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  1. Can someone tell me who all made the N. KY conference team or where I can find the list?
  2. Give Sully another month w/ the 3 players recovering from injuries. He will have them playing lockdown D. Hoping he can find a good scoring rotation. I don't believe Sully will allow sloppy shot selection that I've noticed so far. He will tighten the reigns & find a way to win. Jags are having a down year, but never count them out with the best coach in the 9th region hands down in my opinion & an even greater role model/father figure! Go Jags!
  3. I'm surprised to not see Jefferson and K. Centers not on the top ten list. Is anyone else surprised?
  4. Congrats! Conner nice win against the cake eaters!
  5. Jennings wouldn't be the guy I'd pick for Cooper at all. I look for him to be in foul trouble having to bang down low in the paint. I'd definitely go with Rabe, Centers if he can come back strong from his ACL injury. I think Pearson, Rollins, & Leitchy are going need to put up a good 25+ points together each game to help create offensive.
  6. Hands down I don't see Cooper beating the following teams this season: CCH, Beechwood, NCC, Conner. Now there's always upsets in sports, yet this year seems to be the weakest team Sully has had in at least 5+ years. He has NO returning varsity staters and a bunch of seniors that started JV last year. Only a few seniors this year received varsity minutes last year. Cooper graduated 7 or 8 seniors last year and 2 of those seniors barely saw quality varsity minutes last year. I know Sully will have his boys playing lockdown D...no doubt! Yet, it's concerning where the offensive scoring is going come from this year. There's no Sean McNeil or an Adam Kunkel that will put up 20-30 points a games on a consist basis. There's no S. Draud that's a light out shooter. Hopefully, 4-6 players can put up 8-12 points a game this year for the Jags. If anyone can put together a winning season in the 9th region, I believe Sully can do it. Best of luck to a team that lacks lots of varsity minutes from last year.
  7. When you are the AD and head football coach it's hard to fire yourself. I always have and always will say the AD shouldn't coach a sport. It's a total conflict of interest.
  8. Who made the turnovers on Cooper offensive?
  9. You can pay tuition to go to Beechwood if you are out of district.
  10. There's 4 high schools in Boone County. Conner wasn't mentioned above and there's a lot of growth in the Hebron area also. I agree changing the zoning with schools and many parents are against redistricting to Boone County.
  11. I think the Bluebirds will win this game by 3 or 4 TD's!
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