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  1. Based on BluegrassPreps.com state rankings, both North Oldham and Collins have outperformed their preseason or early-season rankings. Woodford was ranked in the top 20 to begin the season, but has struggled with injuries since day one. Woodford and Anderson's wins over Collins surprised me, but Collins overall record and ranking suggest they have outperformed expectations. North Oldham has been without their 2nd leading scorer for the last 5 or 6 games. That injury may come back to hurt them down the stretch with games against Grant, Spencer, Collins and St. X. Thus far, both Collins and North Oldham have exceeded early expectations and are ranked in the top 20 in the state - definitely making their coaches worthy of post-season accolades.
  2. Collins forced Green into a ton of turnovers and got Amburgey in foul trouble early. If Simon Kenton can do the same they should have a victory in Buckner Friday night. Not a lot of additional firepower for Oldham County.
  3. This is a good week for Grant to prove some doubters wrong!
  4. Will be shocked if Sheppard does not win Mr. Basketball, but most would argue that he and his team have underperformed this year.
  5. A little hard to believe the margins of these three district games and where they were played: South barely loses to Oldham County at OC; North struggles to beat Oldham County in overtime at North; North soundly beats South Oldham at South. Logic suggests that most teams play better at home. The OC-South district tournament game will played at North Oldham - should be a good one!
  6. Were Higdon and Anderson in foul trouble Friday night, or did they just struggle offensively?
  7. What is Oldham County's best win so far this year? They have a chance to get a big one Friday night. North Oldham's worst loss is probably Simon Kenton, but I'm not sure how good some of their out of state competition has been. Are both teams 100% healthy?
  8. King of the Bluegrass is the best high school tournament I’ve been to. Great teams & individuals, coaches and kids are treated right, good value for the fans, friendly volunteers, etc. That said, there can still be years (like this one) where the bracket gets unbalanced. I also doubt that Fairdale will often be paired against one of the tournament favorites , and as host they have definitely earned that right!
  9. As predicted on an earlier thread, the lower bracket of the King of the Bluegrass dominated the upper bracket. In every head-to-head matchup, the lower bracket team defeated the upper bracket team, leading to lopsided results in last night's games. Warren Central (lower bracket) beat Great Crossing 89-56 in the championship game North Oldham (lower bracket) beat Lyon County 107-73 for third place Sagemont (FL) (lower bracket) beat Larue County 79-55 for fifth place Trinity (lower bracket) beat Harlan County 74-62 to win the consolation bracket
  10. Collins really hasn’t been tested thus far and their 18-point win at Larue County is looking more impressive. We’ll learn a lot about them after this week’s games.
  11. Fern Creek has one good win (Trinity). Their other wins are not impressive . . . but that still does not explain a 27-point performance!
  12. Great preview! Any chance we could start a separate thread identifying all the 8th Region players that have their height listed incorrectly on the official KHSAA rosters?! Also, can we stipulate whether these measurements are barefoot, basketball shoes, running shoes, work boots, etc?!
  13. Hard to beat Male @ DeSales or North Oldham @ Manual on the first night of the season!
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