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  1. B.G. Is woulda, shoulda, coulda at this point in the game.
  2. Male beats Trinity, X vs Trinity even at this point. Too bad we didn’t get this weather stoppage in the first two weeks. Trinity would be 2-0 going into the Moeller game.
  3. I hope this is not here we go again. Sound familiar for the past two weeks and we know what happened in those games.
  4. Unless people are prepared to step up in a big way, this season for the Rocks is going to be a big “what if”
  5. Rondale looks great, and only a true freshman. I don’t think anyone saw this coming.
  6. Of the 3 games under discussion, the one the Colonels drop will be against Chatard. I see Chatard winning this game by 6 points. The Indianapolis schools are very tough at home.
  7. Why in the world would you have your starting quarterback playing on kick returns ! Better Check who in the world is coaching the Trinity freshman team.
  8. What in the world is any 6-A team doing playing a 1-A team. Have they no self respect or pride ?
  9. Any word on the Trinity injuries ? Who will, or will not be playing this Friday night.
  10. The young man from Paris high school can really boom them out there. Also a fine place kicker.
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