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  1. Common sense means different things to different people.
  2. For all the false reporting going on I find it hard to believe the numbers. Let’s play!!
  3. If the number of people who probably have had the virus is far higher than reported positive cases, stands to reason your chances of getting sick or worse is far less. We can’t let our economy and education system be destroyed over this. That would be far worse for way many more than could get sick. We need to forge our way through this smartly, but with resolve. We can get it done!
  4. I am not sure either. The biggest thing I could come up with were financial impacts of testing and other "safety protocols" that could be put on them to have a full season of games. The other thing is it buys time to see where this goes. Personally not a fan of the delay.
  5. The NJCAA announced that their season has been moved to the spring. The season will start in late March and the Championship will be played June 3rd. Schools are allowed to continue practicing throughout the fall and can play up to four "games/scrimmages" if they feel safe. I believe this keeps the programs moving forward and the players both in school and practicing/playing.
  6. I would keep things open and not shut down schools or sports based on the stats that I see. Masks do help but I would not make them mandatory.
  7. Right now there are approximately 4.6 million people in Kentucky. There have been 20,600 COVID cases. That’s what I found on the web. Someone do the math and tell me the percentage. I don’t want to sound cold but that to me is not worth shutting everything down for. The deaths, while tragic, occur mostly to certain demographics. Take extra precautions if you’re in one of those groups. If you don’t want to wear a mask don’t go out. It’s your choice. But for God’s sake keep things open and don’t take sports away. Let us make the choice.
  8. Ethan Bednarczyk has committed to play for EKU in the fall. It appears that Murray St was recruiting Ethan however, when Coach Johnson left MSU and went to EKU, Ethan decided to follow the coach. Ethan does leave South Oldham, after being a 3 year starter, as the most prolific WR in the Coach Jamie Reed era at South Oldham: - 90 Catches -1914 yards - 32 TDs - 21 yards per catch Ethan has a 4.0 GPA and I expect to see great things from this outstanding young man both on and off the field. Congrats Ethan!!
  9. Unless FD finds a passing game they won’t score. Receivers are open but inaccurate passes killing them.
  10. Does Vito Tisdale play CB or safety? I was wondering that if he is a CB, would he get matched 1v1 with Ethan Bednarczyk so the defense can commit more resources to stopping the running game? Could he stop Ethan man up? Just one of the match ups I hope to see tonight!
  11. Looking at the weather forecast it looks like the rain should stop mid morning. Game time temps mid to low 40’s. Good night for football!!
  12. Red Pepper Deli is right across the street from the stadium—great sandwiches. Gustavos has been mentioned. Rikishi’s if you like Sushi. Hometown pizza is close.
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