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  1. Huge win for the Bearcats. Thanks for the updates, Iceman.
  2. Oddly enough I did too. Saying crazy things doesn’t make them true.
  3. I know you’re a Dad and fan but if the roles were reversed I would say it was a foul. That’s an easy one.
  4. A lot of contact on the attempt at the end of regulation.
  5. Wasn’t at the game but was told form multiple people that there were many questionable whistles against the Bearcats.
  6. It should NEVER be a “dream” for Bracken to beat A-Town. Ever.
  7. The score isn’t an indication of the game. Anderson was up as many as 22 I believe.
  8. KHSAA RPI rankings are significantly different than the Colonel's. Any thoughts? 1. Collins 2. Oldham Co. 3. South Oldham 4. Anderson Co. 5. Simon Kenton
  9. Great win Polar Bears. Congratulations Coach Reed. Any stats?
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