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  1. Doesn’t sound like the parents had much to do with this situation . . . more like a screw-up from their administration.
  2. Oldham County battled back when they could have mailed it in after a tough 3rd quarter.
  3. Slone for GRC controls the game very well. GRC playing like the more experienced team thus far.
  4. Oldham County could definitely throw a lot of size at E-town, but if they do E-town could also run right by them. The E-town seniors have been playing a faced-pace, pressing style since middle school. It can definitely give some teams trouble.
  5. I think Oldham County's seniors lead them to victory in this first round game. Oldham by 6. * Interesting to note that Oldham County has played the fewest games of any team in the Sweet 16.
  6. True. This may be the year to overcome the Louisville bias. Reduced crowds at Rupp will limit the amount of people rooting against Ballard!
  7. Maybe it was the Sports Illustrated jinx?! Pretty impressive for a freshman to win MVP.
  8. I doubt they let him ref Oldham County games (as much as he’d like to 😂).
  9. No bad losses on Ballard’s resume. They had a “fatigue loss” in double OT at Trinity and a “payback” loss to DeSales in the LIT. They would be my pick to win the Sweet 16 at this point.
  10. Great run for Manual, but it sounds like Ballard was really on a mission in this tournament. They’ll be one of the favorites next week at Rupp, especially given the upsets around the state.
  11. One of of the senior officials in the 8th is a big Oldham County fan. His influence can be seen at times the way refs call OC games. When he’s not reffing, he’s often in the stands rooting for the Colonels. That may influence his 8th Region co-workers at times, but don’t think it matters as much in tournament play. In fact, I remember reading on BGP a few years ago that he was pretty vocal in his criticism of Region tournament officials doing an OC game. I think a tightly-called game and foul trouble for the Colonels is about the only chance for a North Oldham win tonight.
  12. Too much experienced talent for Oldham County in this one. North Oldham plays a lot of sophomores. I think it will make a difference tonight. The Colonels should be a huge favorite and it will be a big upset should North Oldham win.
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