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  1. Anyone have stats on this game? At one time in the 3rd Johnson had 28 and Sheppard had 18. Sheppard had several turnovers during the few minutes of the 3rdQ I saw.
  2. Agreed. North Oldham hasn’t beaten a team of St. X’s caliber this year.
  3. Interesting that Spencer played zone tonight against South Oldham. Conventional wisdom suggests you can’t play zone against the Dragons because they’ll just shoot over you, but it clearly wasn’t the case tonight.
  4. I think both games will be good. St X will play DeSales tougher this time around.
  5. Wish that entire crop could have been playing on January 4!
  6. Tough loss, but a quick glance at the schedule suggests that South has 3 winnable games to finish the season (after Spencer on Thursday).
  7. I believe South had a 10 point lead in the second half.
  8. I’ve come to expect nothing less from you CM! But, you are dating yourself with the Encyclopedia Brittanica reference 😂
  9. No mention of Hornback for the Bears, but he is averaging around 13 per game and is planning to play college basketball. That’s three very talented and experienced seniors for South Oldham to guard without fouling.
  10. Tough trip to NKY for Ashland! This game was close the entire way.
  11. A comparison for South Oldham is their rival at Oldham County. OC is a senior-dominated team with a lot of experience playing together at the varsity level. They seem to have come through their quarantine better than South has through its two quarantines. That said, virtually every 8th Region team is one quarantine (by an opponent) away from heading to the region tournament. A key part of advancing in the next few weeks is avoiding a positive test! Nobody is going to rush to get tested, and each team will be on egg shells for 48 hours after each game!
  12. Looks like Niece definitely played last night. Congratulations on the scoring record! https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/high-school/high-school-sports/2021/02/27/simon-kenton-senior-kelly-niece-became-teams-all-time-leading-scorer/6848015002/
  13. Surprised by this score. Did Niece play for SK?
  14. Grant County played the end of regulation and the entire overtime without Guffey, which makes for an impressive win.
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