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  1. He’s taking a jab at Steiner saying Hester being his student and learning from him, neither will win a region then.
  2. SK senior reached the milestone while making 7 3’s on the night.
  3. SK played two games, not one. They beat Boone Co Tuesday 1/28 80-58
  4. I’m not trying to speculate because I don’t know the answers. Just playing devils advocate.
  5. Not close enough to know but wonder if there is any issue with the coach and teaching lessons. Cody was kicked off at Dixie so him and Szabo went to Lloyd. Did the issues at Dixie follow them there if they didn’t learn any lessons?
  6. To say no they won’t win it I understand but to say no chance is a ridiculous statement. 3 teams are the clear favorites for good reason, it would be an uphill battle for sure but they do have the pieces and playmakers to make a run if the outside shots are falling.
  7. He did say in the update thread that KN was the best player on the floor
  8. I can see any of 6 teams winning it if they get hot. Beechwood and NCC get walk through games to the semis. St Henry, Holy Cross, Lloyd, and Newport all with tough games to start. I’m going with a dark horse in Holy Cross.
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