occasion because he has competitive fire. He needs to take his receiving core out for a steak dinner this week because they were absolutely amazing down the stretch.
  3. That, too, is a thought I had after that first bone-head interception. In one sense, the Browns and Bengals have opposite problems on offense. The Bengals have their QB but the line and other parts are suspect. The Browns have so many pieces of the offense, but they are waiting for the QB to command the field. Mayfield does so much better when he is out of the pocket, but defenses are going to cut those lanes off and he will be forced to throw from inside the pocket. I think he has trouble seeing the whole field when he is between the tackles.
  4. I must admit, the same thought crossed my mind regarding QB. And yes, as much as it hurts me to admit it, the Steelers did look good. Tomlin welcomed Stefanski to the AFC North and the Browns-Steelers "rivalry." While Stefanski has looked like he knew what he was doing in previous games, he was completely outclassed as a coach in this game. Absolutely nothing he did on offense worked. But, I still have confidence in him as a HC. I think he has a bright future. It may include looking for another QB soon. I think he is a better evaluator of QB talent than previous coaches we've had.
  5. I was able to get a couple of tickets to this game. It was a really entertaining game. As has been stated, the Dixie line controlled the LOS. Dixie QB ran really strong. And the coach dialed up that long pass play at the right time. The overall game plan for Dixie was well-executed. BW had to rely on a couple of big plays. What a great catch and run Berger had just before the half to allow BW to get back in the game and stymie the momentum being built by DHS. Late in the game, Cole Stammer was in the slot and crossed the middle of the field where Hergott hit him for about 10 yards that Stammer turned into 45. The Dixie defense held and their offense got the ball back. Then that kickoff return for a TD to keep BW in the game following Dixie's 88 yard TD that appeared to put the game away for about 30 seconds. The final few minutes were very exciting. Dixie's offense had the ball and needed two first downs to put the game away. It came down to 4 and 5. A stop by BW would give them a prayer to score a TD and a 2-point conversion. Dixie called timeout and huddled near their sideline. Then they sprinted to the LOS and surprised BW's defense. I can't remember if this is the 4th down when the BW defensive line jumped offsides to give the Red Colonels a first down. The bottom line is Dixie converted both 4th downs to run out the clock for the game. I am interested to hear from someone who was there what happened on that 4th down and 5 when BW jumped offsides. There were about 4 guys who jumped. The BW players popped up immediately and pointed at a Dixie lineman like he had jumped first. They were not able to convince the refs. The fact there were so many defenders makes you wonder. Surely, the BW coaches must have discussed watching the ball so you don't jump offside. Usually there is one guy who jumps. But, as I said, 3 or 4 defenders jumped. Does anyone have any insight to share here? That was the game right there. My impression of DHS is that they were very well coached and pretty disciplined in their execution of the game plan.
  6. I had no idea about J Williams. Thanks for posting the Hudl highlights.
  7. Bengals fans have to like what they saw out of Burrows. He keeps coming.
  8. Chubb and Hunt are the best combo in the league. There's your INT.
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