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  1. Hopefully six weeks of watching Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee high school basketball highlights will soften the position of some districts by January 4.
  2. Note that all the coaches Frakes quoted are from Fayette or Jefferson County public schools. Those districts don't appear to want to fully open sports anytime soon.
  3. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/11/11/high-school-basketball-crowds-25-capacity-some-counties/6256152002/ Link to Indianapolis Star article above. Yesterday, Indiana announced plans to move ahead with high school basketball with some attendance restrictions in "hot" counties. Their "orange" counties are limited to 25% attendance. Their "red" counties will limit attendance to participants, support personnel, and parents guardians. Note, their orange/red measurements are different than Kentucky's and look at more than just incidence rate. Their girls' basketball season is underway.
  4. Can Beechwood challenge Highlands and CCH with Draud, Downton and Rylee?
  5. One of the old "young bears", Gage Mabry, is now enrolled at Jeffersontown.
  6. I believe it is county-by-county, but I know of some schools that have a 250-300 maximum / 30% capacity.
  7. I'm not sure why we can't use volleyball as a benchmark for what basketball may look like. As of now the first day of practice is 10/26 with games scheduled to begin the week of Thanksgiving. I don't see them allowing fewer spectators at basketball games than volleyball games.
  8. No big deal . . . saves some officials the embarrassment of trying to toss the ball straight up 9 feet in the air!
  9. #JCTA A lot of districts have kids that have tested positive.
  10. Reacting to daily results in cases is like day-trading the stock market. Reacting to longer-term trends in hospitalizations and deaths is a more reasonable approach. I hope they don't overreact based on a few days of tests, especially if we don't know if all those were recent results or were accumulated over the last weeks/months. The more cases we get without a corresponding increases in deaths tells us the virus is weaker than originally thought, which may bode well for sports this fall. The teams that get it and develop antibodies / herd immunity will be well-positioned.
  11. Fern Creek not in the field doesn't surprise me given their history in this tournament. I was surprised not to see Lexington Catholic.
  12. If total number of people = total number of people, then the economy (and mental health) is the tie breaker!
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