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  1. To me today's kids deal with a lot more information available to them than we did 50 years ago ( I graduated HS in 1975). Think of all the things that have been brought to light in this age of information. It can be good and bad. But kids are a lot more informed about what's going on, even if they aren't old enough to understand or how to deal with it in some cases. From a sports perspective players have a lot more information available to them about recruiting, options and what can be going on. In days gone by schools/coaches held all the cards. Schools and coaches made millions off the
  2. If I got this right he was 11-23 against a team ranked 129 out of 130 FBS teams. Could be a long season in Knoxville.
  3. Saw him play a few times on tv. Big, strong kid with a really good arm. Can really sling it. But he missed so many open receivers I couldn’t believe they had nothing better. I will be watching the UT passing game as the season progresses.
  4. LC 21-0. Good mix of run and pass. QB ran it in on a broken play. Impressed so far with LC quarterback.
  5. At the end of the first quarter it’s LC 14-0. South has one first down in 3 possessions. LC has scored on both possessions with the QB not missing a pass. South has to get their passing game going and get a little tighter coverage.
  6. South Oldham has beaten OC 10 years in a row (never thought I would see that). A decade of dominance as one person put it. Could this be the year the Colonels finally get past the Dragons? I would be interested in Colonel Mike's thoughts on that one.
  7. Someone could be in the kids ear laying out different scenarios like injuries, getting on with college career, etc. Who knows. I agree kids are better served long term completing high school and allow themselves to grow physically and mentally. And just enjoy it—you don’t get those days back!
  8. Just read an article where a highly ranked high school player is looking at skipping his senior year and go on to college. Driving it is money now that they can using their NIL. I hope this isn’t something we’ll be seeing a lot of.
  9. Aug 6 - E-Town (scrimmage) Aug 13 - Lex Christian (scrimmage) Aug 20 - Cal Aug 27 - Fairdale Sept 3 - Ballard Sept 10 - North Oldham Sept 17 - Oldham Co Sept 24 - J-Town Oct 1 - Atherton Oct 8 - North Bullitt Oct 15 - Seneca Oct 22 -Central Hardin
  10. Per the practice schedule I saw they had a 7v7 and lineman challenge with Central Hardin last night. They have a 7v7 vs Doss next Wednesday and are at Western Hills for a 7v7 and lineman challenge next Saturday. That should do it before the first scrimmage vs E-Town on Aug 6.
  11. Agree it has zero indication of how good your team will do. But 7v7 does give your passing game/pass defense a chance to compete and work on technique in a competitive environment. The QB gets a chance to work on footwork, reading defenses quickly, and making accurate throws. Receivers work on getting off the line of scrimmage and separating. Linebackers and the secondary get a good opportunity to work technique and communication. In college your own team provides this level of practice. That’s why they do it several times a week. For most High school teams you have to go out and compete
  12. I agree. I thought he played better than Clifford.
  13. Great game. Both teams missing players but plays still being made by both. UC showed me a lot — not enough to be in the playoffs though. Program is definitely on the rise!
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