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  1. Doesn’t Eminence have the inside track for the 2 entering tonight’s play? They have beaten Trimble twice and split with Gallatin. Tonight’s Trimble/Gallatin matchup may be to avoid Owen’s bracket.
  2. By the KHSAA records Moore is 254 points away from being the 8th Region’s all time leading scorer. Williamstown’s Freddie Hale leads with 3233 and Eminence’s Keith Blackburn is second with 3016.
  3. Moore and Ward scored all of Owen’s points up until 37 seconds remaining in the third quarter.
  4. The defending champions will not go quietly into the night. Although they are up against it in the quarterfinals.
  5. With tickets available online now, does anyone know if one ticket still cover an entire session?
  6. In my opinion Johnny U’s 47 game streak with a passing touchdown is the greatest feat in NFL in history. Imagine doing that in the late 50’s with the rules that were in place.
  7. Many don’t realize that not only did Weeb win Super Bowl III, he also coached Baltimore to victory over the Giants in “the greatest game ever played” in the 1958 NFL championship.
  8. I’ve been saying for a few weeks the 8th is strong and deep as it has been in quite some time.
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