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  1. 5- Lexington Christian (49) 4- Bowling Green 3- Manual 2- Raceland 1- Mayfield
  2. South Oldham had never lost to the Eagles in the Jamie Reed era. That streak ended on October 9th as the Eagles surprisingly dominated the Dragons 28-0. Both teams come into this one with dominant performances in the first round over clearly inferior teams. North Bullitt enters the game (7-2) while South Oldham is (5-3). Who you got?
  3. Lloyd Memorial is a solid team however they are no match to BW. I expect a similar result to the regular season matchup however I wouldn’t be surprised if LM scores this time around. BW 49-14
  4. Huge blow to the Cardinal offense. With that being said I like Oldham County 35-21.
  5. Will there be anything addressed pertaining to football? Or will it all be basketball?
  6. Never Won 5- Murray (52) 4- Desales 3- Wayne County 2- Hopkinsville 1- Highlands
  7. Terrible news. Schlarman was a great coach, but even better person. I know he touched the players’ lives on and off the field.
  8. South Oldham clearly down this year. However, don’t let this take away from the Franklin County squad. They are a young team and dominated this game especially on defense. Junior Zach Claudio finished with 3 int and took 2 of them to the house.
  9. Franklin County is playing at South Oldham this Friday.
  10. Great effort by both teams. South Oldham’s inability to stop the pass was the key to the game.
  11. South Oldham likes to run the ball about 90% of the time, so Meade's ability to stop the run will most likely decide the outcome of the game.
  12. Have heard game will be played as long as Meade is still orange in today’s County Covid Map.
  13. South Oldham will play Meade County in Brandenburg on Friday due to Fayette county going red. LCA now open.
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