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  1. Walton loses a lot more than Miles and Pardee. They lose nine seniors and I could be wrong but every contributor from this past year so expect them to take a major step back.Simon Kenton should win the 32nd convincingly and if I had to guess the runner up I would go with Grant County making its return to the ROY.
  2. Walton-Verona doesn’t play Trinity, they play the winner of Campbell-John Hardin
  3. Yes, but he has a physical presence they don’t have without him and that makes a big difference.
  4. SK is far from a one man show, you don’t average almost 80ppg with Niece averaging 24. Not an excuse at all but it is worth noting that Hensley and the backup PG were both out with injury.
  5. How can you say the SK loss to Cooper is holding them out when Walton lossed to LCA and only scored 22 points. Not to mention Cooper is ranked higher than LCA and was not on a neutral floor like the Walton-LCA game.
  6. Does anybody know the dates for the regional tournament yet.
  7. Not sure about the % but they had 8 points the half, and WV is at full strength with Bonne back.
  8. I completely disagree, SK loses when they get intimidated by the other team. They get real hesitant with their cuts and nobody seems to want the ball.
  9. Simon showed no effort defensively and need to pick it up for this rough stretch starting Friday at Fredrick Douglas
  10. I have watched North Oldham play a couple of times this year and they can shoot the lights out on any given night. The problem is that the 8th region is pretty deep 1-8.
  11. If Cooper shoots like this they should win the 9th. They are firing on all cylinders offense and defense.
  12. Niece only had 15, all in the first half. Had 7 rebounds and 7 assists as well. A complete team effort
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