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  1. Maybe they’re hoping the 37th gets the memo and decides to play the 10th region tournament at Mason.
  2. Clark and Woodford, both are heavily involved with Lexington, to the 11th Montgomery to the 16th Anderson to the 12th along 127 or the 5th along the BG parkway. Anderson is a border county in any region they’re in.
  3. That's interesting Colonel, I had not heard that.
  4. It is not solely based on success, I did that to help guide realignment. The sole reason, IMO, for realignment is a 3 team district and a 6 team district in the same region. Realignment has occurred in the 30th, 29th, and 31st already with the addition of Woodford and the gain/loss of Trimble.
  5. Whoa!! Now you're getting way out there in region realignment talk. But I don't disagree at least about the Franklin Schools in the 8th.
  6. To answer your question that would put Collins in the 29th which would make that district one of the hardest to win in the state. Either Gallatin or Owen would move to the 32nd which would make the 31st one of the weakest districts in the state. But leaving it alone is even worse IMO :>
  7. Chris Gaither at Collins would be a strong candidate.
  8. With the move of Woodford into the 30th District of the 8th Region and the move of Trimble out of the 29th District to the 31st District is it time for Realignment? 29th District: 3 Teams ALL OLDHAM District North Oldham, South Oldham, Oldham County 30th District 5 Teams Southern District Collins, Shelby County, Spencer County, Woodford County, Anderson County 31st District 6 Teams Small School District Henry County, Trimble County, Carroll County, Gallatin County, Emminence, Owen County 32nd District 4 Teams Northern District Williamstown, Grant County, Walton Verona, Simon Kenton Region Finals Since 05-06 Realignment 17 years: Oldham 9 South Oldham 5 Shelby County 4 Collins 4 Anderson County 3 Simon Kenton 3 North Oldham 2 Gallatin, Spencer, Walton Verona, Woodford 1 29th District: 16 All 3 Teams Represented in Region Finals 30th District: 13 All 5 teams Represented in Region Finals 31st District: 1 Gallatin County Region Finals 32nd District: 4 Total: Simon Kenton 3 Walton Verona 1 Region Finals The 30th District has had the most movement with Shelby County Splitting in 2010 to form Collins and Woodford County was added 3 seasons ago in 2019 A Suggestion, comment or suggest yours: 29th The I71 District: 5 teams 12 Region Finals Oldham County, North Oldham, Trimble County, Carroll County, Gallatin County 30th Southern District: 4 teams 9 Region Finals Anderson County, Spencer County, Woodford County, Shelby County 31st Western District: 4 Teams 9 Region Finals South Oldham, Emminence, Henry County, Collins 32nd The I75+ District: 5 teams 4 Region Finals Simon Kenton, Grant County, Walton Verona, Williamstown, Owen County
  9. Not sure how Bracken or anyone in the 10th gets by GRC next year. Most of the time it's not who you have it's who you have to beat. Unfortunately for the Bears they have to beat a MegaTeam to win the region. I wish Coach Reed luck, they will not be out worked.
  10. I agree 100%. Making the decision as a Coach that you can't stop them and you can't foul anymore and the only way to do that is to hold the ball was Gutsy as Hell. Think about if BC loses, Reed gets crucified for that decision, maybe rightfully so.
  11. I would say can Bracken's pressure bother CC enough without getting in foul trouble to even up the size differnce.
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