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  1. This is the team that will face Indiana in the two-game series . . . will face an uphill battle!
  2. What happened to Walker Horn? Did he graduate, or just did not play for CCH this year?
  3. I suspect Evangel Christian will find its way into the mix.
  4. The atmosphere at the first Oldham County v. South Oldham basketball game in January is tough to beat. Guaranteed to be a packed gym whether its in Buckner or Crestwood.
  5. Where would you rank the 8th region in comparison to the other regions, since it isn’t as strong overall? Bottom 4?
  6. Good point. There are more than 200 teams that did not make it to Rupp, and 16 that did.
  7. Cole Vincent from Muhlenberg County returned for a 5th year as well. Dez Lindsey at Male and Will Vassar at Jeffersontown are the other ones I'm aware of.
  8. Would they dare allow a private school into the 8th Region?!
  9. Male and Jeffersontown will both start "5th-years" in the Sweet 16 - seniors from last year who opted to return for another year due to Covid-related restrictions last year. Do any other teams in the Sweet 16 feature 5th-year impact players? Was this just allowed in Jefferson County?
  10. Some schools are going to struggle no matter how the districts are aligned! 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. The crowd would cheer on Male (and a Louisville commit) over GRC?!
  12. I think South Oldham would welcome this realignment! Collins and South would advance to the region tournament almost every year. It is hard to rationalize why there is currently one 3-team district, one 4-team district, one 5-team district and one 6-team district!
  13. Another year in which the 29th District runner-up proceeds to win the 8th Region Tournament. It seems like that has happened a lot.
  14. One of those guys is historically tech-happy in big games.
  15. Trying to watch the end of the Butler - DeSales game. Butler is up by about ten with a minute or so left, but NFHS network is malfunctioning . . . again!
  16. My understanding is that Smithers won the senior-only award, and Moore won the overall award . . . correct? Smithers is now eligible for Mr. Basketball; Moore would have to wait until he's a senior.
  17. South Oldham and Fern Creek could be dangerous come tournament time. DeSales is .500 right now, but will also be a tough out in their district.
  18. Seems like St X and Collins always play very competitive games.
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