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  1. Ryle has a realistic shot to win the next 5 on the schedule. They should beat Boone. Shelby is up and down, Scott may or may not have Ohmer, Holy Cross is reeling right now and Franklin County is winnable. End of season beating at the hands of Campbell looms as the only real lopsided matchup for the Raiders.
  2. Interesting. Grammer and Carr both 1st year guys. Schedules appear as if they will finish better than 37% and Ryle is looking very much like a 7-20 team. This would put Mcfarland in sole possession of the cellar. I hope in turns around for the sake of the kids.
  3. As critical as I am of the Ryle basketball program I give credit where credit is due. Jim Demler, the A.D. does a fantastic job of "parent officiating" and nobody better than Nate Niemi calling fouls and T'ing up parents an fans while he was with us at Ryle. I think the Holmes staff does an excellent job as well.
  4. Sounds like you counted some twice, lol.
  5. My fault, i need glasses. My Tyson and Douglas comparison doesnt work now. lol
  6. Ummm. There may not be a more certain outcome in the history of sports. Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson was more likely than Ryle or Boone beating Cooper.
  7. Rankin and Benton had their way offensively, Holmes is very small. Defensively, Ryle sat in a zone for the majority of the game. Holmes was surprisingly patient without Tico to run the show. Really close game until about 4 minutes left. Holmes pressed and gave Ryle some problems. Ryle guards dont score, rebound or defend very well. Zero depth and Holmes exploited it. Congrats to the 'Dawgs for winning in a way that didn't seem comfortable.
  8. So using the rationale that every school has kids that dont want to play, were back to equal footing. All things being equal, Ryle has lost 100+ games in 5 1/2 seasons and starting another 20 loss season in the face. 33 people + 3 rows of students showed up to watch the Holmes game, it's getting really bad.
  9. Highlands may finish with 20 wins, cant see a coaching being warranted. The NCC game is a nice win, congrats to the Birds.
  10. Positive culture is huge. I actually enjoy watching Sully coach.
  11. Got it. Poll is too gladiator or thunder dome for me. lol
  12. Looks like the tough love is starting to work. Coach Carr is being tweeted about by his players They're buying in. I could be wrong, but it appears as if they believe he cares, not only about them as players, but as kids. Tez is a great example, "uncoachable" was the label by some. I've seen him twice this year. Kid can play, great demeanor and nothing but respect towards Coach Carr.
  13. Not a chance. Wouldn't take part in the poll, but the discussion is valid.
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