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  1. Man. I will always root for LCA to win, but that statement really hit me. Good luck to both teams.
  2. I've watched many documentaries and interviews, and therefore know this story pretty well. But @Jumper_Dad is right. This film truly caught the tension and life-altering decisions that had to be made. I was disappointed that Dr. Richard Harris' colleague, Dr. Craig Challen, was not included, as he was instrumental in the sedation of the team members and bringing the boys out of the cave.
  3. Wish I could be there. The best tasting high school concessions I've ever had were at Raceland stadium. But I've heard great things about Mayfield, and I would love to compare the best that Eastern & Western KY have to offer.
  4. I'm an LCA parent/coach/homer, and therefore will always pick them. But as a WWII/Military historian, I really want to root for anyone who's field is called "War Memorial". Blessings to both teams.
  5. If you're awake tonight around 1:00 AM, The launch is scheduled for 1:04 AM E.S.T. https://www.space.com/
  6. I had heard that he was widening the splits between the linemen. The only thing I know about that is that it requires a philosophical change in tactics for the linemen. In a sport that requires instant reactions, I could see that as being somewhat difficult. It takes a while to rebuild new habits.
  7. Perhaps they should decline their bowl invitation.
  8. Even if we win, we deserve to fall out of the Top 25
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