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  1. "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" Add: "Outplead"
  2. What a great blindside by Marianne (sp?)!!
  3. This makes sense.
  4. This is a fantastic summary of the recent American aid to Ukraine.
  5. "How To Succeed In Business" is one of my favorite movies EVER!
  6. Watched it last night, and really liked it. Now I will have to go back and watch the 1978 version to compare them.
  7. It doesn't matter. The aerial video footage alone will be worth the price of admission! I haven't been to an Imax in over 20 years, but I want to see this one in Imax.
  8. That could have been simpler. Tori just had to ask the tribe "show of hands, how many of you had Swati say 'You're my Number 1'?" Every one of them would have raised their hands.
  9. Mentions in the Bible: Rams = 200+ Bengals/Tigers = 0 Just Sayin' (Of course, the Rams were usually getting slaughtered...)
  10. Is this game not crazy?? It's one knock-out blow after another. 35 Utah 21 OSU 6:20 left in the 2nd Qtr.
  11. Coach Stoops needs to send a thank you note to the Nebraska coach, for misusing Wan'Dale!
  12. I just read that our vaunted O-line has allowed 6 sacks.
  13. I can't find defensive stats anywhere. How many sacks has UK allowed so far?
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