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  1. I talked to area college coach here are the best players he spoke about and who he thinks will play highest level college. 1- Starks 2- Mchale 3- Stocks 4- Downton 5- Vieth 6- Niece 7- Draud 8- Mullikin 9- Diskin 10- Horn
  2. I am still confused why people think Cooper will be good next year! I know they have a good coach. But they lost a lot from last year.
  3. Does anyone know the dates of the State Championship? Also what classes would be playing which days?
  4. Cov Cath won’t lose a NKY game over next two years. Beechwood loses a lot and Cov Cath reloads. Cov Cath will be a lot better than last year.
  5. I don’t think it is going to be a battle with Beechwood. They lost a lot from last year! Cov Cath reloads from last year! With Beechwood everyone on their schedule will face guard and box and 1 Draud. They will make others on Beechwood roster beat them! Unless I am missing something with Beechwood’s roster. Last year in Regional tournament Cov Cath faced guard and box 1 Draud and look what was the final outcome of the game!
  6. With a loaded roster and two of the best coaches in the State( Scott Ruthsatz and Joe Frederick)! They get my vote.
  7. I got to watch Chandler play this summer for the Orangemen. He’s a complete monster. Defense is ahead of his offense at the stage but when you watch him play it’s hard to believe this kid is 14 years old. I have heard the Fredrickand Starks family is close so no surprise he’s at Covington Catholic. As long as Scott Ruthsatz is at The helm high level players will continue to want to play for the best coach in Kentucky.
  8. After watching several scrimmage this summer for Cov Cath. My end of the summer prediction for the Rotation: Top 7: Disken, Murphy, Green, Moser,Starks, Stocks,Hauptmann 8-10 Jackson, Mchale, Sommerkamp fighting to get in 8-10 spots. Didn’t see Horn enough to predict where he is going to be! They will have a deep bench.
  9. With some changes in the region I will change my rankings. 1) Cov Cath- A lot of talent. Will continue to win. 2) New Cath- New Coach that will turn around New Cath. Big question will be how long he will stay. 3) Conner- Good Coach, with some talent. The rest of the teams in the district will be down. 4) Beechwood- Lost a lot and lost a lot of size. A lot of teams will take advantage of It. They do have Draud( They will see a lot of Box and 1 next year and Triangle and 2).There chances of winning the region was last year.
  10. I don’t think he is for sure starting! I don’t think he would say that after a week or two of practice!
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